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GeneralLaunch 2 months ago

Google Launches Project Fi Wireless Service; Sign Up Here

For a number of months, tech reports have suggested that Google would be joining the carrier market with an effort of it…
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General 2 months ago

Artificial Photosynthesis Will Now Produce Fuels Out Of Carbon Dioxide Waste

Scientists in the US have finally come up with a demo that explains how sunlight can be used to convert carbon dioxide i…
General 2 months ago

Renewable Energy Finally Won The Race Against Fossile Fuels

As reported last week in New York, we have finally crossed the point where we started to add more capacity in the renewa…
General 2 months ago

Wireless Charging Furniture To Be Introduced In The US By IKEA

Talk about convenience, your furniture is now going to charge your devices for you. Gone are the days when you had to fi…
GeneralSoftware 3 months ago

Google Play Services 7.3 Updates To Trusted Places UI And Dismissible Android Wear Notif…

Google Play Services have made a significant jump from 7.0 to 7.3 in the latest update, offering some pretty neat featur…
chrome logo
GeneralSoftware 3 months ago

Widget Support And App Extensions Make Way To Chrome Update on iOS

There are many iOS users out there for whom Google’s Chrome might conclude Google’s Chrome browser to be sup…
Star Wars The Force Awakens (1)
General 3 months ago

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer 2 is Absolutely Awesome

Star Wars: The Force Awakens second Official teaser trailer has just been released, following the Star Wars Celebration …
Xperia Z3 vs Note 4 vs LG G3
GeneralSoftware 3 months ago

Verizon Now Offers Android Lollipop 5.0 Update For LG G3

Among the four giant wireless carriers in the U.S, Verizon never lags behind others when it comes to the introduction of…
General 3 months ago

Charge Your Phones In 60 Seconds With This New Aluminium Battery

Faster charging batteries that stay charged for longer are what everyone in this day and age desire, so researchers in t…
The Flash (2)
General 3 months ago

The Flash WonderCon Trailer is all Kinds of Awesome

Warner Bros. has just released The Flash sizzle real that was shown at WonderCon during CW’s panel. The Flash “A…
GadgetsGeneralIndustry 3 months ago

Roku 3 Officially Launched: Contains Voice Search, Faster Streaming And Much More

When it comes to digital video recorders (DVRs) there are many choices for customers nowadays and so due to immense comp…
AnalysisGeneral 3 months ago

Google’s Wireless Service Aims To Diminish International Roaming Charges

In the beginning of this year, we came across Google’s plan to diversify itself and step up being a mobile operato…
Pillars of Eterniyu (1)
GamesGeneral 3 months ago

Pillars of Eternity Developer Obsidian Bombarded by Twitter user for Controversial Limer…

Obsidian’s Crowd- funded RPG, Pillars of Eternity, was bombarded by Twitter user @IceQueenErika, or Erika Imperia…
General 3 months ago

Now You Can Walk More While Using ‘Less Energy’ Than Ever Before

Have you ever thought what it would be like to walk without getting tired? Well, scientists after a long time spent in r…
B0004985 Human cancer cells in culture
General 3 months ago

Google Maps For the Human Body Have Been Developed by Engineers

Worlds first ever tech related to administering and exploring a human body, even up to the individual cell location leve…
General 3 months ago

Graphene ‘Wonder Material’ LightBulbs To Arrive in the Market Soon

Something new is going to arrive in the market later this year and it’s something you probably least expect. Repo…
Not sure if serious or april fools logo
GamesGeneralHumor 3 months ago

10 Of The Better April Fools – In No Particular Order

When it comes to news and media, the saying goes “Don’t trust anything on April 1st”, and yeah that…
Samsung to feature iris scanners on its smartphones soon
ExclusiveGeneral 3 months ago

The Galaxy J7 User Agent Profile Pops Up All Of A Sudden On Samsung’s Website

Galaxy J1 is the only device in the Galaxy J lineup which Samsung has announced but the Korean tech giant has other plan…






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