The Division Open Beta Set For 16-21 February?

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An unexpected The Division open beta test might be on its way later this month.

Certain official Xbox channels such as the Italian one have just posted this image about Xbox One games due in February. As you can see from the picture, it seems like The Division open beta test is among them and scheduled for 16-21 February, with 24 hours of exclusive Xbox One access (just like the recently concluded closed beta). If that’s the case, then PC and PlayStation 4 players would have access from 17 to 21 February.


Of course, this is still a rumor for now as Ubisoft made no comment about such a test, but it seems a pretty solid possibility. If you haven’t already, you can take a look at our preliminary comparison of graphics settings on PC; it also seems like those glitches opening the way to various cheats will be addressed shortly by the developer.

Did you enjoy your time in the closed beta so far with The Division? Let us know below!

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