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Meet Opel Ampera-e, GM’s European Version Of Chevy Bolt

The Opel Ampera-e unveiled in the Germany’s CAR Symposium yesterday at Bochum by GM Chairman and CEO Mary Bara, seem …
The Fastest Data Transfer Speed Has Reached A New Record – Can You Guess Its Speed?
General 20 hours ago

The Fastest Data Transfer Speed Has Reached A New Record – Can You Guess Its Speed

Records are meant to be broken and thanks to the combined efforts of UCL researchers in the Optical Networks Group, the …
Tesla Model 3 Expected To Be Unveiled Next Month – What Would Be Its Price?
General 2 days ago

Tesla Model 3 Expected To Be Unveiled Next Month – What Would Be Its Price

During the latest earnings of release of Tesla Motors, it was revealed that the company’s upcoming Model 3 was going t…
General 3 days ago

Scientists Find Hundreds Of New Galaxies Previously Hidden By The Milky Way

This has been a good year for astronomical research. Radio waves have been used by the astronomers to get a closer look …
7 day battery phones, large battery phones
General 4 days ago

Phones With 7 Day Battery Will Be A Possibility, According To Fuel Cell Maker

Smartphones and case manufacturers have been attempting to improve the state of affairs of mobile devices where their ba…
General 5 days ago

An Asteroid Will Pass Really Close To Earth Next Month!

The start of next month will bring something exciting for everyone. A small asteroid will pass so close to Earth that we…
General 1 week ago

Tata Will Rename Its Car ‘Zica’ Because It Sounds Too Much Like An Ongoing H…

Tata the Indian car manufacturing giant launched its all new hatchback car called Zica in the exhibition in New Delhi Au…
General 2 weeks ago

This Concept Hypersonic Jet Will Take You From London To New York In 11 Minutes!

Who doesn’t hate long flights? I know I do and so do you, even though companies are trying their best to meet every ne…
Droneboarding, snowboarding, drone, sports
General 2 weeks ago

Droneboarding: The Latest Sport That Will Replace Wakeboarding In The Near Future

Wakeboarding is a sport that will get your heart racing, but guess which sport could potentially take its place in the n…
General 2 weeks ago

Japan Is Building The World’s Largest Floating Solar Power Plant

Solar power is now becoming a bigger part of the energy landscape of many countries and it’s really nice to see a lot …
General 2 weeks ago

Apple Recalling International Wall Adapters Due To The Threat Of An Electrical Shock

On Apple’s website, the company has issued a statement concerning a voluntary recall for certain two-prong AC wall plu…
General 2 weeks ago

Science Tells You To Limit The Number Of Friends You Have On Social Media

We all have that one friend – it may even be you – who has more friends on Facebook and more followers on In…
Lithium Oxygen, Lithium Ion
General 2 weeks ago

Lithium Oxygen Batteries Can Store Five Times The Charge As Lithium Ion Cells

While the components inside smartphones become more and more efficient, our only hope is that Lithium Ion batteries tran…
Loon Copter, drones
General 2 weeks ago

Loon Copter Is The Latest Drone Can Swim Underwater And Fly In The Air

The omnipresence of drones speaks for itself, and as more and more regions start to embrace these aerial machines, their…
General 2 weeks ago

This Type Of Conductive Concrete Can Melt Snow Using Electricity

With many people facing difficulties because of the extreme weather in the United States and also other areas of the wor…
blue origin
General 3 weeks ago

Record Breaker: Blue Origin’s New Shepard Rocket Makes Second Successful Landing O…

After making history with its first reusable rocket landing back safely in November last year, Blue Origin managed to re…
Human brains can store 10 times more capacity
General 3 weeks ago

Our Brains Can Actually Store Ten Times The Capacity Than We Originally Thought

Our brains are definitely an interesting part of the human body, but it gets even more fascinating thanks to amazing dis…
quantum knot
General 3 weeks ago

Scientists Have Tied The First Ever Quantum Knot And Now They’re Good At it

A fundamental breakthrough in the area of quantum physics has just been done by an international team of scientists. The…






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