Apple Music Festival
GeneralIndustry 2 days ago

Apple Music Festival 2016 Announced For London – Here Are The Details

Staying true to its musical roots, Apple has announced Apple Music Festival 2016. The complete details regarding the eve…
Retail Stores
GeneralIndustry 3 days ago

Apple Is Revamping Its Retail Stores With New Positions, Design, More

Apart from ditching the ‘Store’ moniker from its retail outlets, Apple is introducing a bunch of changes to …
Tesla 2-year lease option Model X Model S
General 3 days ago

Tesla Is Making Purchase of Model S and Model X Easier Through a 2-Year Lease Option

While Tesla was already providing customers a three-year lease program, the company stated that it had received numerous…
General 3 days ago

2000 Year Old Series of ‘Magic Spells’ Discovered in Serbia along-side Human…

Magic is something that has bewitched generations of humans and been scoffed at by science. Evidence pointing towards it…
Meteor impact1
General 3 days ago

Meteor Impacts May Have Wiped Out Evidence of Life On Mars

Researchers have been looking for life on different planets for a long time now. Mars has been one of the most expected …
General 4 days ago

A New Algorithm Can Identify Signs Of Depression In Your Instagram Feed

Several social media platforms already carry some of your most personal details that allows others to seep in to your mi…
General 4 days ago

This Tiny Black Glass Like Device Can Effectively Clean Water, Killing 99.99 Percent Of …

One of the leading causes of disease is contaminated water. To counter this deadly problem researchers have been trying …
General 4 days ago

Part of Your Sun Tan is Due to Galaxies Beyond The Milky Way

Summer comes and we hit beaches to get ourselves all tanned up from the sun. Well, it seems like the sun isn’t entirel…
General 4 days ago

Bananas Could Be Wiped Out In the Next 5-10 Years Due to Fast Evolving Fungal Disease

Science has recently discovered something that might incur panic in banana lovers. There is a significant chance that ou…
General 4 days ago

50 Tiny Satellites To Be Launched For Studying The Earth’s Outermost Layer

We know very little about the Earth’s outermost layer, the thermosphere and scientists are now working to change this.…
The human brain
General 4 days ago

Detection Of Parkinson’s Can Now Be Done With An Eye Test Even Before Symptoms App…

Diseases like Parkinson’s are only detected when it’s too late and it would be a great achievement if it could be de…
Apple wants better pricing for iPhone 7
General 4 days ago

The Apple Store Is No Longer Called A Store Anymore, It’s Just Apple

One of the most famous company’s in the world, Apple, is now trying to simplify its retail chain branding by eliminati…
logo uber
General 5 days ago

Order An Uber For Friends And Family And Even Order One If You Don’t Have The App …

Uber, the fast growing ride sharing service has been continually launching new services to keep users hooked. While it…
General 1 week ago

Nikon Has Announced A New Entry Level DSLR, The D3400, With An Always On Bluetooth

Nikon finally unveiled its latest beginners DSLR officially this morning. It is just another addition to the previously …
omega speedmaster
General 1 week ago

Buzz Aldrin Has Begun Designing A Mars Watch In Collaboration With Omega

Man has always been fascinated by outer space, there have been all sorts of attempts to explore our own universe and the…
snapchat filter
General 2 weeks ago

Snapchat Users Outraged After Seemingly Racist ‘Yellow-Face’ Selfie Lens Appears

It has been only four months since the last social outcry against Snapchat’s selfie filter and we have one again. The …
General 2 weeks ago

Many Smart Locks Are Very Vulnerable And Can Be Hacked Using Basic Methods

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been something really admired by gadget makers around the world. They’ve made everyth…
General 2 weeks ago

Its Only August And We Have Already Used Up All Of Earth’s Resources For The Year

We as humans are supposed to be smart, we are supposed to understand that our actions can have consequences that we can …



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