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download ios 8.4 gm
GeneralSoftware 1 hour ago

Users Complain Upgrading To iOS 8.4 Causes GPS Issues

Apple Music made its way to users after the arrival of iOS 8.4 which also included many bug fixes for the OS. However, d…
Graphene Transistors
General 2 hours ago

Researchers Forecast Liquid As Flat As Graphene

More than a decade ago two dimensional materials seemed like an impossible thing according to scientists but then again …
General 6 hours ago

Researchers Used Ultra-Quick Lasers To Create Interactive Holograms

Interactive three dimensional holograms were not possible in the past are now a reality. They are now a reality because …
OS X 10.10.3 public release
GeneralSoftware 23 hours ago

The Final Version For OS X 10.10.4 Yosemite Has Been Released

With iOS 8.4 released today, its uncanny for Apple to leave behind OS X. Since iOS 8.4 is the final version of iOS 8, OS…
GeneralSoftware 23 hours ago

Here’s How You Can Sign Up For Apple Music Service

Apple Music has just been released at 8 AM PT and likely the service will be available on cross device platforms such as…
Download Black Berry Messenger BBM for iPhone
GeneralSoftware 4 days ago

BBM Updated To Material Design With New Subscription

Android Lollipop has been in the market for a year now and it brought with it a new set of design Language for a fresh l…
brainport v100 1
General 4 days ago

‘BrainPort V100′ Helps Blind People See Through Their Tongue

A device named BrainPort V100 has been approved through FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in US before the availabili…
General 5 days ago

Google Self-Driving Cars Can Now Be Seen On The Streets Of California

The Self driving car phenomenon seemed a bit too good to be true for all of us, at least until a few years ago. Since th…
apple bbc documentary
GeneralSoftware 5 days ago

Enhance Your iOS Experience With These Nifty Tricks

iOS made its debut in 2007 with a simplistic design language, even though there were a lot of mobile OS already present.…
GeneralSoftware 6 days ago

Windows Phone Finally Gets WhatsApp Voice Calling

After Android and iOS, the Windows gap has been fulfilled by WhatsApp for its voice calling feature. Its been a while si…
GeneralLaunch 7 days ago

Introducing the WCCFtech Shop, Our Very Own Deals Site

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we are launching our very own online shop to bring you unique and interesti…
GeneralSoftware 1 week ago

Discover The World With Instagram’s Search And Explore Features

Instagram has always been a friend of social media although in a slightly awkward sort of way as it lacked the heart to …
General 1 week ago

Tesla Is Coming Up With A New ‘Model X SUV’ Aimed At Women Drivers

In the next few months Tesla, the company known for its electric cars and its ambitious CEO Elon Musk, will be coming up…
GeneralSoftware 1 week ago

Google’s Material Design Finally Makes Its Ways To Dropbox For Android

Before the Android M, Google’s major upgrade to its Android was Lollipop which brought with it a handful of change…
GeneralIndustry 1 week ago

Apple Backtracked To Pay Artists For Apple Music Free Trial Period

In a feud over compensation for Apple Music’s free trial period, Taylor Swift venter her feelings in an open lette…
General 1 week ago

Samsung Makes ‘Transparent’ Truck Prototype For Safer Driving

See through trucks are not common but the concept was introduced back in 2009 by the Russian design house Art Lebedev, t…
Google Apps
GeneralSoftware 1 week ago

Here’s How You Can Share Your Android App Purchases With Family And Friends

From an official standpoint, Android users cannot share their purchased applications like Apple’s Family Sharing w…
General 1 week ago

Google Will Help You Pair Important Stuff With Your Mobile Phone So You Don’t Leav…

It is almost every day that I leave my glasses, my wallet or my keys behind when I’m going out somewhere and it’…






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