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Hardware 6 hours ago

Nvidia Demos TurfEffects for GameWorks – Next Generation ‘Grass’ Simulation

Alright, I admit, I am not entirely sure whether or not I was being sarcastic when I wrote the headline, but I have to a...
Hardware 7 hours ago

Nvidia Tegra K1 Futuremark Icestrom Unlimited Benchmarks Smoke Apple’s A8X SoC

Just a few hours ago, the initial benchmark comparison of the Nvidia Tegra K1 SoC and Apple’s new flagship, the A8X ap...
Hardware 20 hours ago

Soft Machines Debuts VISC CPU Architecture With 3X Better IPC – AMD a Chief Investor

A startup company by the name of Soft Machines has just exited its “stealth” phase and gone public for the first tim...
ipad air 2 benchmarks
Hardware 1 day ago

iPad Air 2 GPU Benchmarks – Lightest Tablet Leads Over Tegra K1 Powered Nexus 9

Apple’s latest and apparently the brightest iPad Air 2 is powered by an unorthodox tri-core processing unit. An enhanc...
Tegra K1 Logo
Hardware 2 days ago

Initial Apple A8X GPU Benchmarks Appear – Beats the ‘192 Core’ Tegra K1

Nvidia has always had some pretty bad-luck in the Industry where the Tegra was concerned and now it seems that there is ...
Hardware 2 days ago

Intel Xeon E3-1200 V4 ‘Broadwell and V5 ‘Skylake’ Processors Queued for 2015

The Xeon E3-1200 processors are SKUs reserved specifically for the single socket server market and has just...
HardwareOp-Ed 3 days ago

Intel and ASML Holdings EUV Lithography Slated for 2016 Debut – End of 10nm Cycle

As the node shrinks are getting ever smaller, mundane physics of the real world are starting to kick in. It is becoming ...
ipad air 2 benchmark
Hardware 3 days ago

iPad Air 2 Benchmark Reveals Tri-Core SoC with 2GB RAM – Tops the Multi-Core Perform...

Apple yet again proved to present something better, something more powerful in this year’s tablet launch. While the iP...
Hardware 3 days ago

AMD Introduces New Price Cuts and Game Bundles For Desktop APUs

Entering the holiday season many companies have recently begun their seasonal promotions. . Yesterday we reported that N...
Hardware 4 days ago

Intel TSX Bug Will Be Fixed By Broadwell-K – Impossible to Fix in Haswell

It was previously speculated that the Haswell TSX bug would prove impossible to fix via a microcode patch and this seems...
NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z
HardwareOp-Ed 4 days ago

Nvidia Slashes Titan Z Pricing Again – Maxwell Replacement Perhaps Incoming

Two months ago Nvidia launched an OEM and system builder specific campaign. By which OEMs and system builders can get sp...
HardwareRumor 4 days ago

Intel Broadwell-E Mass Production Begins In Q1 2016

Haswell-E was released less than two months ago and news of Broadwell-E has already begun to trickle through. Unfortunat...
Gigabyte GTX 970 Mini Itx
Hardware 4 days ago

The Fastest Mini-ITX Nvidia Card is Here – Gigabyte GTX 970

Gigabyte has announced the first Mini-ITX version of Nvidia’s highly popular GTX 970 graphics card. What’s perhaps m...
note 4
GadgetsHardware 4 days ago

Galaxy Note 4 Teardown Confirms Sony IMX240 – Samsung Abandons ISOCELL Tech?

Blind camera tests done after the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 revealed some stunning photographic results. The devi...






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