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General 2 months ago

Robots Arms Are Going To Make The First 3D Printed Bridge In Amsterdam

There have been many significant improvements in technology which have had a drastic impact on our lives over the past f…
General 2 months ago

Scientists Create The Coldest Molecules Ever Recorded

There may have been times in your life when you would’ve felt cold, but that’s nothing compared to what researchers …
apple zero-day flaws

XARA Weakness In iOS And OS X Allows Malicious Apps To Access Sensitive Data

The Mac and the App Store have always been a great source for the provision of  apps but some of them has a different i…
General 2 months ago

Evaporating Water Can Now Be Converted Into Energy

Evaporating water is found to be a rich source of renewable energy which can go from lighting up a small LED to as far a…
Asus’ VivoWatch’s 10 Day Battery Life And $149 Price Tag Trumps Apple Watch
GeneralMobile 2 months ago

Apple Prepping The Apple Watch 2, Said To Feature FaceTime Camera And More

With the first Apple Watch hype still in the air, reports say Apple is prepping the Apple Watch 2 which will be launched…
General 2 months ago

Tiny Light Bulbs Containing Graphene Filaments Are Finally Here

Researchers have finally accomplished the first ever production of visible light by using graphene as a filament. This i…
GeneralSoftware 2 months ago

Beats 1 Demo Appears In New Radio Tab On iOS 9 And iOS 8.4 Betas

Apple Music will make way to an official launch on 30th of June but some of it is already marching in the iOS 8.4 and iO…
GeneralIndustry 2 months ago

Microsoft Shakes Up Sees Former Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop Departure

Microsoft has announced a massive break in leadership on Wednesday, departing the former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop to retir…
GeneralSoftware 2 months ago

Transfer Computer Files To Your Smartphone With Pushbullet’s ‘Portal’ …

Its been long since the provision of cross platform file transfer services have made their way to mobile and computers. …
Mirror's Edge (3)
GamesGeneral 3 months ago

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – Real Life Time Trial; Spectacular Parkour Project

Claudiu Voicu has released a spectacular real life parkour video for the recently announced Mirror’s Edge Cataly…
download ios 9 public beta 1

iOS 9 Beta 1 for iPhone, iPad is Available to Download – How to

If you’ve been following the coverage of Apple’s WWDC, you’ll surely have caught the announcement of i…
General 3 months ago

Humans Will Turn Into Cyborgs Soon

According to one historian and author, Yuval Noah Hariri, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel, humans will…
AnalysisGeneral 3 months ago

Xiaomi President Denies Acquisition Over Blackberry

A few days ago, we heard that Xiaomi is all set on the road to acquire Blackberry. The news popped out from a Weibo post…
General 3 months ago

Corning Announces Its Lotus NXT Glass For Smartphones

The company whose glass partially protects the front side of your smartphones and tablets has announced the latest itera…
My Accounts
GeneralWeb 3 months ago

Google’s ‘My Account’ Now Offers Enhanced Management Controls Over Pri…

Annoyingly, Google knows a lot about its users preferences and priorities in terms of enumerable elements. However, litt…
GamesGeneral 3 months ago

Watch the Awesome Kung Fury Movie and Play the Classic Inspired Beat ‘Em Up Game

Kung Fury is a nostalgic, over the top fun little movie, courtesy of the folks at Laser Unicorns. The movie can be watch…
android wear iOS

Google I/O: Android Wear for iOS May Arrive Today

Apple and Google are the fiercest of competitors, but they both recognize and respect each other’s presence enough…
apple bbc documentary
GeneralSoftware 3 months ago

Apple To Showcase ‘Proactive’ in iOS 9, Features Augmented Reality Maps And …

Google Now has been quite a rough contender for Apple when it comes to voice based search components. However, we’…






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