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Gadgets 1 day ago

Apple’s iPhone 6S To Use 12 MP Sony RGBW Sensor Claims Report

Out of the numerous iPhone 6S rumors that we’ve seen so far, camera resolution changes for Apple’s upcoming …
ZTE Q519T Is A $95 Handset With A 4,000 mAh Battery
Gadgets 1 day ago

ZTE Q519T Is A $95 Handset With A 4,000 mAh Battery

Announcing its flagship handset, Nubia Z9 was not sufficient to appease the requirements of the Chinese smartphone maker…
Gadgets 2 days ago

Zeaplus DM360 Is A Moto 360 Clone That Costs Just $99

Moto 360 might be succeeded by another device in the near future, but Chinese tech companies have a nag for rolling out …
GadgetsSoftware 2 days ago

Android M Nexus Devices To Get Guaranteed Updates For Two Years

When it comes to updates, the Android world is notoriously plagued with delayed schedules. These became even the more pr…
set up handoff on apple watch
Gadgets 2 days ago

The Apple Watch Edition Unboxed – Here’s What $10K Gets You

When Apple announced that one of its Apple Watch variants will be manufacturer out of 18K solid gold alloy, investors, c…
ios 9 thumb
GadgetsSoftware 3 days ago

iOS 9: Everything You Need To Know About The Update

With the Apple Watch’s launch now over and done with, Apple fans are looking keenly ahead to the next iPhone, dubb…
OnePlus Two expected to feature a military grade biometric scanner
GadgetsLeak 3 days ago

The Alleged OnePlus Two Appears With Snapdragon 810 In More Benchmarks

OnePlus managed to hit something of a stunner with its original offering. The OnePlus One is a decent smartphone, coming…
Gadgets 4 days ago

Innos D6000: The Smartphone With Not One But Two Batteries And A Type-C USB Port

Despite the computing prowess of smartphones, the one thing that fast-paced technology has not been able to solve up til…
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GadgetsRumor 4 days ago

iPhone 6s Features: Faster 2GB LPDDR4 RAM, Force Touch, Dual-LED Flash

If yesterday’s lot of iPhone-related leaks and rumors wasn’t enough, here is some more to add to in that lis…
GadgetsLeak 4 days ago

Samsung Device With Intel SoC And 4 GB RAM Pops Up In Geekbench

Samsung might have reduced its dependency on Qualcomm by choosing to use its own homegrown Exynos 7420 in the Galaxy S6 …
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GadgetsRumor 5 days ago

No iPhone Coming in August – Leaked iPhone 6c with Touch ID a Fake Render

Today was a high day for upcoming iPhone 6s rumors we saw quite a few related reports and purported images showing of…
apple bbc documentary
GadgetsRumor 5 days ago

Apple’s iPad Stylus To Feature Dynamic Ways For Interacting With Touchscreen

Since we all heard that the iPad Pro is rumored to showcase by the end of this year and Apple is prepping continuous way…
Industry’s First Ever M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD For Desktops And Laptops To Be Produced By Samsung
GadgetsLeak 5 days ago

The Galaxy A8 Spotted Sporting A 5.5 Inch Screen With 16 MP Rear Camera

Samsung’s top of the line flagships are the ones that manage to gather the most amount of spotlight for the compan…
GadgetsLeak 5 days ago

HTC’s Got An All New 7 Inch Device Under The Works

HTC’s not a big fan of tablets. The company’s Nexus 9 last year was its first foray into larger screened dev…
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Gadgets 5 days ago

The iPhone 6C Spotted? Apple’s Online Store Shows iPhone 5C With Touch ID

Apple’s been long rumored to have a smaller iPhone in the works. After the Cupertino company shifted from its long…
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Gadgets 5 days ago

iPhone 6S Duo Coming This August Claims Reputed Analyst

Things finally seem to be getting interesting when it comes to this year’s remaining smartphone releases. While Sa…
AnalysisGadgets 5 days ago

LG G4 Is The Simplest Flagship To Repair, Reveals Teardown

Not only is LG’s flagship smartphone loaded with a far more energy efficiency SoC compared to Snapdragon 810, but it a…
GadgetsLeak 6 days ago

One ME9 Is Another HTC Handset Featuring High-End Specs And Region Exclusivity

After announcing its Butterfly J smartphone exclusively for Japan, Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC is yet to call it a da…






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