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rambus logo
Hardware 2 years ago

New Technology To Boost DDR4 Speed To 6.4 Gbps while Saving Power

Rambus is known to be a seclusive company. It has always brought many inspiring and unusual products to the stage. If yo…
Radeon Logo
Hardware 2 years ago

AMD Mantle API does not require GCN – Will work with Nvidia Graphic Cards

It seems that you do not need an AMD GCN enabled graphic card to make mantle work, apparently, Mantle will work just as …
ipad mini teardown
Hardware 2 years ago

Retina iPad Mini Teardown – Cross between iPad Air & the iPhone 5s

iFixit has taken to its teardown tradition of breaking up the Apple devices. Following the teardown of iPad Air recentl…
AMD logo
Hardware 2 years ago

AMD Kaveri Almost True APU – Haswell and Trinity Comparison

AMD’s APU project is one the most innovative ventures for a unified processor and Kaveri is the first APU to appro…
AMD R9 Series Logo
Hardware 2 years ago

AMD Launches The Radeon R9 270 ‘Curacao Pro’ Graphics Card – Heats Up …

AMD has announced their latest Radeon R9 270 graphics card aimed towards the sub-$200 market. The Radeon R9 270 is infac…
Hardware 2 years ago

Tress FX 2.0 Coming – Could get Grass and Fur Visuals Along with Hair

Tress FX was cool okay? Nothing more to say about that. The frame hit was quite heavy but by consensus absolutely worth …
ipad mini
HardwareMobile 2 years ago

iPad Mini Retina Released – May Have 512 MB Ram Not 1 GB

iPad mini releases mysteriously before the perpetrated date. News was coming in regarding the display on the iPad mini b…
AMD logo
Hardware 2 years ago

AMD Announces A10-7850K Kaveri APU Specifications and Architectural Details – Laun…

AMD has officially popped the lid and announced various key details of their next generation Kaveri APU. The A-Series Ka…
gtx 780 ti black
Hardware 2 years ago

[Updated] GTX 780 Ti Allegedly Being Suspended and Recalled in China – Possible De…

Disclaimer: Wait! STOP! Before you attempt to read this further, make sure to take everything at face value alone. Thoug…
AMD R9 Series Logo
Hardware 2 years ago

AMD Unveiling Radeon R9 270 “Curacao Pro” Graphics Card on 13th November …

AMD is all set to unveil another Volcanic Islands graphic card known as the Radeon R9 270 during this month. We have alr…
curved iPhone screen
HardwareMobile 2 years ago

Apple to Introduce Larger, Curved Display iPhones in Q3 2014 with Pressure Sensors

Reports from Bloomberg are coming announcing that “sources familiar with the plans” say Apple is planning to releas…
Hardware 2 years ago

Intel Atom Bay Trail-M Refresh Arrives – New SKUs with Major Clock Enhancements

We were really happy to see that Intel is finally taking Atom seriously and when we got confirmation of the Intel Bay Tr…
iphone 6 black friday deals
HardwareMobile 2 years ago

Apple Black Friday 2013 Deals – What to Expect!

Black Friday falls on November 29th this year and as always retailers will go crazy to lure buyers in! Among others, App…
GTX 780 Ti SLI
Hardware 2 years ago

GTX 780 Ti 3dMark 11 3-Way SLI Benchmark Spotted – Scaling As Expected

Well we dont have three GTX 780 Ti’s lying around but it seems our friends over at Chiphell do. They have also con…
Nvidia Logo
Hardware 2 years ago

Senior Analysts Tell Nvidia To Sell Business to Someone Else – Tegra Sales down 54…

Disclaimer: This article, a pinch of salt, instructions from that lovely piece of hardware inside your skull with health…
Hardware 2 years ago

Galaxy GTX 780 Ti HoF Trademark White PCB Spotted – Timed against Non-Reference R9…

Needless to say the AMD R9 290X runs a tad bit hot and the non-reference designs are highly anticipated due to the same …
Next Gen PS4 Xbox One
GamesHardware 2 years ago

Xbox One Will Come With Six Months of Free Skype Calling Minutes

Xbox One that you can grab after November 22nd is intended do some pretty good stuff beside the usual playing video ga…
HardwareMobile 2 years ago

PS4 Torn Apart – PS4 Innards Vs PS3

The PS4 which is slated to be released next week is torn upart. Priced at a nominal $400 which is $100 less than its mai…






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