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GeneralIndustry 18 hours ago

Flying Cars Will Be Here In A Few Years

In the past century humans conquered the art of space flight but one thing that still remains beyond comprehension is a …
GeneralSoftware 2 days ago

Alympus Tweak For iOS 8 Released, Here’s How You Can Download It

As excited as us jailbreak folks were for this mighty tweak, Alympus has finally made it to the public domain and is now…
Apple Music Rival
GeneralSoftware 2 days ago

Pandora’s ‘Sponsored Listening’ Offers An Hour-Long Ad Free Music Play…

Pandora has announced another expansion for its ad sponsored music streaming service after revealing solid earnings last…
General 3 days ago

Massless ‘Weyl fermions’ Have Been Discovered By Scientists

A research going on for 85 years has been finally proved by researchers, massless particles ‘Weyl Fermion’ now offic…
General 3 days ago

3D Printed Smart Caps Will Tell You if Your Milk is Fresh

It’s not really hard to believe that how much can be achieved due to the recent progress of science in the area of 3D …
GeneralSoftware 3 days ago

Cyte Jailbreak Tweak Manages And Cleans Cydia Package Descriptions

There are tweaks that are developed to enhance functionality or visuals that either aid in productivity or creativity. O…
GeneralSoftware 3 days ago

Feast Your Eyes On Alympus, A New App Switcher Tweak

TaiG Jailbreak for the current version is here to stay and many new tweaks and packages are being released for a greater…
Apple Watch
GeneralSoftware 4 days ago

Here’s How You Can Find Your Apple Watch UDID

It’s been a few months since the launch of Apple Watch and developers are still exploring the technology it behold…
GeneralSoftware 4 days ago

CirDock Jailbreak Tweak Adds Smooth Animation And Much More To iOS Dock

Since TaiG and other group of hackers have jailbreaked the the current iOS version, users have the ability to customize …
GeneralSoftware 5 days ago

The Trojan In Free Jailbreak Tweak Can Steal Revenues Through Google’s AdMob

With every iOS update, hackers begin their quest for a jailbreak which they eventually achieve. The major reason why som…
Apple Music Rival
GeneralSoftware 6 days ago

Pandora Has Seen No Loss In Traffic From Apple Music Debut

People have moved from CD’s to different players for their keen interest in music while the most recent trend shif…
ios 9 logo

iOS 9 Adds New Block Feature In Safari That Prevents ‘iOS Crash Reports’

Scammers have always been a vulnerability in internet or cloud security. They deal in exploiting personal data and using…
AT&T Will Be Raising And Adding More Fees For Its Next Customers, Says Leaked Memo
General 1 week ago

AT&T Will Be Raising And Adding More Fees For Its Next Customers, Says Leaked Memo

Bad news for current and future customers who are subscribed, or will be subscribing to service being delivered by AT&am…
iphone camera apps
GeneralSoftware 1 week ago

iPhone 6 Plus Uses OIS For Images And Software Stabilization For Videos

Little did we know that Apple uses software stabilization for its video recording on iPhone 6 Plus while the images are …
GeneralIndustry 1 week ago

New GoPro App Lets You Edit And Share Videos Instantly

GoPro is currently working on a new app that will make it easier for customers to edit and share the footage right after…
ios 9 logo
GeneralSoftware 1 week ago

Request For Desktop Site In Safari With Ease On iOS 9

Our penchant for desktops would always remain a thing although we are hooked in the mobile era. Users who have iOS 9 bet…
The Witcha
GamesGeneral 1 week ago

The Witcher 3 Gets an Awesomely Hilarious Cartoon Parody

YouTube’s Bitter Strike! Cartoons channel has released an awesomely hilarious The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt parody, t…
GeneralIndustry 1 week ago

3D Imaging Of Nanocrystals Is Now Possible Using A New Technique

Mesoscopic structures of nanocrystals are highly in demand these days and are a rapidly growing field of science, where …






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