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Finally, A City in Texas Is Switching To Renewable Energy Soon

As Costa Rica was finally able to power seventy five days consecutively without using any source other than renewable en…
General 4 days ago

World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Tram Has Been Built

Chinese Scientists teamed up in order to bring in a new development in existence, the world’s first hydrogen-fuel…
General 4 days ago

Microsoft Plans To Release A New Surface Tablet Without The Windows RT

WinBeta has a new report out claiming that Microsoft is now planning to release a new Surface tablet which is the latest…
Apple's patent will allow for camera zoom function and a better OIS chip
GeneralSoftware 4 days ago

iOS 8.3 Update – In Depth Review And Details

Recently we covered the in depth release of iOS 8.3 beta 3 to developers and public which helped them understand all th…
Facebook logo
ExclusiveGeneral 4 days ago

Facebook Introduces Messenger Platform And Customer Support For Business

The time is near for applications and brands to invade Facebook because in its recent f8 developer conference, new platf…
n2 neo
General 5 days ago

A Smartpen For The Ages Is Finally Here, NeoLab’s N2 launched

Neo smartpen N2 is finally launching today as announced by NeoLab Convergence in bid to fuse digital and paper writing. …
GamesGeneral 5 days ago

Youtube Live to Take on Twitch – To be Announced at E3

Last year Google was denied a buyout of livestreaming platform Twitch. In an effort to alleviate the loss, Google decide…
GeneralSoftware 7 days ago

How To Unlock iOS 8.2 ‘Activity’ App Without Jailbreaking

Buried within iOS 8.2 interface is the Activity app, which will allow future Apple Watch owners to track their daily …
GadgetsGeneral 7 days ago

Google Glass Isn’t Dead Yet It’s Just Hibernating

When Google halted its sales for the Google Glass a few months back in January this year people thought that the gadget …
flying car
General 1 week ago

Flying Cars Will Be Around Us In Two Years

Since Back to the Future II made us realize how amazing and beautiful 2015 could be with the advent of flying cars all a…

Analysis: Windows 10 Updated From Pirated Predecessors Won’t Be Legit

Just as Microsoft’s operating systems were getting a bit predictable and innovation was dying out, Microsoft annou…
General 1 week ago

Facebook May Have An Android Dialer Up Soon

An Android dialer is in the making by Facebook developers that will deal with the controlling of the huge database consi…
AnalysisGeneral 1 week ago

Apple Made Boot Camp For Windows 7 Redundant On The New MacBook Pro And MacBook Air Mode…

Apple has stopped supporting Windows 7 with Boot Camp on the newly refreshed MacBook Air and MacBook Pro – Apple r…
General 1 week ago

Science Differentiates The Age At Which You Reach Peak Intelligence

As we all know that getting older makes us less able to recall things that we do or those that we intend to do in our fu…
GamesGeneral 1 week ago

Magic Leap – New Alternate Reality Worth $500 Million

  Magic Leap Inc. announced today that it has completed a $542 million Series B financing. The financing was led by…






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