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General 5 months ago

Microsoft’s new App, ‘Sway’ is now Available for General Public too.

Sway launched by Microsoft in early October is now finally open to general public. Sway is an app that helps expressing …
General 5 months ago

Amazon Launches One Hour Delivery Service in Manhattan, NYC

Casing tens of thousands of everyday essential products rolling out at Amazon, “Prime Now” brings in a tapering down…
General 6 months ago

Ubudu To Launch inHouse GPS “uBeacon Mesh” Early Next Year

Ubudu (a Paris centered company) is going to launch the uBeacon Mesh in US by early next year. Ubudu is a company that p…
GeneralIndustry 6 months ago

Scientists Invent Material with Nano Nails That Can Repel All Known Kinds of Liquid

Hydrophobic treatments are somewhat of a niche market to endow on your favorite device or product. Some hydrophobic trea…
Graphene Transistors
General 6 months ago

Graphene ‘Wonder Material’ Can Be Used to Generate Fuel and Electricity Out …

If there is something that a material out there can do, Graphene can probably do it better. From better capacitors to pr…

Windows 9 – What Changes Does Microsoft Have For Us Today?

Windows 9 has been known to be in the works for quite a while over at Microsoft. Facing several user reservations after …
General 10 months ago

We are hiring! Join the WCCF team.

WCCFtech is currently expanding its writer base and is specially interested in hiring people with an interest in compute…
General 10 months ago

Choose The Right Carrier Upgrade Plan For The iPhone 6 – Click Here To See Which P…

Its that time of the year again. With the IFA coming up next month and Apple due to launch its iPhone 6 in September as …
GeneralWeb 1 year ago

[Update] WCCFTech Presents The Brand New WCCF Forums

[Update]: We have fixed the initial issues with the forum. The forum should now be working at a 100%. Well, this is a ge…
GeneralIndustry 1 year ago

The Technology Plateau: How Your PC Will Always Be Outdated

The Technology Plateau: How Your PC Will Always Be Outdated Another 3 years and another expensive PC component has becom…
blackhole2.jpg maxWidth=500
General 1 year ago

So Yeah, Black Holes Dont Exist After All

Disclaimer: This is an Editorial. Sources have been given at the end. Feel free to reach your own conclusion. Black Hole…
General 1 year ago

Two Kidnappers Torture A Woman Demanding A PSP In Ransom

A woman in Las Vegas was kidnapped and held captive in her own home by two kidnappers. The kidnappers tortured the woman…
General 2 years ago

Intel Honors Teachers and Schools with Awards

Press Release – Intel Pakistan today organized the Intel Education Awards Ceremony in Lahore, under the Intel Educ…
GeneralSoftware 2 years ago

How To Run Mobile Apps On Pc Or Mac – Download Link

Most of our day is spent on the mobile, whether it may be a droid or an iPhone. Mostly we use a lot of application to fi…
PTCL-logo_thumb3 (Custom)
General 3 years ago

PTCL Causing $300 Million Loss to Govt by Illegally Using 3G Spectrum: ISPAK

PTCL is causing huge losses of more than US $300 million to Government exchequer by illegally using 3G spectrum, which i…
GeneralIndustry 3 years ago

Computers And Personal Items Worth $60000 Stolen From The House Of Steve Jobs

Billions of people around the world mourned in unison as Apple’s beloved co-founder Steve Jobs passed away last Oc…
GamesGeneral 3 years ago

Square Enix Backs OUYA; Final Fantasy III Coming at Launch

Square Enix has announced that they support OUYA and Final Fantasy III would be available on the Android based console a…
General 3 years ago

New Next Generation iPhone Case Hints At A 4 Inch Display

As October comes near with every single passing day, rumors regarding the next generation iPhone escalate on a daily bas…






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