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General 4 years ago

Browser Tabs On Top or Bottom in Friefox 4.0.

Mozilla's upcoming Firefox 3.7 will come out with some cool Hardware Acceleration features which is pretty good.
General 4 years ago

Kinect supports only two Active Players, Specs reveal.

New Specifications of Kinect have revealed that only 2 Players can play at one time.
General 4 years ago

Skype Promoting World Cup 2010 by Offering Free International Calls for a Month.

kype has started promoting World Cup 2010 by Offering free International calls
General 4 years ago

Xbox 360 Slim Tested, Doesn’t RROD in Heat test against PS3.

The Xbox 360 Slim has been tested after rumors surfaced that it has the same RROD error as the previous Xbox 360.
General 4 years ago

Newsmy Announces C66 Color eBook Reader.

Newsmy has been quite active in releasing new eBook readers recently and the Chinese company just announced its fourth u...
General 4 years ago

Internet Explorer 9 beats Chrome 6 in HTML test

Chrome is slowly becoming one of the most used web browsers on the net, but that lead might soon be lost if they can't f...
General 4 years ago

Give your notebook the gift of style and protection.

Roccat is expanding them selves in to the notebook skin market although these skins will offer more then just looks.
General 4 years ago

Thermalright’s HR02 and Silver Arrow CPU Coolers announced.

Thermalright has revealed two new CPU coolers, the Silver Arrow and HR-02.
General 4 years ago

Arctic Cooling enters PC Peripherals market

Arctic Cooling have made a bold jump into the PC peripherals market with a new keyboard and two gaming mice.
General 5 years ago

OnLive Cloud Gaming service launched

OnLive is a could gaming service that allows people to play new games on their slow PCs without having to dish-out money...
General 5 years ago

Next E3 2011 Date revealed, June 7 to June 9.

E3 2010 is finally over and left us revealing some great games and products.
General 5 years ago

Chilean overclockers break world record with Noctua NH-D14

A Chilean overclocking squad over at Unknown has broken the world record for an air cooled processor with a Noc...
General 5 years ago

Razer unveils new gaming peripherals for Starcraft II

Razer is a well known name among PC gamers for their fantastic gaming peripherals. Now the company has teamed with Blizz...
GamesGeneral 5 years ago

Xbox 360 Slim Live Shots.

Finally some live picture's of the much awaited Xbox 360 Slim.






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