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Industry 15 hours ago

Intel’s SoFIA 28 nm 4G SoC Delayed To 2016; May Cause Problems For 14 nm SoFIA

Looks like Intel is at it again. Before delaying its 28 nm SoFIA, which would be the first SoC from that lineup to featu…
HardwareIndustry 2 days ago

Sony To Raise $4 Billion USD; Invest All Of Them In Camera Sensors

Despite the fact that Japanese tech company Sony has a commanding lead in the smartphone camera sensor market share, the…
Battlefield 5
GamesRumor 3 days ago

Could the Next Battlefield be Set in the Future? ‘Battlefield 2143′ Screens …

Be forewarned, this is a completely unsubstantiated yet still quite exciting rumor. There is no reason to believe the le…
Industry 4 days ago

Lexus Builds A Fully Functional ‘Hoverboard’ Prototype That Uses Magnetic Le…

Lexus, Toyota’s luxury car brand, has come up with a prototype hoverboard that glides a little above the ground; the t…
Micron Aims At 16 nm DRAM; Will Compete With Samsung
Industry 4 days ago

Micron Aims At 16 nm DRAM; Will Compete With Samsung

Earlier, it was reported that Micron has begun commercial shipment of its 20 nm GDDR5 chips. Now the third largest compu…
Deus Ex (1)
GamesIndustry 4 days ago

Square Enix Celebrates Deus Ex’s 15th Anniversary – Donate to Charity at Least $1 an…

In celebration of Deus Ex’s 15th anniversary, GameChanger has partnered with Square Enix, offering a free PC digital c…
Industry 5 days ago

Micron Has Started Commercial Shipments Of 20 nm GDDR5 Chips

American company of semiconductors Micron has announced that that it has commenced commercial shipments of GDDR5 chips t…
Xiaomi’s $97 smartphone is a Redmi 2A; 4.7 inch coupled with LTE modem is a nice affordable package
GadgetsIndustry 5 days ago

No Immediate Plans For US Smartphones Says Xiaomi Chief

While we learned a couple of days back that Xiaomi’s looking to expand in the US at a moderate pace, with the Chin…
Nintendo logo
Industry 5 days ago

After US Supreme Court, Nintendo To Allow Same Sex Marriage As Well

The United States Supreme court made a historic and one of its most controversial ruling just 24 hours back, through its…
GadgetsOp-Ed 5 days ago

Here’s Why The Galaxy S6 Duo Doesn’t Feature Expandable Storage

We all agree to an extent that companies who do not end up incorporating MicroSD card slots in their devices are pure ev…
Industry 6 days ago

Double Capacity Lithium Batteries Inbound Thanks To Samsung

With mobile SoCs drawing nearer to the processing prowess of desktop and laptop CPUs, we have to wonder why is battery t…
Mafia 3
GamesRumor 6 days ago

Mafia 3 Announcement Could be Coming at Gamescom 2015

A couple of months ago, we reported on rumors that Mafia 3 would be making an appearance at E3 2015 in June with a gamep…
AnalysisIndustry 7 days ago

Taylor Swift’s Top Selling Album, 1989 Coming To Apple Music

After an intense yet silent rage of Taylor Swift, Apple agreed to pay artists for streaming their music on Apple Music&#…
GadgetsRumor 1 week ago

Apple Rumored To Roll Out Curved iPhones By 2018

Cupertino tech giant Apple is stepping up its game in order to release a different set of iPhones in the near future. Wi…
Industry 1 week ago

Intel Aims To Surpass Samsung In The SSD Market By 2016

Leading manufacturer of desktop and laptop processors Intel manufactures impressive solid state drives, but its command …
GadgetsRumor 1 week ago

Latest Report: Galaxy S7 To Be Released This Year

This is an interesting turn of events. In addition to releasing its Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and its flagship phablet, Galaxy…
GeneralIndustry 1 week ago

Apple Backtracked To Pay Artists For Apple Music Free Trial Period

In a feud over compensation for Apple Music’s free trial period, Taylor Swift venter her feelings in an open lette…

Sony Announces PS4 Ultimate Player Edition

Looks like the console war is at it again. Both the heavyweights are ready with all guns blazing. Where at one end, Xbo…






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