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General 8 months ago

Corning Announces Its Lotus NXT Glass For Smartphones

The company whose glass partially protects the front side of your smartphones and tablets has announced the latest itera…
My Accounts
GeneralWeb 8 months ago

Google’s ‘My Account’ Now Offers Enhanced Management Controls Over Pri…

Annoyingly, Google knows a lot about its users preferences and priorities in terms of enumerable elements. However, litt…
GamesGeneral 8 months ago

Watch the Awesome Kung Fury Movie and Play the Classic Inspired Beat ‘Em Up Game

Kung Fury is a nostalgic, over the top fun little movie, courtesy of the folks at Laser Unicorns. The movie can be watch…
android wear iOS
GeneralMobileSoftware 8 months ago

Google I/O: Android Wear for iOS May Arrive Today

Apple and Google are the fiercest of competitors, but they both recognize and respect each other’s presence enough…
apple bbc documentary
GeneralSoftware 8 months ago

Apple To Showcase ‘Proactive’ in iOS 9, Features Augmented Reality Maps And …

Google Now has been quite a rough contender for Apple when it comes to voice based search components. However, we’…
ios 9 thumb
GeneralSoftware 8 months ago

Apple Sends Out Media Invitations To WWDC

Apple has just begun sending out media invitations to its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which will take…
GeneralSoftware 8 months ago

Google Search Will Feature Indexing Based On iOS App Content

Indexing app content in search results was first introduced by Google in 2013 in Android. This feature enabled users to …
GeneralSoftware 8 months ago

How To Stop The iOS Messages Bug Crashing Your Device

So, it emerged earlier on today that by sending a specific arrangement of mixed English and Arabic characters, one co…
GeneralSoftware 8 months ago

PayPal App for iOS Gets Touch ID Support

Touch ID is not a new feature by any stretch of the imagination. The fingerprint sensor first appeared as a major new fe…
GeneralSoftware 8 months ago

2nd Gen Moto X And Moto E LTE Updated To Android 5.1 On U.S Cellular

Motorola has aimed the Android Lollipop confetti to its smartphone inventory. While many other companies struggle to get…

iOS Bug Can Cause a Device to Crash by Receiving Text

Apple’s mobile software has been stung by a particularly vicious bug that prompts iOS devices to crash when a part…
GeneralLaunch 8 months ago

LG G4 To Hit The Stores Tomorrow With T-Mobile

Of all the release date hype that has been building up for a couple of days, its finally time for the mighty LG G4 to hi…
os x 10.10.4
GeneralSoftware 8 months ago

Apple Seeds OS X 10.10.4 Yosemite Beta 4 to Developers

Apple has just seeded OS X 10.10.4 Yosemite to developers, featuring the usual dose of bug fixes, stability and compatib…
cortana thumb
GeneralSoftware 8 months ago

Microsoft Cortana is Coming to iOS and Android

Cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant, will soon no longer be exclusive to Microsoft’s own Windows products. …
apple watch maps
GeneralSoftware 8 months ago

Apple Watch Enables You To Find Where You Parked Your Car

Parking lots are always crowded on a busy day and sometimes due to unfavorable conditions, you forget the spot where you…
Samsung to become NVIDIA’s primary chip supplier, says latest report
GeneralSoftware 8 months ago

Android 5.1 Lollipop Rolling Out For NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet

Whether its an older flagship or the newer one, the Android 5.1 update has been seeded to many smartphones of different …
os x 10.10.4
GeneralSoftware 8 months ago

OS X 10.11: Everything We Know About The Update

It’s coming up to the time of year at which point Apple shares its future software plans. Next month, the Worldwi…
Heart Monitor
GeneralSoftware 9 months ago

Apple Watch OS 1.0.1 Update Causing Heart Rate Tracking Issues For Users

The Apple Watch OS had its first update on Tuesday and according to some users, there have been slight issues sensed in …






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