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Industry 1 day ago

Google Sells Motorola To Lenovo – Duo A Winning Combination Says Lenovo CEO

Its official folks. Google has finally taken smartphone manufacturer Motorola off its hand and sold the company to the C...
Industry 2 days ago

Google Working On New Tech To Detect Cancer And Heart Attacks

Google is attempting to make its way into the health sector with folks over at Google X working on new technology that w...
apple pay
IndustrySoftware 1 week ago

Set Up Apple Pay and Start Paying through Your iPhone – iOS Tips

Apple’s NFC based mobile payment system is now all out for you to use with iOS 8.1 release. This system hopes to make ...
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HardwareIndustry 2 weeks ago

AMD’s Ex Manufacturing Arm Globalfoundries Strikes $1.5B Deal With IBM

All the way back in June of this year whispers were heard of Globalfoundries buying IBM’s fabs and related intellectua...
Industry 2 weeks ago

The Monstrous 5K Retina iMac Launched – With An Equally Bold Price Tag Of $2499

As expected, alongside the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 2, Apple has also launched a brand new 5K 27 inch iMac. The iMac...
IndustrySoftwareWeb 3 weeks ago

Samsung Claims To Have Developed 60GHz Wi-Fi Technology – With Speeds Of Up To 575Mb...

Looks like Samsung would like to remind us all that the company is not only about mobile devices and gadgets. Rather tha...
Planet earth with sunrise in space

[In Depth] How Secure Is Apple Pay? Should Apple Be Trusted More With Your Information...

At it’s September 9 event at Flint Center, Apple also announced Apple Pay – which is the company’s first entry int...

Exploring AMD’s And Intel’s Architectural Philosophies – What Does The Future Ho...

In part I of this series we talked about how the system architectures of both AMD and Intel have evolved in the past fiv...
htc nexus 9
GadgetsIndustry 3 weeks ago

Nexus 9 Gets A Launch Date Of October 15th – To Hit Shelves On November 3rd

After renders, specifications and confirmations, we finally seem to have a launch date for the HTC Volantis or the Nexus...
GadgetsIndustry 3 weeks ago

It’s Official Folks – Apple Is Launching New iPads Next Thursday With Invitations ...

With Google getting an unofficial launch date of October 15th, Apple has officially sent out invites for it’s next eve...
default Android l encryption

Android L Nexus 9 And Android Wear 2.0 Scheduled For Next Wednessday?

Looks like things have started to heat up in Android world this October. Not only is HTC launching several new devices t...
AMD Richland APU
HardwareIndustry 3 weeks ago

AMD Launching Carrizo APUs in December – Featuring Next Gen GCN and Excavator Cores

According to Digitimes AMD is preparing to release its next generation APU code named Carrizo this year. The first APUs ...
GadgetsIndustry 4 weeks ago

Apple To Hold iPad Event On October 16th? Re/Code Seems To Think So

After a brief pause, we finally have more updates on the expected date of Apple’s event for the upgraded iPads, two ne...
Industry 4 weeks ago

Dear Sammy Couldn’t Resist Showing Off How Strong Galaxy Note 4 Is

Bend Gate has definitely given a new marketing edge to other smartphone manufacturers and considering Apple and Samsung...






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