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Sony Vaio
GeneralIndustry 6 months ago

VAIO All Set To Return This October

By this coming October we will be seeing a familiar face again, as VAIO computers are set to come back to stores in the …
GeneralIndustry 6 months ago

Sony Unveils its SmartBand 2 With Heart Rate Monitor and Smart Alarm Clock

After about two and a half months of accidentally publishing particulars regarding their upcoming SmartBand 2, Sony has …
General 6 months ago

A Whole Bunch Of Tech Goodies Expected From Microsoft In October

After announcing Windows 10, Microsoft will take center stage to announce all of its hardware goodies during the month o…
GeneralIndustry 6 months ago

Tile Just Got a Newer Version and it’s Awesome

After getting successful funding from Kickstarter the ‘Tile’ is now expanding its services to even more people, Tile…
General 6 months ago

Samsung Has Plans To Provide Worldwide Internet Access Via 4,600 Micro-Satellites

According to a new report from tech giant Samsung, the whole world can be ‘internet activated’ and the compa…
self-driving car
GeneralIndustry 6 months ago

Here’s How Much You Will Actually Save Because of Autonomous Cars

Everyone knows how much self-driving cars are ‘in’ these days and how all car industry giants and other tech giants …
GeneralMobile 6 months ago

Galaxy Note 5 Drop Test – Fares Worse Than iPhone 6, Better Than Galaxy S6 [Video]

The Galaxy Note 5 is Samsung’s latest flagship phablet to make an entry into the market, and the company has high …
Apple Music Festival 2015
General 6 months ago

Apple Music Festival 2015 Announced, Here Are The Details

Apple has rebranded the ‘iTunes Music Festival’ to ‘Apple Music Festival,’ and the big event wil…
Galaxy Note 5 Wallpapers
GeneralMobile 6 months ago

Download Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Wallpapers For Any Device

You can download Samsung Galaxy Note 5 wallpapers (stock) for any device you might have. The wallpapers are in super hig…
General 6 months ago

New Apple Music TV Ads Are All About Discovery – Watch Them Here

Apple Music is far from being a hit among consumers, and with the Cupertino company having a long way to go to achieve …
GeneralIndustry 6 months ago

This Device Helps Biologists Better Understand Cancer Cells

Biologists have been working long and hard in order to culture multiple cell types together so that a possible cure for …
Apple Car image
GeneralReport 6 months ago

Self-Driving Apple Car Is Real, Confirm Documents

It’s been rumored for quite a while that Apple is building its very own self-driving car, but according to documen…
GeneralIndustry 6 months ago

3D Computer Cursors With Gesture Control are on Their Way

A new technology has been introduced by scientists in the University of Montreal which enables computer cursors to inter…
General 6 months ago

Surface Hub Will Ship Out From Jan 1, 2016; Can Be Yours Starting From $6,999

With all of the focus invested on Windows 10, Microsoft must have forgotten about its Surface Hub, which has forced the …
Goodbye Google, Say Hello To Alphabet – Advertising Giant Announces Massive Restructuring
General 6 months ago

Goodbye Google, Say Hello To Alphabet – Advertising Giant Announces Massive Restructur…

The unthinkable just happened; Google’s founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page have just announced one of the most d…
General 6 months ago

Tesla Created a Snake Like Charger For The Model S That Connects Automatically

After much efforts to reduce the “forgot to plug in the car charger” issue, Tesla finally decided to come up with a …
GeneralIndustry 6 months ago

Graphene’s Twin Stanene is Here

It’s been two years since scientist have been trying finding more about the existence of stanene, which is said to be …
firefox thumb
General 6 months ago

Sensitive Files On Mozilla Firefox May Be Vulnerable

Security researcher, Cody crews, reported and showed that a policy had been violated during the built-in process of Fire…






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