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Nissan Made An Origami Replica To Honor Juke’s 5th Anniversary

The Nissan Juke crossover was introduced to the market about 5 years ago and to celebrate the compact crossover’s fifth anniversary, artist Owen Gildersleeve was hired by the company for the construction of an origami copy of a Juke. Making the origami Juke crossover compact took about 200 hours to complete Like many other productive and […]

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This New Paint Kills 99.99 Percent of All Bacteria Around Us

It’s apparent how hospitals are required to be clean and how the concern about healthy environment is growing across the globe in a rather rapid way. But there’s also no doubt regarding how its getting more and more difficult to keep the expansive surface area of hospitals free from the ever growing germs and bacteria […]

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First Black Friday Deals Announced By Amazon

Today, Amazon revealed some of its Black Friday deals and in order to cater to wide array of customers’ wants and needs, the company has stated that it will also be offering 30,000 Lightning Deals this holiday season. Let us take a look at what the company has offered so far. Black Friday Deals At […]

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T-Mobile’s New CellSpot Is A Mini 4G LTE Tower For Your Home, Here Are The Details

T-Mobile’s ‘Uncarrier’ movement is an unstoppable wrecking ball which keeps on getting better with the release of new iterations. Now, the carrier is taking things up a notch with the announcement of a new 4G LTE CellSpot, which is a small little gadget which you can place in your house, bringing LTE coverage to your devices […]

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The New Apple TV Is Now Available For Purchase From Apple Store, Best Buy And More

The Apple TV received its long due update not so long ago and if you failed to pre-order it, you can buy it from your nearest Apple Store throughout the U.S. Apple TV has been updated with new hardware as well as software, bringing an all new age of media consumption for people who opt to […]

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Chinese Patent World’s First Ever Lithium Battery Immune System

A Lithium battery might have exceeded a Nickel-based one in terms of functionality and life span, but the Chinese are looking to make sure that the next iteration of batteries are thoroughly improved thanks to their latest patent. Sheng Power Technology Becomes The World’s First To Patent A Lithium Battery Immune – Let Us See […]

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A Piece Of Space Junk Named ‘WTF’ Is Headed For The Earth Next Month

After the predicted asteroid flyby on Halloween there have been predictions by scientists that a piece of space junk will impact the Earth at 2:20 EST on 13th November this year. Watch out Indian Ocean! The small piece of space junk will be falling into the Indian Ocean if the predictions are correct and it […]

11 months ago 17

FDA: Electronic Cigarette Regulations Are Under Review

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has sent out a final rule that will regulate the use of additional tobacco products to the White House for review these products include electronic cigarettes or more commonly known as E-cigs. The E-cigs are battery operated liquid nicotine vaporizing devices that have become famous in recent […]

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Tesla Stock Price Falls Drastically After Consumer Reports Pulls Their Recommended Tag From The Model S

Consumer Reports Rating System gave the Tesla Model S P85D a perfect score, higher than any other car out there. Consumer Reports showed how Tesla’s Model S was the perfect car for those who could afford it and the P85D broke the rating system and achieved a score greater than 100. Things seems to be […]

12 months ago 21

Chevy And LG Are Working Together To Make An Affordable Electric Vehicle Called Chevy Bolt

General Motors Corp. announced a big partnership with LG earlier today, on the upcoming Chevy Bolt. This was a very high end partnership by GM and they said this was, “the first time that GM integrated a full EV component supplier so early in vehicle development.” The Chevy Bolt is expected to roll out next […]

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Be On the Lookout For An Asteroid Flyby This Halloween

A large chunk of rock currently moving through space at speeds over 126,000 km/h (about 78,300 mph) is going to be closer than ever in the next few days. Get ready to meet a new friend this Halloween The large chunk named asteroid 2015 TB145 will be relatively close to Earth than anything of this […]

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The Newest Trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is Absolutely Remarkable

The trailer, though a quick 2:35 happens to explain more of the backstory than might be possible. Two disparate people coming together whose destinies are inevitably intertwined. Kylo Ren prophetically exclaiming that he’s going to finish the work of the man who wore the melted mask before him, and Han Solo himself telling Rey and […]

12 months ago 14

Tag Heuer Will Unveil Its Android Smartwatch Next Month

Swiss watch making giant, Tag Heuer has announced a date for its debut Android smartwatch. The masterpiece will be unveiled on 9th November and its launch will be at the LVMH Tower in New York City as seen by the invited sent out by the company. The watch will be called Tag Heuer Connected and […]

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Back To The Future: Pepsi Will Release a Limited Edition Pepsi Perfect Bottle Soon

If you’re one of those people who grew up watching Back to the Future: Part II then you’re probably waiting for flying cars and hover boards, while we are close to those things there’s still lot of stuff that needs to be taken care of before we get them. But there is one thing from […]

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Porsche Chose Apple CarPlay Because Google Auto Is Asking For Too Much

The future as we know it, will be ruled by connectivity across the globe and whether you want to believe it or not the Internet of Things will be the future. Normal cars can also be converted into connected ones by using either Google’s Android Auto or Apple’s CarPlay and both have their pros and […]

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Elon Musk Gives More Detail Regarding His Plan To Nuke Mars

During The Late Show with Steven Colbert, the host was quick to pounce on the similarities between Elon Musk with a Bond villain when the founder of Tesla Motors spoke about his idea of nuking Mars in order to expedite the process of warming up the Red Planet. Now, Elon Musk has given a more […]

12 months ago 17

Tesla Model X is Finally Here And It’s Insane

A few months ago I wrote an article about the Tesla Model X SUV which was a Crossover SUV and was aimed largely for women drivers. Now Tesla has launched the Model X in an event and the SUV is spectacular beyond words. The SUV is unmatchable in the features it provides but the price tag […]

12 months ago 34

The Skarp Laser Razor Will Give You The Best Shave You’ve Ever Had

Shaving can be really painful sometimes when not done right and can lead to infections, allergies and even ingrown hairs. After a bad shave you’re probably going to have a face full of band aids and let’s not forget the burn from the aftershave. Keeping all this in mind one wonders wouldn’t It be better […]

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Skype Has Launched Real Time Translation For Desktops in its latest Update

Microsoft released its Skype Translator last year, that too as a standalone app that it first designed for Windows 8. Microsoft is now directly integrating its translation services into the Skype desktop version. This is now going to be available for users on Window 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 users as well. The translator […]

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UK Gamers Get Full Refund for Broken Games, British Consumer Rights Act Updated

It looks like gamers from the UK are getting some more protections against losing money on broken games. The Consumer Rights Act of 2015 has been updated, effective today, so that games that are deemed to be faulty can be fully refunded to the customer. Consumer Rights Act of 2015 update covers digital content in […]

1 year ago 12

Twitter Looking To Expand 140-character Limit With New Product

Twitter imposes a 140-character limit on tweets which is quite a hurdle for someone who has more to share. Even though consistent users have become used to the limitation, one will always want more room to tweet. In this regard, Twitter is planning to shape things a little differently. Twitter is planning to introduce a new […]

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Apple Expands 3D Flyover Coverage By Adding More Cities And Landmarks

Apple may be big when it comes to smartphones but its Apple Maps hasn’t been really popular, it has been neglected a lot because of the already well established rival Google Maps. Google Maps obviously has a competitive edge over its rivals and that is why it is used by almost everyone. Apple has been […]