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GeneralIndustry 11 months ago

Samsung Reveals Sleep Sensor That Can Control Your Home And Help You Sleep Better

A sleep monitor called SleepSense has been publicly announced by Samsung, which works in its own unique way. All you ne…
GeneralIndustry 11 months ago

Future MacBooks Will Be Able To Stay Powered On For ‘Days Or Even Weeks,’ He…

According to a newly filed patent by Apple, the company is looking to integrate a fuel cell system into future MacBooks …
GeneralIndustryWeb 11 months ago

Google Unveils Its New Logo – Video

Google has just unveiled its brand new logo which the company will be using on the Web and across different services t…
GeneralReportRumor 11 months ago

Apple Wants To Compete With Netflix And Hulu With Its Own In-House Content

According to a freshly published report, Apple is exploring the possibility of producing original TV shows and movies in…
GeneralIndustry 11 months ago

T-Mobile Has Warned Customers Who Abuse Their Unlimited LTE Plans

T-Mobile CEO, John Legere, has issued a strong warning to customers who are abusing the company’s unlimited data plans…
the immortus
GeneralIndustry 11 months ago

The Immortus: A Solar Powered Sports Car That Can Run Indefinitely On Energy From The Su…

After going all solar in the line of electricity, Australia has another solar electric surprise for us. It’s a limited…
General 11 months ago

NASA’s New Horizons May Get Next Mission In The Kuiper Belt

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft made history last month on July 14th after its Pluto flyby, but that’s not where its…
GeneralIndustry 11 months ago

Tesla Model S P85D Breaks Consumer Reports’ Rating System

The Tesla Model S P85D has achieved the perfect score in the Consumer Reports’ Rating System. The all-wheel drive …
GeneralIndustry 11 months ago

The LG Rolly Is A Full-Size Bluetooth Keyboard That Can Be Folded Into A Pocket Stick

LG has announced that they will launch their new full-size keyboard during the IFA 2015 trade show next week in Berlin…
GeneralIndustry 11 months ago

Google’s New Patent Could Track Potholes And Help You Avoid Them

While driving, we face a lot of hurdles that can potentially damage our car, and one of those hurdles is, you guessed i…
General 11 months ago

New York City’s Taxi Industry Launches Their Own App To Rival Uber

Taxi Medallion prices were on the rise since the last three decades but a decline was seen in the past few months becau…
uber logo
GeneralIndustry 11 months ago

Uber Partnering With University of Arizona To Research On Self Driving Cars

Uber, after its successful testing of Smart Routes and other vehicle sharing services – UberPool, Uber X etc. R…
uber logo
GeneralIndustry 11 months ago

Uber Testing New ‘Smart Routes’ Service That Will Get You Discounts

Uber is testing a service it has been working on for a while, and if it becomes successful it might be permanently incl…
Apple Car
GeneralReport 11 months ago

Apple Is Now Hiring Experts To Work On ‘Secret Projects,’ Likely Its Autonom…

A few days back, we caught wind of news that Apple is moving ahead with its autonomous electric car plans, after it was …
GeneralIndustry 11 months ago

Phone-brella: An Umbrella for Phone Users Will Keep You and Your Phones Dry

Rainy days can be quite annoying when you have to walk a long way or when it’s not your day, and if you’re like me t…
Sony Vaio
GeneralIndustry 11 months ago

VAIO All Set To Return This October

By this coming October we will be seeing a familiar face again, as VAIO computers are set to come back to stores in the …
GeneralIndustry 11 months ago

Sony Unveils its SmartBand 2 With Heart Rate Monitor and Smart Alarm Clock

After about two and a half months of accidentally publishing particulars regarding their upcoming SmartBand 2, Sony has …
General 11 months ago

A Whole Bunch Of Tech Goodies Expected From Microsoft In October

After announcing Windows 10, Microsoft will take center stage to announce all of its hardware goodies during the month o…






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