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Nest CEO Tony Fadell Steps Down – What’s Next For The Company

Things are tough when a CEO tenders his resignation as the head of the company, and at Nest, the employees must be contemplating on what is to become after the firm’s CEO Tony Fadell announced that he was leaving. Nest CEO Tony Fadell Contributed In Making The iPod – States He Will Be Involved In […]

4 months ago 43

Elon Musk States That There’s One AI Company That Gives Him The Shivers

Nearly everyone knows that Elon Musk has voiced his concerns over the dangers of Artificial Intelligence but there’s one tech company that’s really giving the founder of Tesla the jitters. Can you guess the name of the company? Elon Musk Suggests That Google Is One Company That He’s Afraid Of While there are several tech […]

4 months ago 15

Tesla Model 3 Is Not Going To Get A Free Supercharger

Tesla Model 3 might have been the cheapest vehicle to be introduced by the company, but there are ways that it is going to ask you to spend more, such as when you’re making an investment with a Supercharger. Supercharger For Tesla Model 3 Is Going To Cost You $2,500 For The Upgrade Elon Musk […]

4 months ago 54

LG Vacuum Cleaner Is Used To Help Wall Climber Scale 140m Building

If there’s one thing that tech companies manage to do right, it’s making great marketing campaigns. Involving an LG vacuum cleaner, the company decided to bring in an expert rock climber just to see how the South Korean’s consumer goods hold up against death defying feats like the one you’re about to see. Expert Rock […]

4 months ago 14

Snapchat’s Latest Update Will Allow Users To Put Stickers On Their Snap Stories Now

Snapchat has been known for releasing small updates of emojis and stickers and the company is rolling out one more of its updates adding another adorable update to its pile of small updates revealed earlier. The new update will bring stickers from Chat 2.0 – which was a recent big update of snapchat that made […]

4 months ago 31

Project Jacquard: Google And Levi’s Set To Release ‘Smart’ Jackets That Can Answer Your Phone

Everything is becoming ‘smart’ these days, from phones to cars and even homes. Now the folks over at Google’s Advanced Technology Project group (ATAP) have announced the release of another similar smart project called Project Jacquard. The project will be exhibiting a touch sensitive material, basically textiles that will have sensors and will be able […]

4 months ago 41

Selfie Takers Are Viewed As Less Attractive And Less Likeable According To A New Study

If you are one of those (annoying) people who keep on posting tons of selfies and stories on Instagram and Snapchat, then this isn’t good news for you. According to a new study by researchers, you’re not as beautiful as your narcissistic self might lead you to believe. Adding to that the researchers also claimed […]

4 months ago 49

Game Of Thrones Episode 5 Has Been Confirmed To Be Leaked

Game Of Thrones fans, we have one huge announcement coming your way that will definitely give you the jitters and that is the fifth episode being leaked of the popular fantasy show. Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5 Leaked – Can You Guess Who Caused The Leak Torrentfreak confirmed the news that HBO Nordic […]

4 months ago 21

Tesla Hires A New Vice President For Vehicle Production And Is Hopeful To Meet Excessive Demand

The electric car manufacturer, Tesla, has recently hired former Audi executive Peter Hochholdinger for the position of Vice President of vehicle production. The reason for this appointment is the recent departure of two senior production managers, namely Greg Reichow former VP of production and John Ensign former VP of manufacturing. The newly hired executive will […]

4 months ago 22

UK Users Of Apple May Be Able To Store Their Driving Licenses On Their Apple Wallet

According to a report by Slashgear, the UK’s equivalent of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is planning something new. The DVL has been planning to design digital driving licenses which can be easily stored in the Apple Wallet. The is one thing that will give people less […]

4 months ago 44

Hyundai Has Created A Massive Exoskeleton That Will Aid Factory Workers – Resembles A Miniature Hulk Buster Armor

Exoskeletons are not going to be limited to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare because Hyundai is already working on something that will make you feel like you’re inside a Hulk Buster armor. Hyundai Is Investing In A Venture That Will Aid Factory Workers Immensely – Might Also Double As A Contingency Plan Against A Being […]

4 months ago 12

Another Low Heavy-Metal Discovery – Will It Aid In Understanding Big Bang?

Astronomers have been trying to study the conditions of the universe after the Big Bang and they believe that low metal galaxies will help them in studying these particular conditions. Astronomers have discovered a faint blue galaxy about 30 million light years away from the earth, located in the constellation ‘Leo Minor’. This discovery could be […]

4 months ago 26

Google Open Sourcing Parsey McParseface Could Change The Face Of AI Forever

Google ‘Parsey McParseface’ is a tool that developers can use to analyze English text but a more detailed explanation will tell you that with this tool, developers will be able to play around with the underlying technology powering Google’s powerful natural language software so that apps, voice assistants and future robots can better comprehend what […]

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Samsung Galaxy Surfboard: Because Using A Regular Surfboard Is Too Mainstream

From smartphones and tablets, if we see products such as the Samsung Galaxy Surfboard, it should be the least surprising thing we have seen to date since there are several other products on Kickstarter and Indiegogo that will probably make you scratch your head afterwards. From Samsung Galaxy Smartphones To A Samsung Galaxy Surfboard, What […]

5 months ago 14

Volvo Teases Customers With Its New 40-Series Cars Set To Launch Soon

Car manufacturer Volvo has been working hard and investing a lot of effort into bringing a whole new range of cars since the last one and a half year. The XC90, S90 and V90 are very stunning and well-reviewed cars. These cars are just the tip of the iceberg, since Volvo is planning to launch […]

5 months ago 15

UPS “Follow My Delivery” Lets You Track Your Delivery In Real Time

There’s always that little bit of anxiety when you order something or when you send out a package to someone. To rid you of this problem UPS has finally announced a new service of true package tracking. This service will let you find out where exactly on the map a truck is carrying your items, […]

5 months ago 17

Researchers Have Found Traces Of Atomic Oxygen On Mars

Researchers in NASA have been in the search of oxygen in Mars’ atmosphere and it seems that for the first time in 40 years they have succeeded in doing just that. All thanks to the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA), which is about 13.7 kilometers above the surface of the Earth. The researchers found […]

5 months ago 19

Nike Made A Micro-climate Chair That Will Help Keep Muscles At A Temperature You Want

Nike, the famous brand that we all know of, made a team with architect Greg Lynn in order to create a stylish functional chair that is bi-functional in nature i.e. that it can keep the athletes warm as well as cool all through the games they play (whatever is required), even when they are sitting […]

5 months ago 23

Newly Discovered Planets: Our Next Big Step Towards Discovering Extraterrestrial Life

Attempts at discovering extra terrestrial life has been the sole aim of many scientists and astronomers but it was only recently that they came remotely close to this discovery. A team of MIT astronomers just discovered, not one, but Three exoplanets situated just 40 light years away in the constellation, Aquarius. The star these planets […]

5 months ago 20

ResetPlug Monitors Your Wi-Fi And Resets It If It Stops Working On Its Own

Resetting your router eliminates 95 percent of the wireless connection issues that you experience from your home network. Unfortunately, it does require a fair amount of distance to walk right up to your router and cycle through its power again and again. Additionally, it becomes increasingly frustrating when you have to continuously do this, and […]

5 months ago 18

PayPal Will No Longer Protect Crowd-Funding Payments So Watch Where You Donate

Previously PayPal did offer protection for donators who gave popular Kickstarter projects the necessary financial momentum to bring their product to consumers, but thanks to a recent stretch of failed projects, PayPal will definitely be looking after its own interests from now on. PayPal Will No Longer Cover Donators Through Its Purchase Protection Plan From […]

5 months ago 61

Mark Zuckerberg Thinks That AI Will Start Outperforming Humans In The Next Decade

Mark Zuckerberg believes that within a time span of five to 10 years, AI could surpass the capabilities of human beings. Here are additional details on what the founder of Facebook believes will happen in the next decade. Mark Zuckerberg Believes That Future Applications Will Develop Their Own Form Of Thinking Mark Zuckerberg explains that […]