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General 8 hours ago

MRI Scan Shows That Psychopaths are Unaffected by Punishment

A new MRI study recently discovered that violent lawbreakers having psychopathic tendencies are not really affected by p…
Samsung Smart Watch
General 20 hours ago

Galaxy S6 will be an “innovative premium handset”, says Samsung officials

After different pretended Galaxy S6 mock-ups, that we presented earlier, nowadays a glassier look, called for being upco…
General 3 days ago

Experience Virtual Reality on Your Browser With Firefox Nightly Builds

If you are really into Virtual Reality (VR) and stuff, specifically talking about the Oculus Rift headset, then Mozilla …
General 4 days ago

Discover; a brand new feature launch of Snapchat

After a huge success of Snapchat stories, snaps and “our stories”, it now brings in a discover feature to Sn…
uber logo
General 4 days ago

Uber is Taking a Step Back From its On Demand Delivery Service

Uber decided to step back and cancels the on-demand delivery business for some time at least. However the company isn…
Graphene Transistors
GeneralIndustry 5 days ago

New Graphene ‘Wonder Material’ Breakthrough Enables Doubling of Solar Panel …

One of the major reasons that solar panels are facing such hurdles to replace conventional electricity sources is becaus…
GamesGeneral 6 days ago

Finally The Fate of Illumiroom is Revealed by Microsoft

Illumiroom was a technology under research show by Microsoft that used kinect and the sensors present within it to exten…
General 7 days ago

Create Your Own eTextbooks With Amazon’s Kindle Textbook Creator

Amazon launches Kindle textbook creator which makes it easier to prepare eTextbooks and educational material. This impro…
GeneralIndustry 1 week ago

Microsoft on its Revolutionary HoloLens: ‘All Universal Apps Work As HologramsR…

Microsoft’s HoloLens was a revolutionary unveiling to say the least. One of the more abstract points about the rev…

Microsoft Reaches an Agreement to Acquire Revolution Analytics

To understand what Revolution Analytics is, you first need to know what the term Big Data implies. Big Data means any a…
GeneralSoftware 1 week ago

Here’s How You Can Now Unlock Your MAC Using Touch ID From Your iOS Device

The launch of iOS 8 brought many new features to your door step. One such feature was Handoff which connects your iOS de…
iphone camera apps
General 1 week ago

Instagram Calls on Android Users to Beta Test Next Update

Instagram being one of the most popular Android app these days, now presents a chance for you to be a primary beta teste…

Get Material Design On Your WhatsApp By Simply Installing This Little App

Among the top IM apps, WhatsApp covers more than half of the total market share among Android and iOS users. Today, we h…
General 2 weeks ago

HTC’s New Smartphone M9 and Smartwatch Will Be Released This March

A new competitor is entering the market of smartwatches after a series of delays, HTC is finally planning to unveil a sm…






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