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General 5 years ago

Cooler Master launches new HAF X case

Cooler Master has finally launched its highly anticipated HAF X chassis which is said to be the most powerful HAF (High …
General 5 years ago

Inventor of XBOX leaves; letter explains all.

The creator of the XBOX 360 James Allard left Microsoft but not for the rumors spread around the net but he left on his …
General 5 years ago

Futuremark announces new 3d Mark.

Futuremark has finally announced its new 3D mark benchmark. The new version of the popular benchmark is based on Direct …
General 5 years ago

iPad isn’t an Apple original? Genius Alan Kay spills the beans!!

When Steve Jobs first presented the idea for the iPad fans of Apple were amazed at his idea and on the iPads release dat…
General 5 years ago

Sony Bravia HX803 will come packed with 3-D PS3 games!!

Sony recently announced that they will be adding 3-D support for their console in an upcoming firmware upgrade which wil…
EditorialGeneral 5 years ago

Golden Words “Go Screw Yourself Apple”

It was inevitable and was bound to happen that an Adobe employee would get up and say the golden words!
GeneralIndustry 5 years ago

HTC will acquire Palm

"I'll make him an offer he can't refuse" HTC CEO

Creative revealed “Creative ZEN & Creative ZEN X-Fi” portable media players.

Famous for its digital audio products Creative Technology Ltd announced their new series of portable media players
GeneralIndustry 5 years ago

HTC Dual Screen Smartphone/Notebook

HTC Corp is best known for producing smartphones running the Android and Windows Mobile operating systems for themselves…
GeneralSoftware 5 years ago

Android 2.1 FOTA 1.15.405.4 upgrade for HTC Hero delayed

HTC Hero users will have to wait for their upgrade to Android 2.1, which was rumored to be launched on 4th July
GeneralIndustry 5 years ago

Verizon BlackBerry Bold launching in MAY 2010

How true, only time will tell but since April fools has passed and this was before that, we would take it as something c…

Leaked Apple iPad Apps

1350 Different apps for Apple iPad [Leaked]

No Replaceable Batteries in Windows Phone 7

Apple products are dead simple and easy to use. Love it or Hate it, Take it or Leave it There is no in between.
General 5 years ago

Monster HDMI Cables are Waste of Money

I think one should really need to examine the products and then decide if that product is worth spending money or not …
GamesGeneralIndustry 5 years ago

Project Natal with PrimeSense a 3D Sensing Technology

Most of us remember great 3d animation science fiction/adventure cartoon The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest from late 80…






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