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General 8 hours ago

NBC and Samsung are Bringing 85 Hours of Virtual Reality to the Olympics Rio 2016

Virtual reality (VR) is one of the wonders of the modern era that no one can resist. It is tempting, it is lustrous and …
General 10 hours ago

Hacking A PC is Now Possible Using Only the Sound Generated By the PC’s Internal F…

One has to admit that after wiki leaks, cyber attacks have become one of the most feared forms of bullying. Hacking has …
GeneralIndustry 12 hours ago

These Earbuds from Doppler Labs Are As Powerful As A Laptop From 2010

The sounds around us can be both beautiful and intriguing at the same time. Sound manipulation has become of the greates…
General 1 day ago

Hitachi Is Going To Launch Roku TVs This Fall

Roku TV which is called the easiest way to stream entertainment on your TV has a list of companies that make it. Now Hit…
Smacc Is A Startup That Intends To Replace Accountants And You Should Fear Its Progress
GeneralIndustry 2 days ago

Smacc Is A Startup That Intends To Replace Accountants And You Should Fear Its Progress

Smacc is a startup which uses artificial intelligence to automate the painful process of accounting and according to the…
Intel Is Giving The Disabled Another Chance At Life With Exoskeletons That Allow Them To Walk Once More
General 4 days ago

Intel Is Giving The Disabled Another Chance At Life With Exoskeletons That Allow Them To…

Intel and Cyberdeyne have teamed up to give back to the community, particularly those individuals who have lost the abil…
General 1 week ago

Instagram To Start Recommending Video Channels To Its Users

Instagram has been launching quite a few updates in recent times and is getting another update. The new update that is r…
Lyft and GM
General 1 week ago

Three More US Cities Are Getting GM and Lyft’s Express Drive Rental Service

Express Drive, the car rental service, a joint venture between two big names, General Motors and Lyft is expanding. Acco…
General 1 week ago

Xiaomi’s New Foldable Electric Bike Is Cheaper And More Portable

Xiaomi has been trying really hard to get rid of the tag of being a phone company only. Instead Xiaomi wants to be known…
General 1 week ago

Google Fiber Has Plans To Acquire Gigabit Internet Provider Webpass Soon

Webpass, an Internet service provider in San Francisco is going to be acquired by Google Fiber soon. The news was announ…
General 1 week ago

Instagram’s In-App Text Translation Feature Coming In July

Instagram, one of the most used social media networks is planning to start up an automatic translating service soon. The…
General 1 week ago

Facebook Now Lets You React To 360-Degree Videos In VR

Oculus, the leading VR Company, owned by Facebook unveiled for the Gear VR Headset its new 360 degree video reactions. T…
General 1 week ago

Netflix Has Not Redesigned its Logo, It Only Has A New Icon

Netflix has become the word of entertainment in a very short span of time and we have witnessed how it’s up in the lin…
General 1 week ago

Dropbox Added A New Sharing Feature And A Cool Document Scanner Today

Dropbox unveiled some new features earlier today. It introduced a new scanner for the iOS app which has the ability to m…
HTC M10 Might Not Have A Windows 10 Variant
General 1 week ago

HTC Co-Founder And Former CEO Has Left The Company

Former CEO and co-founder of HTC, Peter Chou, was suddenly turned away from his post last year after being CEO for over …
General 1 week ago

Watt A Box: Charge Your Phone While Eating KFC

People are more concerned about their smartphones nowadays than ever before. Even when at fast food restaurants, that is…
General 1 week ago

Amazon’s Revamped Kindle Is Thinner, Faster And Available In White Now

Amazon has finally made a move in upgrading its Kindle; the new version is now available in white. This is the first tim…
General 1 week ago

Google’s Two Factor Authentication Is Becoming Easier To Use

Two factor authentications have been greatly supported by the Tech giant Google for a long time now, more than five year…






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