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Sony Project Morpheus (2)
GamesIndustry 7 hours ago

Sony to Talk About Morpheus VR at GDC 2015 Tuesday at 3pm PT

Sony unveiled Project Morpheus, at last year’s GDC, Since then Oculus VR has released a new development kit, we ha…
GamesIndustrySoftware 9 hours ago

Microsoft Demos Windows 10 Apps on the Xbox One

Earlier in january, Microsoft held the Windows 10 event in which they had huge prospects for the Xbox One console throug…
PC (1)
GamesIndustry 1 day ago

PC Dominant Platform Through 2018

PC will stay the dominant platform for the next couple of years based on the latest research from Open Gaming Alliance (…

Google Confirms To Launch Its Mobile Service In The Coming Months

Sundararajan Pichai, Google’s Senior Vice President confirms all reports for the company to launch its very own mo…
Xbone Logo
GamesIndustry 1 day ago

Xbox One March Preview Gets Another Update Fixing Screenshot Issue

Once before, we actually have covered news about the Xbox One March update where we brought to you several new features …
IndustrySoftware 1 day ago

Google Jumps The Mobile Payments Train With Android Pay; A Platform For More Payment Ser…

In a move to level up with Apple and Samsung, tech giant Google has made some announcements of its own at the MWC. Googl…
ExclusiveIndustry 2 days ago

All Official Wallpapers Of HTC One M9 – Download Them Here

The time for a big release by HTC is closing in and just as we were holding back our temptation, our favorite leakster, …
Nvidia (2)
HardwareIndustry 7 days ago

NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Issues Statement about The GTX 970

Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia has released a statement regarding the GTX 970 memory allocation issue. Here is Huang̵…
GamesIndustryRumor 1 week ago

Major PlayStation 4 Firmware Coming Around 29 March – PlayStation 3 Update Display…

Sony just released the PlayStation 3 Firmware update 4.70 for its previous gen console and as expected, the new update b…
GamesIndustry 1 week ago

Ubisoft Meeting Reveals More of the Same

Ubisoft held their semi-annual financial meeting with investors to discuss the end of fiscal year 2014-2015. They mentio…
GamesIndustry 1 week ago

Star Wars: Battlefront Set to Release Winter 2015

Sony has revealed their list of games coming for the PlayStation platforms in 2015. The list was released on the Officia…
GamesIndustry 1 week ago

Multiple Microsoft Studios Are Busy With The HoloLens – Find Out Which Ones

Microsoft has spent more than required on their HoloLens to make it more than just a project they are working on and so …
nsa spying gamers community
Industry 1 week ago

Embedded Low Level Surveillance Kit Reveals Massive Third World Cyberpenetration

Ask any tech enthusiast, BIOS based viruses are almost impossible to remove from a system – once infected. By defi…
Xbone Logo
GamesIndustry 1 week ago

Xbox UK Executive Praises Phil’s Leadership and The Wii U Lineup

Xbox EMEA Social Marketing Manager Graeme Boyd paises the Xbox boss Phil Spencer on his leadership and says that he fe…
The-Outsiders- logo
GamesIndustry 2 weeks ago

Former Battlefield Developers Launch ‘The Outsiders’ Game Studio

Former Battlefield developers David Goldfarb and Benjamin Cousins announced earlier today on twitter that they have sta…






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