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Borderlands (4)
Games 14 hours ago

Borderlands creator Has Left Gearbox ” I will always love Gearbox, but it’s …

Borderlands creator Matthew Armstrong has left Gearbox. Armstrong was both the creator and writer of Borderlands and was…
Assassin's Creed Chronicles China (3)
Games 15 hours ago

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China Launch Trailer

Ubisoft announced that Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China will release on Tuesday April 21 2015. The also released…
Games 16 hours ago

Star Wars: Battlefront Gameplay Screenshot Revealed in Developer Diary #1; Looks As Good…

Exclusive to GAME, check out the first episode of four developer series videos for Star Wars: Battlefront. Below is the …
Project Cars (2)
Games 16 hours ago

Project CARS Looks Absolutely Gorgeous in Final Build; New Screenshots

Project CARS has just recently gone Gold, and it releasing on May 6 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Following a …
heroes of the storm
Games 17 hours ago

Heroes of the Storm Goes Gold, Releases on June 2nd

Blizzard’s much awaited MOBA with a hint of fanfiction is about to become official. June 2nd marks the day that …
Wander Steam Square banner
Games 17 hours ago

Wander: Beautiful CryEngine Exploration Based MMO to Release Soon on PC & PS4

MMOs are usually combat oriented games, heavily relying on battles to progress character development and experience. Ind…
Halo (3)
Games 18 hours ago

Halo 5: Guardians Spartan Locke Armor Set Showcased in New Trailer

Fans who reserve Halo 5: Guardians at GameStop in the U.S. will get access at launch* to the pre-order exclusive Spartan…
Steam Logo Round
Games 20 hours ago

Steam Policy Limits What Low-Spending Accounts Can Do

Valve is finally taking action to help stop and prevent spammers from using their beloved Steam platform for their malic…
Games 21 hours ago

GTA V PC: Graphics Settings Comparison Video Details All Settings; Recommended Settings …

GTA V PC has been out for a week and PC gamers finally got the chance to enjoy the best version of this great game. Feat…
Games 21 hours ago

Impressive Star Ocean 5 Hi-Res In Game Screenshots Show Off The World and Combat

In the wake of the recent unveiling of the next installment in the Star Ocean franchise, Square Enix has seen fit to b…
Xbox One (2)
Games 1 day ago

Phil Spencer Talks About E3 Plans; 1st Party Titles; Crackdown and Xbox/PC Cross-Play

Xbox Boss, Phil Spencer once again answered many of the questions from the fans, and talked about many subjects, includi…
Batman Arkham Knight
Games 1 day ago

Batman: Arkham Knight New Trailer is “Looking Sweet”; “Shows Off a Ver…

Batman : Arkham Knight has seen a few delays that were met with both disappointment and understanding by fans. Rockstead…
Games 1 day ago

Star Wars: Battlefront “Looks Great on the Xbox One as Well”, “Gamepla…

Star Wars: Battlefront has been revealed with an incredible trailer that uses in-game assets, and according to the team…
Games 1 day ago

Star Wars: Battlefront Dev Talks About the Importance of Graphics and Sound on Immersion…

Star Wars: Battlefront has been revealed with an incredible trailer that uses in-game assets, and according to the team…
Games 2 days ago

Star Wars: Battlefront – Actual Gameplay Footage Details Revealed

Star Wars: Battlefront has been revealed with an incredible trailer that uses in-game assets, and according to the team…
Games 2 days ago

Mortal Kombat X Patch 1.02 Arrives With Stability Fixes And New Costumes

Mortal Kombat X has been an absolute stunner of a game, and it’s been released without much in the way of game bre…
Games 2 days ago

Sentimental Sunday: Star Wars Edition, Exploring Star Wars Rebellion

In the wake of the exciting announcements at Star Wars Celebration over the last few days, I’ve been inspired to…
Samsung to become NVIDIA’s primary chip supplier, says latest report
GamesHardware 2 days ago

NVIDIA/AMD Market-Share Graph Shows 3 Out of 4 Gamers Own an Nvidia GPU

The news at the centre is that Nvidia has gained the upper hand in the gaming arena(to say the least) but its not so muc…






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