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Tt eSPORTS Theron Gaming Mouse Review

Thermaltake presents its gaming range with an impressive gaming mouse Theron which is at par with Razer's high end gaming mice. It offers all that you need for a relishing gaming experience. Read our review to find out more about this little beast.

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AMD Radeon HD7970 Gets Benchmarked in Quad-Way CrossFireX Mode at 1600Mhz+ Core Clock

Overclocker Andre Yang overclocked AMD’s latest Radeon HD7970 to a record breaking 1650Mhz Core Clock last week, Now he has posted another set of benchmarks this time of Quad 7970’s…

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ARCTIC Cooling Prepares Accelero Xtreme 7970 VGA Cooler for Radeon HD7970 GPU

ARCTIC Cooling today announced that it would be launching a new VGA Cooler “ARCTIC Accelero Xtreme 7970” for AMD’s Radeon HD7970 Graphic Card.

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Gelid Launches “DarkForce” PC Case for Gamers

Thermal Solutions specialist GELID Solutions reveals its first tower case “DarkForce” for its GAMER product line. This completely black painted 0.7mm steel ATX / Micro-ATX tower case is designed for gamers…

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EK Water Blocks Readies Custom Water Block for AMD Radeon HD7970 Graphic Card

EK Water Blocks has unveiled a picture of its upcoming Water Block which would be compatible with AMD’s latest  28nm GPU “Radeon HD7970” which launches next week on 9th January…

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Thermaltake Unleashes Frio Series “Frio Extreme” Cooler, Provides Maximum Cooling Capacity Upto 250W

Thermaltake, the leader and pioneer in PC thermal solutions, a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, with “delivering the perfect user experiences” as…

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Tt eSPORTS Announces Pyrrhus Gaming Mouse Pads for Hardcore Gamers

Tt eSPORTS, the leading expert in professional e-sports gaming, invites you to witness the latest material science application on gaming mouse pad, and we call it PYRRHUS. Imbuing the most…

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MSI To Launch Big Bang-XPower II X79 Motherboard

MSI has in a press release announced to launch yet another motherboard from their Big Bang series on the X79 chipset known as the Big Bang-Xpower II motherboard.

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AMD Southern Islands Successor Exposed, Codenamed “Sea Islands”

AMD is just about to launch its highly anticipated “Southern Island” Series graphic cards, However AMD’s ASIC design department employees have leaked what is known to be the successor of the…

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Sapphire Non-Reference Radeon HD7970 Models Listed, FLEX 6G Edition HD7970 to feature 6GB Memory

An official document from leading graphics designer Sapphire has been exposed by a Chiphell Forum Member which lists a bunch of Non-Reference Variants of the AMD Radeon HD7970 GPU. The…

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MSI and HIS Radeon HD7970 Stock Spotted, Benchmarked in 3-Way CrossFireX Mode

A Complete Stock of MSI and HIS branded Radeon HD7970’s has been spotted over at British retailer along with benchmarks of the Graphic Card tested in CrossFireX mode.

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AMD Radeon HD7770 “Cape Verde XT” Specs, Pictures Leaked, Benchmarked on Intel Ivy Bridge “Core i5 3550” Setup

Chiphell Forum member “bigpao007” has once again broken the NDA and provided a set of Benchmarks and Picture’s detailing AMD’s 28nm Cape Verde chip based GPU “HD7770”. The HD7770 graphic…

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Thermaltake Announces Extreme Frio, Frio Snow Edition and Frio OCK Snow Edition CPU Coolers

Thermaltake has announced that it would be launching three new CPU Coolers in the upcoming months – Extreme Frio, Frio Snow Edition, Frio OCK Snow Edition.

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AMD Radeon HD7970 “Tahiti XT” Overclocked to 1650Mhz on Core using LN2

It’s been a week since AMD (Paper) launched its next generation HD7970 graphic card featuring the 28nm Tahiti XT chip. Now Engineers at ASUS have got a sample of the…

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AMD Radeon HD7000 28nm “Southern Islands” Specs, Pricing and Release Dates Unveiled

Complete Specs of AMD’s Next Generation 28nm based HD7000 “Southern Island” Graphic Cards have been revealed. The Specs detail the upcoming HD7900/HD7800/HD7700 Series graphic chips which would feature the new…

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AMD Radeon HD7950 “Tahiti Pro” Technical Specs Revealed, Packs 1792 Stream Processors

Specs of AMD’s Next Generation 28nm HD7950 “Tahiti Pro” Graphics Card have been leaked, The HD7950 would be the second addition to the HD7900 Series lineup by AMD featuring the…

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Intel Sandy Bridge-EP E5-2687W Processor Unveiled, Features 8 Cores,150W TDP

Intel’s Sandy Bridge-EP Xeon processor has been tested by the guys over at Coolaler Forums. Intel’s Xeon line of Server processors are expected to launch in Early 2012 along with…

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ARCTIC Accelero Twin Turbo II VGA Cooler Review

As for today, WCCFtech received the ARCTIC Accelero Twin Turbo II VGA Cooler for review at its doorstep. Scroll down for the in depth review as we test it on our test bench on an MSI GTX560Ti HAWK 1GB Graphics Card.

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AMD Intros Radeon HD7970 3GB “Tahiti XT” Graphics Card – Fastest 28nm DirectX 11 GPU on the Planet

AMD today (paper) launched its new 28nm Radeon HD7970 GPU which features the Tahiti GCN Core Architecture. The Radeon HD7970 is the first 28nm based Graphic Card which offers 150%…

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AMD 7970 Images Surface Online

Amid the launch is drawing nearer, more details and news is surfacing over the Radeon HD 700 series graphics cards by AMD and this time it’s the photos of the 7970 itself upclose!

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ASRock Prepares Fatal1ty X79 Professional LGA 2011 Motherboard

ASRock has started preparing its seventh LGA 2011 Series Motherboard which would be known as the Fatal1ty X79 Professional. The new Fatal1ty X79 Series Professional motherboard is a gaming oriented motherboard…

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Razer secures US$50M in first round of venture capital funding‏

Razer, the world leader in high performance gaming hardware, today announced it has secured a US$50 million round led by IDG-Accel China Capital Fund (“IDG-Accel”), one of the leading global…

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Kingston Launches Fortune Dragon Drive for Year of the Dragon‏

Hsinchu, Taiwan — December 20, 2011 —  To celebrate the Year of Dragon, Kingston, the independent world leader in memory products, today announces the launch of the new Fortune Dragon…

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ROCCAT™ Studios Releases World Famous Taito Mouse Pad in New Sizes and Heights

Offering a fresh take on one of the best-selling gaming mouse pads in history, ROCCAT™ Studios – the Hamburg, Germany-based manufacturer of professional PC gaming devices and equipment – today…

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AMD Radeon HD7970 “Tahiti XT” Pictured, Liquid Chamber Cooling and Specs Sheet Exposed

New picture’s and Specs of AMD’s Upcoming Southern Island based Radeon HD7970 GPU have been exposed. The picture’s show the reference design along with the Liquid Cooling Chamber which will…

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Intel’s Ivy Bridge Pricing Gets Leaked Online

Finally details on the pricing of Intel’s Ivy Bridge CPU’s have been leaked by a site named CPU-world. The pricing list consists of the 18 new Ivy Bridge processors that are to be launched in the second quarter of 2012.

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AMD Radeon HD7770 “Cape Verde” Exposed, Features 28nm GCN Core Architecture

Details of AMD’s “Cape Verde” Chip based HD7770 have been leaked which include Specifications and Pictures. AMD had previously re-branded its Juniper based Mainstream cards “HD5770/HD5750” as HD6770/HD6750, Their replacements would be…

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ASUS Radeon HD7970 “Tahiti XT” Listed Online for €525

An Dutch e-tailer has listed the AMD Radeon HD7970 for €525 (€625 Including VAT). The model available has been manufactured by ASUS and features the Reference Design as seen below:

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AMD 7950 Official Documents & Specifications Leaked

Official documents of the AMD Tahiti 7950 have surfaced from a hardware enthusiast forum by the name of PCINLIFE.

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EVGA Unveils GeForce GTX 580 Classified Ultra Graphics Cards

To add to the upcoming holidays for the green team Nvidia enthusiasts, EVGA has prepped two new Geforce GTX 580 Classified cards that are ‘Ultra’ models with higher clocks and improvements.

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AMD Bulldozer Gets Hotfix Update For Windows 7

It is a bit of surprising though yet somewhat expected of Microsoft releasing a hotfix update for AMD’s Bulldozer processors that has indeed made some noticeable speed improvements.

5 years ago 20

Official AMD Slides Show HD7900 Series “Tahiti – Southern Island” DX11 Performance Improvment, Specs, Features and More

Some official slides from AMD have been exposed which detail more information on the upcoming Southern Island based HD7900 Series “Tahiti” which are expected to launch on December 22nd 2011.

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Leaked NVIDIA “Next Generation Performance” Slide Pits Upcoming Flagship GK-100 “Kepler” based GeForce GTX 780 Against GTX 580

A Slide unveiling performance estimates of NVIDIA’s Next Generation Kepler based 28nm GPU has been exposed. The slide shows that Nvidia will brand the Kepler based GPU’s as Geforce 700…

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AMD FX-6200, A8-3870-3670 Details, Pricing & Release Date Leaked

Despite the earlier setbacks faced by AMD on their Bulldozer architecture, they are yet churning out another processor for its Fusion line, the 6 Core FX-6200 APU releasing this 26th December.

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MSI Announces X79A-GD45 (8D) LGA2011 Motherboard, Features 8 DIMM Slots to Support 128GB of Memory

MSI has just announced that it would be launching a new version of its X79A-GD45 Motherboard which would feature 8 DIMM Slots. The new LGA 2011 Socket would be known…

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AMD Starts Shipping of 28nm Radeon HD7000 Series GPU’s Now

Advanced Micro Devices said on Tuesday that they have started to ship the Next Generation HD7000 Series GPU’s made using the 28nm fabrication process at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. AMD is…

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i7 3770K VS i7 2700K Benchmarks Surface, Ivy Bridge 10% Faster

Earlier, we had covered news over benchmarks of the 3770K that had leaked over the web by a forum member from Chiphell. And now, a user from hwbot has posted benchmarks of the chip in a comparison with the flagship Sandy Bridge i7-2700K.

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Leaked AMD Slide Unveils Radeon HD7970 (Tahiti XT) Specifications and Reference Design

An Official AMD Press Slide has been leaked which details specifications of the upcoming Radeon HD7970 Graphic Card. Complete Specifications are listed on the slide along with a picture of…

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NVIDIA Kepler GK-104 and GK-100 Specifications Detailed, GK-100 Rumored to launch in Q2 2012

NVIDIA’s Kepler GPU Specifications have been revealed over at 3DCenter which detail the upcoming 28nm GK-104 and GK-100 chip based graphic cards.

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AMD Radeon HD7970 (Tahiti XT) Packs 4.5 Billion Transistors – Die Size Detailed, Launches on January 9th

New info detailing AMD’s upcoming Southern Island based GPU’s have been revealed. The new info details transistor count along with die size of the new southern island based graphic cards.

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EVGA SR-X Dual LGA 2011 Socket Motherboard Spotted in Action at EVGA Headquarters

During a recent visit to EVGA Headquarters in Taiwan, The guys over at VR-Zone pictured EVGA’s latest Dual Socket Innovation codenamed Super Record – X “SR-X”. The EVGA SR-X was…

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AMD Launching Radeon HD7870 and HD7850 (Pitcairn XT/Pro) in February 2012, Pricing and Specs Detailed

Reports confirm that AMD would be launching its Performance Segment Pitcairn based Radeon HD7870 and HD7850 graphic cards in February 2012, A month late after the launch of the High…

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Intel Ivy Bridge 22nm Core i7 3770K (ES) Benchmarks Unveiled

Benchmarks of Intel’s Next Generation 22nm Ivy Bridge Processor have been leaked by bigpao007 (Forum member on The Benchmarks demonstrated the flagship Ivy Bridge CPU Core i7 3770K which was…

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AMD Radeon HD 7970 (Tahiti XT) Benchmarks Leaked

First pictures and now a whole set of benchmarks of AMD’s Upcoming Radeon HD 7970 GPU have been leaked. The benchmark chart pits the single chip flagship graphic card of…