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Sharp Investing $570 Million For OLED Production Facilities In Osaka Japan; Production Expected In 2018

One of the major developments related to Apple this year was Foxconn’s acquisition of display Sharp. It’s been quite a while since Apple’s ben using TFT LCD panels for the iPhone’s display. The Android world in general, on the other hand made the jump to OLED a long time back. With Foxconn acquiring Sharp, looks […]

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Component Orders for iPhone 7 Increased by Apple for Q4, 2016

According to industry sources, tech giant Apple has increased part and component orders for its iPhone 7 series of devices, but it is going to be for the fourth quarter of this year. This decision will lead to suppliers increasing their revenues heavily for the aforementioned quarter. Apple Reported to Increase Component Orders by 20-30 […]

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Elon Musk’s Grand Plan Promises To Colonize Mars At The Cost Of ‘Buying a House’

TL;DR 300 feet tall reusable rockets launch fleets of carbon-fiber spaceships into orbit. Boosters return to Earth, blast again with tankers that will be used for refueling the initial spacecrafts, sending them further to Mars. Elon Musk’s Mars Mission Elon Musk says in case of doomsday, we need to become multi-planetary species, or be ready […]

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Ripple Announces Major Deal With Banks to Give SWIFT a Great Deal of Competition

SWIFT has always been the ‘go to’ transfer system for sending funds across the globe, but with the latest announcement and partnership that Ripple has undertaken with majority of banks to introduce a new standard, SWIFT will definitely be receiving some hefty competition. With the Help of Other Banks, Ripple has Created the Global Payments […]

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Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) Reportedly in Talks to Get Acquired, Salesforce Being One Suitable Firm

Twitter (NYSE: TWTR), according to people familiar with the matter, is in talks to be acquired, and while Salesforce does seem like a suitable firm that could takeover the social network, other companies also seem like potential suitors. In Addition to Salesforce, Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) Has Also Reported to Be in Talks With Google According to […]

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Yahoo to Confirm Massive Data Breach Affecting 200 Million Users – Chaos for the New Owners?

[Update]: Yahoo has released the official statement, confirming that the scope of breach was much wider than previously believed. The company has also suggested that the hack was carried out by “state-sponsored actors.” More details can be found in the statement. Yahoo was one of the many companies who was affected by massive data dumps this year. Reports back in […]

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YouTube Decides to Enlist Users as Moderators – Might Not Be a Good Idea

YouTube has announced a new program that will encourage viewers to help moderate comments and videos on the video sharing platform. The program is called “YouTube Heroes” where heroes will get extra moderation tools and new features before they roll out to the public. For years, we have seen the platform suffering from a vitriolic comment […]

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Hackers Successfully Hijack Tesla Model S to Remotely Control the Vehicle

Security researchers have identified a number of vulnerabilities that could be exploited to remotely hijack a Tesla Model S. The hack works both while the vehicle is on the move and when it’s parked. “We have discovered multiple security vulnerabilities and successfully implemented remote, aka none physical contact, control on Tesla Model S in both Parking and […]

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Making People Be Nicer on the Internet: Google’s Trying to End the Era of Trolls

Google is working to create an automatic response to online abuse and harassment. One of its ambitious projects, Conversation AI doesn’t boast to achieve breakthrough results in engineering. Its aim is to fix the worst gift of the Internet – trolling. Google’s trying to fight online harassment with AI Trolling has become a second identity of […]

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Samsung (KRX:005930) Moving Swiftly to Sell Stakes to Raise Abundant Levels of Cash

The massive smartphone recall of Galaxy Note 7 has estimated to cost Samsung (KRX: 005930) more than $1 billion in revenue, so the firm is looking for other avenues to raise cash. On Sunday, Samsung (KRX: 005930) stated that it had sold its shares in several companies, and we’ve outlined a few reasons why the […]

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Microsoft is Using Real-World Testing to Stabilize Windows 10 Anniversary Update – Rollout to Take 3 Months

Microsoft released its highly anticipated Windows 10 Anniversary Update on August 2. Over a month and many of us still haven’t received the update. If you too haven’t, don’t worry. It’s definitely not a bug. The company says the rollout may take until November to reach to everyone. ZDNet shares a hidden footnote at the bottom of an […]

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Samsung (KRX:005930) to Sell Its Printer Business to HP (NYSE:HPQ) for $1.05 Billion

Samsung (KRX: 005930) and HP (NYSE: HPQ) have agreed that the former will sell its printer business for $1.05 billion. The deal has been designed so that HP (NYSE: HPQ) is able to provide printing solutions to firms at a high relatively higher volume. Latest Transaction Expected to Close Within 12 Months – Deal Also […]

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AMD Partner Globalfoundries Begins 12nm FD-SOI Rollout – Product Tape Out Expected In 2019

Globalfoundries, the world’s second largest pure play foundry, announced Thursday the rollout of its next generation 12nm FD-SOI process technology. The ex AMD manufacturing arm and longtime partner stated that it expects product tape outs in two years time. The 12nm fully depleted silicon on insulator process technology dubbed 12FDX is only the second of its kind and the direct […]

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Samsung Could Use NVIDIA’s or AMD’s GPU Tech in Its Next Exynos SoC

Companies like Samsung have been using ARM’s Mali GPUs in their devices for far too long, and while their performance has improved, it is still inferior to the likes of Qualcomm’s Adreno series. I am not saying that the aforementioned statement is the reason for the following, but according to an exclusive, the South Korean […]

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Has Mark Zuckerberg Become the World’s Most Powerful Editor?

Earlier in the year, Facebook was accused of deliberately suppressing articles from conservative news sites. The social networking site recently fired its team of editors who managed the trending topics section, replacing them with algorithms. However, algorithms haven’t proven to be the solution of this dilemma where Facebook wants to be in a position to control […]

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Following Amazon, Apple’s Twitter Account Ruins the iPhone 7 Launch Fun

Things aren’t going as well for Apple as they usually do. First, Amazon tried to grab some attention before the event started and now the company is ruining the fun itself. If you missed our story, Amazon tried to help Apple by sharing some details of its yet-to-be-launched iPhones before the event even started. 40 minutes […]

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Amazon Couldn’t Wait Any Longer – Introduces iPhone 7!

Apple’s 2016 iPhone launch event is about to start in 30 minutes. But, it looks like folks at Amazon couldn’t wait any longer. The company has just published a special page listing all of the iPhone 7 accessories. Dear Amazon, why so much enthusiasm? The images shared on the page confirm previous rumors and leaked […]

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Apple Is About to Kick Off iPhone 7 Launch Event – Expectations, Start Time & Streaming Links

Apple’s annual product launch event is about to kick off in less than 3 hours. Today we will learn what is next from the technology giant as we look forward to not only seeing a new iPhone 7, but also a new Watch and possibly (please, all of the gods, PLEASE) an upgrade to the MacBook […]

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US Air Force to Complete Transition to Windows 10 by January 2018

The United States Department of Defense signed a deal with Microsoft to upgrade their 4 million computers to Windows 10 by 2017. The US Air Force has now announced plans to upgrade all of their systems to the newest operating system by 2018. Like the DoD, the transition for Air Force to the Windows 10 […]

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What Will Apple Announce At Its September 7th Event – Roundup

Here’s everything we believe Apple will announce at its September 7th media event. Roundup Of Things Apple Will Announce At Its Media Event On September 7th Apple has sent out invites for its September 7th media event while also revealing that the keynote will be live streamed the world over. It’s fairly obvious at this point […]

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SoftBank (TYO:9984) Completes Its $32 Billion Acquisition of ARM (LON:ARM)

SoftBank (TYO: 9984) has officially closed the acquisition of ARM (LON: ARM), which is regarded as one of the biggest tech deals this year, and the biggest ever in the UK. SoftBank stated that it would acquire the British chip designer back in July 2016, which stated that the deal would amass to £24 billion […]

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Here’s Apple’s iPhone 7 Event Start Time In Your Region

The day has been set for Apple’s special ‘See you on the 7th’ iPhone 7 event. The Cupertino giant is widely expected to unveil it upcoming flagship smartphone for the year, the iPhone 7 along with various other surprises. The iPhone 7 event is scheduled to take place at the Graham bell Civic Auditorium. The […]