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GeneralSoftware 10 months ago

Cydia 1.1.23 Update Brings Major Feature Upgrade

Cydia offers a wide range of tweaks and packages for jailbreak users that offer customization beyond iOS boundaries. Fro…
GeneralSoftware 10 months ago

Apple Seeded First Public Beta For OS X El Capitan

Soon after the release of new developer build for OS X El Capitan, Apple has finally released its first public beta for …
ios 9 thumb
GeneralSoftware 10 months ago

Individual Albums For Selfies And Screenshots In iOS 9 Is A Useful Addition

There may be enumerable features making their way to iOS 9 which can be regarded as a positive change in the overall OS.…
Syndicate (3)
GamesGeneral 10 months ago

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate – Amazing 4K Real Life Parkour

YouTube’s devinsupertramp’ has released a new video, showcasing some Assassin’s Creed Syndicate inpired parkour. …
General 10 months ago

Invisibility Cloaks Just Got A New Slimmer Design

There were many limitations to invisibility cloaks that researchers have faced for a long time now but a team of scienti…
Who Deleted Me?
GeneralSoftware 10 months ago

Find Out Who Unfriended You On Facebook With This Sneaky App

Facebook has been a psychological frenzy for many years now, enabling you to make friends from any corner of the world w…
Ghost technology allows users to pull items from screen
General 10 months ago

Ghost Technology: Now Pull Objects From Your Screen Effortlessly

If you thought large screen TVs boasting resolutions of 4K and above were something that defined modern technology, let …
Missile battery in Turkey gets taken over by hackers
General 10 months ago

Hackers Take Momentary Control Of Patriot Missile Battery In Turkey

Another saga involving hackers’ activity has taken place, with Turkey being the location where these individuals struc…
GeneralSoftware 10 months ago

‘Written’ App In iOS Allows You To Send Any Kind Of Message As Fast As Possi…

Smartphones have been around for quite some time now and one of the initial purposes that it was intended for was easy c…
General 10 months ago

Achtung! WCCFtech Community Forum Survey

We’re looking to see if there is any interest in having our own community forum. A strong and supportive community…
GeneralSoftware 10 months ago

Removed Home Sharing For Music To Be Added In iOS 9

iOS 8.4 release had one major purpose, launching the Apple Music. With that purpose fulfilled, a feature holding immense…
GeneralSoftware 10 months ago

Keep Apple Music’s Billing Disabled For Auto-Renewal – How To

On 30th of June, Apple updated its OS to iOS 8.4 tagging in its well hyped Music Streaming Service called Apple Music. P…
GeneralSoftware 10 months ago

On Screen Text Selection Tweak, SwipeSelection Modified For Safari

There are ample of jailbreak tweaks that provides customization and control beyond the stock iOS boundaries. From differ…
GeneralSoftware 10 months ago

Cydia Updated To 1.1.20, Puts An End To App Crashing And Bug Fixes

Cydia has been providing a boatload of tweaks for your jailbreaked iOS device and recently there were some bugs and issu…
General 10 months ago

Make More Money By Selling Extra Charge Of Your Electric Cars Using This Device

Some people who are concerned about the environment buy environment friendly cars, other just buy them for the fun of it…
GeneralSoftware 10 months ago

Users Report Data Loss After Activating iCloud Music Library In Apple Music

Apple Music launched with a blast, bringing all kinds of music from various artists, labels and publishers. Apple Music …
download ios 8.4 gm
GeneralSoftware 10 months ago

TaiG Security Flaw ‘Setreuid’ Gets A Fix, Update TaiG Jailbreak To v2.2.1 &#…

Recently, it was discovered that the TaiG jailbreak too had a weakness that allowed app to get ‘root privileges…
download ios 8.4 gm
GeneralSoftware 10 months ago

TaiG’s Jailbreak Security Weakness Causes App To Become Root

TaiG Jailbreak team has always been keen to release jailbreak for current iOS versions. Recently, it released the jailbr…






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