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General 3 days ago

This New Touchscreen Will Increase Your Battery Life Dramatically

A new and innovative type of touchscreen material has been invented by scientists in the UK which requires very little t…
chemical laptop
General 7 days ago

This Chemical Laptop Will Allow Scientists To Look For Life On Other Planets

NASA will be using a small and portable laboratory, which it calls the ‘chemical laptop’, to search for signs of ext…
quora logo
GeneralIndustry 1 week ago

Writing Sessions: Quora’s Answer To Reddit’s Ask Me Anything

Quora the widely used question and answer website has now started to host ‘writing sessions’ or live question and an…
apple bbc documentary
GeneralIndustry 2 weeks ago

Apple’s Personal Pickup Service Is Now Available In Canada And Australia

Apple’s Personal Pickup service is an easy way to order your Apple products. The service was first launched in the…
General 2 weeks ago

This Laser Will Make Anything Hotter Than The Sun Almost Instantly

Scientists are always experimenting with different stuff and creating new things just to make things that were impossibl…
Bluetooth logo
GeneralIndustry 2 weeks ago

Bluetooth Next Year Will Be Twice As Fast, Four Times More Range, Mesh Networking

Bluetooth has been a long existing technology, allowing different devices to community with one another over a wireless …
Zune logo
GeneralIndustry 2 weeks ago

Microsoft’s Zune Music Service Has Officially Retired

Microsoft sent an email to users a while back confirming that it would be retiring its Zune music service on the 15th o…
space junnk
General 2 weeks ago

Mysterious Space Junk ‘WTF’ Has Re-entered Earth Watch The Footage Here

A few weeks ago I wrote about the mysterious piece of space junk called ‘WT1190F’ which would enter the Earth’s at…
General 2 weeks ago

Astronomers Have Found The Closest Exoplanet Yet And Its Only 39 Light Years Away

A new exoplanet has been discovered by an international team of researchers which is closer than any of the planets ever…
tag heuer connected
GeneralIndustry 3 weeks ago

Tag Heuer’s New Carrera Smartwatch is Finally Here And It Is Expensive

Tag Heuer’s CEO Jean-Claude Biver had previously announced about a smartwatch in the making and now he told Swiss medi…
$99 USB Dongle Protects Your PC’s Security By Killing Your USB Ports
General 3 weeks ago

$99 USB Dongle Protects Your PC’s Security By Killing Your USB Ports

While there have been several projects available on crowdfunding websites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, the latest one…
GeneralIndustry 3 weeks ago

Nissan Made An Origami Replica To Honor Juke’s 5th Anniversary

The Nissan Juke crossover was introduced to the market about 5 years ago and to celebrate the compact crossover’s fif…
General 3 weeks ago

This New Paint Kills 99.99 Percent of All Bacteria Around Us

It’s apparent how hospitals are required to be clean and how the concern about healthy environment is growing across t…
First Black Friday Deals Announced By Amazon
General 4 weeks ago

First Black Friday Deals Announced By Amazon

Today, Amazon revealed some of its Black Friday deals and in order to cater to wide array of customers’ wants and need…
GeneralIndustry 4 weeks ago

T-Mobile’s New CellSpot Is A Mini 4G LTE Tower For Your Home, Here Are The Details

T-Mobile’s ‘Uncarrier’ movement is an unstoppable wrecking ball which keeps on getting better with th…
Apple TV 2015 Officially Announced – Here Are All The Details And Images That You Need To Know
GeneralIndustry 4 weeks ago

The New Apple TV Is Now Available For Purchase From Apple Store, Best Buy And More

The Apple TV received its long due update not so long ago and if you failed to pre-order it, you can buy it from your n…
Chinese Patent World’s First Ever Lithium Battery Immune System
General 1 month ago

Chinese Patent World’s First Ever Lithium Battery Immune System

A Lithium battery might have exceeded a Nickel-based one in terms of functionality and life span, but the Chinese are lo…
space junnk
General 1 month ago

A Piece Of Space Junk Named ‘WTF’ Is Headed For The Earth Next Month

After the predicted asteroid flyby on Halloween there have been predictions by scientists that a piece of space junk wil…






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