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Hardware 2 years ago

EVGA Double Bios Announced – Could Mean More Powerful and Safer Overclocking.

EVGA Double Bios means two things; an encouragements from the graphic vendor to dabble with custom bios and an added saf…
Hardware 2 years ago

Gigabyte Launches FM2+ Socket Based G1.Sniper A88X and F2A88X Motherboard Lineup For Kav…

With Kaveri APUs pushed to early 2014, motherboard manufacturer’s can’t wait out but to launch their next it…
Zotac GTX 780 AMP! Edition
Hardware 2 years ago

Zotac GTX 780 AMP! Edition Officially Announced – is Factory GHZ Monstercard

Zotac GTX 780 AMP! Edition is the first Factory Overclocked GTX 780 over the GHZ Mark. Needless to say this is one hell …
Galaxy Microsystems Logo
Hardware 2 years ago

GTX 660 HOF (Hall of Fame) by Galaxy, Pictured along with Price

GTX 660 HoF (Hall of Fame) is a new addition to the Hall of Fame lineup of cherry picked highly overclocked cards from G…
Intel Ivy Bridge-EP Xeon 2697 Benchmarks
Hardware 2 years ago

Intel Ivy Bridge-EP – Xeon 2697 V2 Benchmarks and Prices Leaked

Intel Ivy Bridge-EP series is one of Intels flagship lineups and the Intel Xeon 2697 V2 is possibly the crown in the jew…
AMD Gaming Evolved
Hardware 2 years ago

AMD Launches Never Settle Forever Promotion – Wants You To Choose the Games You Wa…

AMD has gone live with their latest Never Settle Forever promotion as a part of their Gaming Evolved initiative. AMDR…
zotac logo wom
Hardware 2 years ago

ZOTAC Teases Upcoming GeForce GTX 780 AMP! Edition Graphics Card

ZOTAC has teased pictures of their upcoming GeForce GTX 780 AMP! edition graphics card which is going to end up as thei…
GamesHardware 2 years ago

NVIDIA Hints at GTA V For PC In Fall 2013 – Could Be Optimized For GeForce Cards?

In an earnings call conference to the press, NVIDIA claimed that Rockstar’s flagship title for 2013 “GTA V&#…
Hardware 2 years ago

EVGA PRO SLI Bridges Unleashed For NVIDIA Multi-GPU Enthusiasts

EVGA has listened to the enthusiast community and unleashed their latest PRO SLI Bridges for users running multiple NVID…
Core i7 4770K Back
Hardware 2 years ago

Intel Ivy Bridge-E HEDT Core i7 will be an Actual 6-Core Xeon Die

The Intel Ivy bridge-E HEDT will be a true Six-Core Die. The Sandy Bridge-E Core i7 series was infact an Eight-Core Sand…
Radeon Logo
Hardware 2 years ago

AMD’s Next Generation Hawaii GPU To Cost Below $600 US – Should NVIDIA Be Wo…

We know that AMD is planning to unveil their next generation Hawaii GPU in Hawaii in the last week of September. Not muc…
Intel Logo
Hardware 2 years ago

Intel Ivy Bridge-E Core i7-4930K Processor Pictured – Lands on 11th September

Intel is going to unveil their next generation of HEDT processors codenamed “Ivy Bridge-E” on 11th September… Overclock your Brain
HardwareIndustry 2 years ago Headset will Let You Safely Overclock Your Brain for $249 is a one of its kind device. At the risk of sounding like one of the scam advertisements I will say this. Have yo…
iChill GTX 780 Accelero Hybrid
Hardware 2 years ago

Inno3D Officially Announces iChill GTX 780 Accelero Hybrid and iChill GTX 780 HerculeZ 3…

The GTX 780 along with the GTX Titan are Nvidias Flasghip Graphic Cards, and for good reason. The 780 is basically a cut…
Radeon Logo
Hardware 2 years ago

AMD Hawaii GPU ‘Retail’ Sample Spotted in the Wild – Possible PCB Diag…

It has been confirmed that AMD would be public unveiling their new Hawaii GPU in a press event at Hawaii on 25th Septemb…
Radeon Logo
Hardware 2 years ago

AMD Volcanic Islands Family Except Hawaii XT and Hawaii Pro Possibly Based on Current GC…

AMD Volcanic Islands family is being unveiled in Hawaii on 25th September and it looks like the Hawaii GPU would be fina…
Hardware 2 years ago

ASUS PB298Q Ultra Wide 21:9 Panoramic Monitor Revealed

Asus PB298Q Ultra Wide Monitor aims to solve one of the major disadvantages of the Multi Monitor setup – Bezel. The la…
Hardware 2 years ago

AMD Confirms Kaveri APU Will Ship In 2013 and be Available To Enthusiasts by 2014

Just today, AMD has released an official statement given today on response to news stories by various Tech websites that…






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