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logo for siri
AnalysisGeneral 5 months ago

Siri Beats Google Now and Cortana in Multi-Language Test

Moving beyond social, screen and search, the virtual assistants are a new gateway to the web and all the people directly…
CyanogenMod logo
General 5 months ago

CyanogenMod 12 Nightlies, Officially Released For Nexus 9

The HTC built, Google Nexus 9 is proving itself to be a great tablet for many users around the world. It runs on Googleâ…
Update AT&T Moto X to Android 4.4 KitKat
GeneralInterview 5 months ago

Samsung Might End Up As Blackberry and Nokia To Be Less Relevant In Market, Says Motorol…

This last quarter, Motorola has managed to sell more than 10 million smartphones. Which going by recent history of Motor…
Corning Gorilla glass 4
AnalysisGeneral 5 months ago

Gorilla Glass Plus Sapphire, Corning’s New Top-Notch Project Phire

Corning seems to have perfected the art of making ‘stronger yet durable’ displays, reaching out to millions …
artistic logo
ExclusiveGeneral 5 months ago

Get 20 Stellar Quad HD Low-Poly Wallpapers For Android, iOS and Windows Devices

If you’re a heavy gamer, you might have come across polygons of various sizes in the graphics. You might as well know …
android 5.0 l
General 5 months ago

Android 5.1 Lollipop debuted Out of The Blue, Officially Released To Android One

It’s a big day for android users out there, Google has officially released its recent updated software, Android 5.1 Lo…
General 5 months ago

We are hiring! Join the WCCF team.

WCCFtech is currently expanding its writer base and is specially interested in hiring people with an interest in PC and …
General 5 months ago

PPSSPP PSP Emulator 1.0 Now Officially Available for Android on Play Store

Finally, there is some great news for all portable gaming lovers. The famed PSP emulator, termed as PPSSPP has been offi…
General 5 months ago

Your Credit Card Details Might Not be as Anonymous as You Think

I’m not trying to scare you but your Metadata, which summarizes basic information about your data and can make fi…
General 5 months ago

Windows 10 will support Tablets and Smartphones having Octa-Core processors

On January 21, Windows 10 was unleashed for smartphones and desktops. In the coming month, Window 10’s test version fo…
General 5 months ago

MRI Scan Shows That Psychopaths are Unaffected by Punishment

A new MRI study recently discovered that violent lawbreakers having psychopathic tendencies are not really affected by p…
Samsung Smart Watch
General 5 months ago

Galaxy S6 will be an “innovative premium handset”, says Samsung officials

After different pretended Galaxy S6 mock-ups, that we presented earlier, nowadays a glassier look, called for being upco…
General 5 months ago

Experience Virtual Reality on Your Browser With Firefox Nightly Builds

If you are really into Virtual Reality (VR) and stuff, specifically talking about the Oculus Rift headset, then Mozilla …
General 5 months ago

Discover; a brand new feature launch of Snapchat

After a huge success of Snapchat stories, snaps and “our stories”, it now brings in a discover feature to Sn…
uber logo
General 5 months ago

Uber is Taking a Step Back From its On Demand Delivery Service

Uber decided to step back and cancels the on-demand delivery business for some time at least. However the company isn…
Graphene Transistors
GeneralIndustry 5 months ago

New Graphene ‘Wonder Material’ Breakthrough Enables Doubling of Solar Panel …

One of the major reasons that solar panels are facing such hurdles to replace conventional electricity sources is becaus…
GamesGeneral 5 months ago

Finally The Fate of Illumiroom is Revealed by Microsoft

Illumiroom was a technology under research show by Microsoft that used kinect and the sensors present within it to exten…
General 5 months ago

Create Your Own eTextbooks With Amazon’s Kindle Textbook Creator

Amazon launches Kindle textbook creator which makes it easier to prepare eTextbooks and educational material. This impro…






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