6 years ago 8

EVGA Details its P67 Lineup with Updated Prices.

EVGA has revealed its new P67 motherboards lineup which will support the Current Gen LGA 1155 Compatible Sandy Bridge Processors from Intel.

6 years ago 9

AMD’s Southern Island Based HD 7000 Series Codenames Leaked

Codenames of AMD's upcoming Southern Island based HD 7000 series have been leaked today through a changelog of the HWiNFO32 v3.73 tool.

6 years ago 10

Intel’s LGA 2011 Platform will not include 8 Core CPU’s

Another Slide has been leaked by which shows that the Intel's Upcoming LGA 2011 Platform (X79) won't consist of 8 Core CPU's.

6 years ago 7

Intel Roadmap Leak Reveals Sandy Bridge-E Processors

Another Intel roadmap has been leaked which reveals Intel's upcoming Sandy Bridge-E Processors.

6 years ago 6

Razer Vespula Dual Surface Mousepad Review

Today we look at a dual surface mousepad from Razer, called the Vespula.

6 years ago 6

Gigabyte’s New Icon Based BIOS Revealed

Gigabyte has recently revealed its new Icon-Based BIOS which will be featured in its new motherboards.

6 years ago 9

Apple’s iPhone 5 To Sport a 12.6 Megapixel Camera?

Rumors have been circulating regarding Apple to use OmniVision's 12.6 megapixel sensor for it's new upcoming iPhone 5. Click here to read more on the rumor.

6 years ago 7

[Press Release] SilverStone Introduces RAVEN RV03B Chassis

SilverStone have done it yet again with another Raven case, The RV03B. Incorporating the earlier RV02B's design and further refining it, we get two front USB 3.0 ports on the exterior, and more.

6 years ago 11

Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse Review The Venomous Claw From Grand Canyon

Today, I received yet another Razer product, the Razer Abyssus; named after the well known Grand Canyon Rattlesnake.

6 years ago 5

Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse Review

Gaming mice is one of those rare PC peripherals that hardcore gamers do not like to upgrade often. Once your hand has settled in you usually want to take that mouse to the grave.

6 years ago 12

AMD’s Lower End HD 6000 Series Cards to Launch on April 19th.

AMD has revealed the launch date of its lower end HD 6000 series based graphic card.

6 years ago 32

Top 5 GPU Overclocking Utilities

Overclocking Graphics card was a tough job since day one. Unlike the Processor, GPU has a completely different architecture.

6 years ago 11

New Intel Roadmap Reveals “Sandy Bridge-E”, “Ivy Bridge and More.

A new Intel Roadmap has been leaked on the net which gives some interesting details on the upcoming Enthusiast Platform Sandy Bridge - E along with Ivy Bridge and Pentium/Celeron based processor

6 years ago 8

Intel Z68 Chipset to Launch on 8 May.

A few credible sources have confirmed the launch date of Intel's upcoming Z68 Chipset, The launch date is confirmed to be 8 May 2011.

6 years ago 16

Gigabyte Slide reveals AMD Bulldozer Launch Date, Will be launched on 7th June at Computex 2011.

A recent slide from gigabyte has leaked in the official launch date of the AMD Bulldozer based FX- Series CPUs.

6 years ago 12

[Press Release] Sharkoon Adds Two External RAID Cases for SATA HDD’s

Sharkoon has announed the availability of two external SATA RAID cases that are of a matte black metal look design that offer multifunctional configurations that minimize the possibility of failing hard drives.

6 years ago 16

[Press Release] Team Group Announces Availability of Xtreem LV 1600 & 2133 MHz DDR3 Ram Modules!

Team Group has announced the availability of their Xtreem LV series that are available in speeds of 1600 and 2133MHz with CAS timings of 6-8-8-24 and 9-11-9-27 respectively.

6 years ago 12

[Press Release]Sharkoon Announces two external RAID Cases for SATA Hard Drives Enclosure.

Sharkoon has announced two new external RAID cases for SATA hard drives which come in a stylish black colored metal design

6 years ago 8

Razer Nostromo Gaming Keypad Review

Today I get a look at something new and unique from Razer, their first ever gaming keypad.

6 years ago 5

Intel Readies 10-Core Xeon Processors.

Intel has finally announced its new line of Xeon based processors featuring upto 10 Cores.

6 years ago 11

[Press Release] Mach Xtreme Technology Unveils 1.8″ micro-SATA MX-MDS Series SSD’s

Mach Xtreme Technology have just announced their 1.8 inch form factor MX-MDS Series SSD's that feature the SandForce SF1222 controller.

6 years ago 8

[Press Release] Low-priced Full Aluminum Tower from Sharkoon

Available models are the Sharkoon AL4 and the Micro ATX tower Sharkoon AL2, built around brushed aluminum and have been reasonably priced around 49.99 to 59.99 euros.

6 years ago 10

Nvidia Geforce GTX 590 Temp reaches 112C during Thermal Tests.

Nvidia recently released a new BIOS to fix the overheating issues encountered in its new Dual Chip Flagship GPU "Geforce GTX 590".

6 years ago 8

Gigabyte to Release AM3+ Motherboards featuring “Black Socket”.

Gigabyte has announced that it'll release a total of 16 new motherboards featuring "Black Socket".

6 years ago 6

Microsoft Xbox 1080 Leaked, Specs Unveiled?

According to OCC (Overclockers Club), The upcoming Xbox from Microsoft has been leaked and detailed.

6 years ago 11

MSI AMD HD 6970 Graphics Card Review The Champ from Chimpzilla!

With that out of the way let me say that few cards live up to expectations, and more, as does the 6900 series from AMD. I’ll tell you right now; the 6970 flirts with the GTX 580 a card that costs a good US$130 more.

6 years ago 13

GTX 590 Blows up while Overclocking? Here’s how to prevent that from happening.

From Day 1 of its launch, GTx 590 has been having overheating issues due to which most of the card that went for reviewing on Major tech sites blew up.

6 years ago 8

Hidden Message about GTX 590 revealed at TechPowerUp

So here's a really interesting find after going through the review posted at TPU of the Asus Geforce GTX 590.

6 years ago 11

Cooler Master 690 II Advanced Case Review The Mid Tower King

I at WCCF Tech, today would be looking at the 690 II Advanced PC Case and see how it fares among the million and one gaming computer cases vying for your attention (and money).

6 years ago 17

Will Nvidia Accept AMD’s Challenge to prove whether Geforce GTX 590 is the “worlds fastest graphics card”?

AMD has challenged Nvidia in an one to one battle to prove whether their recently released "Geforce GTX 590" Dual Chip card is the worlds fastest graphic card.

6 years ago 12

EVGA SLI Enhancement Patch Allows you to Enable SLI in Crysis 2.

Sure Crysis 1 was a mighty demanding game of its time and was the first which actually required you to use SLI option to optimally play it on decent settings and framerate.

6 years ago 14

Nvidia Releases Geforce V267.85/ V267.84 Drivers to Prevent Geforce GTX 590 from Blowing up.

It's been a day since Nvidia Launched their Dual GPU Flagship card "Geforce GTX 590" and reviews are already up.

6 years ago 11

[Press Release] Kingston Digital Extends the Speedy Class 10 microSDHC Family

Kingston, a world leader in terms of memory products, has now announced the availability of Class 10 series of is MicroSDHC cards. See more on this press release.

6 years ago 7

Nvidia Geforce GTX 590 Launched and Reviewed.

Nvidia has officially launched their Top Dual Chip Flagship GPU named the Geforce GTX 590 and on the release day it has already been reviewed by different sites.

6 years ago 12

EVGA announces Geforce GTX 590 Classified Limited Edition Graphics Card.

The card after a wait of 2 years has finally been launched and EVGA (Nvidia's Top Partner) has come up with a Classified Limited Edition Series of the Geforce GTX 590 GPU.

6 years ago 5

Yeston Geforce GTX 590 Leaked.

Chinese Manufacturer "Yeston" leaked a few details and pics of its upcoming Geforce GTX 590 Graphics card.

6 years ago 11

Intel to release 10-Core Xeon Processors in First Half of 2011.

An Intel Spokesman has said that the upcoming 10 Core Westmere-EX" Xeon processor will be released and start shipping in the first half of 2011.

6 years ago 10

POV/TGT Geforce GTX 590 Charged Edition Available for 659,1 €.

Point of View's Geforce GTX 590 has been pictured and looks like the card is an overclocked variant and is known as the POV/TGT GTX 590 Charged Edition Graphics Card.

6 years ago 12

EVGA intros GeForce GTX 560 Ti – Maximum Graphics Edition Graphics Card.

EVGA has introduced its new Geforce GTX 560 Ti - Maximum Graphics Edition Graphic Card which is based on Crysis 2.

6 years ago 9

[Press Release] SAPPHIRE Launches HD 6950 FleX- Simplifies Eyefinity

Sapphire Launches 6950 Flex Edition

6 years ago 6

Gigabyte GTX 590 Pictured, Benchmarks Revealed.

Pictures and Benchmark of Gigabyte's upcoming Geforce GTX 590 have been unveiled.

6 years ago 8

Asus Geforce GTX 590 Leaked, Priced at $799.99

A Chinese source has recently leaked the Nvidia's upcoming Dual Chip GPU - Geforce GTX 590.

6 years ago 11

Razer Ironclad Hard Mouse Mat Review – The FPS Killer SideKick

Today I got my hands on the Razer Ironclad hard mouse mat that’s a part of their ‘Elite’ series and see if it’s worth all those hard earned greenies in your wallet.

6 years ago 11

Asus P67 Sabertooth Motherboard Review – Built to survive almost anything

The company in question is Asus, the number one motherboard maker in the world. Is Asus’s use of exotic components and armor which alleges to improve cooling legitimate? Read on to find out.