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Qualcomm, Intel
IndustryOp-Ed 11 hours ago

Can Qualcomm Actually Be A Threat To Intel In The Server Processor Market?

By now, you have all heard how Google has been rumored to endorse Qualcomm and its server processors, and in the act, sl…
Intel, Intel server processors
AnalysisIndustry 13 hours ago

Intel Rumored To Lose One Of Its Biggest Processor Clients? Can You Guess Who

Despite being the leading manufacturer of desktop, laptop and server processors, Intel has faced stiff resistance, parti…
IndustryMobile 1 day ago

Apple Launching Trade-In Program For Broken iPhones

If you have a broken iPhone that you have no idea what to do with, then we have good news for you. Soon enough, Apple ma…
IndustrySecurity 2 days ago

Google’s Safe Browsing Learns Some More – Will Protect Against Social Engine…

Google has announced to use its Safe Browsing policies to block social engineering attacks, protecting users from instal…
Apple logo
IndustryMobile 2 days ago

New Apple Patent Shows A Pressure-Sensitive Touch ID For iOS Devices

Apple’s hot addition in its latest iPhone lineup is the 3D Touch that serves as a new interactive layer in the dis…
Industry 2 days ago

Apple And Cisco On 2.4GHz WiFi: It’s Unreliable And Crowded, Use 5GHz Instead

WiFi has seen massive growth in the past few years, essentially becoming a part of our daily lives in ways we couldnR…
Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 10.26.47 pm
IndustrySecurity 3 days ago

Serious Vulnerability Exposes eBay Users to Data Theft, Phishing Attacks

A serious vulnerability has been discovered in eBay, exposing users to malware and phishing attacks. eBay has no plans …
swiftkey thumb
IndustrySoftware 4 days ago

Microsoft Has Acquired SwiftKey For $250 Million

Things are taking a massive turn for SwiftKey, as it has now been confirmed officially that the third-party keyboard ma…
IndustrySecurity 4 days ago

Consumers are More Worried About Online Privacy than “Losing Principle Income̶…

A new report reveals that consumers are more worried about their online privacy than losing their primary income. The …
IndustrySecurity 4 days ago

NASA Hacked: AnonSec Claims to Have Hijacked Space Agency’s Drone

AnonSec hacking group released over 276GB of data alleging to have spent months inside NASA’s internal network. Th…
Mac users vulnerable
IndustryMobile 4 days ago

Apple Files Patent For New Hover Gesture Display Technology

Apple brought a lot of display variations in the past couple of years, ranging from multi-touch to 3D Touch panels. Mor…
Google, Apple
FinancialsIndustry 5 days ago

Google Surpasses Apple To Become The Most Valuable Company – Apple’s Armor Finally S…

Today is a glorious day in history for camp Google, because the tech company has managed to takeover Apple as the most v…
Samsung Promises To Deliver Where It Fell Short Completely: Software Optimization
IndustryReport 1 week ago

Samsung Promises To Deliver Where It Fell Short Completely: Software Optimization

Despite being the largest Android smartphone OEM on the planet, Samsung has failed to deliver one of core drivers of sma…
iPhone 6s again
IndustryMobile 1 week ago

The Apple iPhone 7 Might Come With Redesigned Earpods Suggest Supplier Statements

As the news about the iPad Air 3 being potentially present at Apple’s March event spreads, the steady influx of ne…

Monopolies: Are they good for us?

We’ve had some lively debates over the years. Perhaps none more so than the various AMD vs. nVidia and Intel comment w…
iPhone Camera
IndustryMobile 2 weeks ago

Patent Shows How Apple Will Lose The Ugly Camera Bump With Curved Photosensors

The iPhone 6 and 6s looks great, however one might always have mixed thoughts about the ridiculous camera bump at the ba…
Apple logo
IndustryMobile 2 weeks ago

How Apple’s Wireless EarPods Can Use Hearing Aid Technology In The Future

Judging by the recent reports that surfaced, it seems Apple might ship noise-cancelling, wireless EarPods with the iPhon…
IndustrySoftware 2 weeks ago

Android’s Generated $31 Billion Revenue in its Lifetime – Secret Deal with A…

Google’s Android operating system has generated a revenue of $31 billion, according to a lawyer representing Oracl…






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