Team Fortress 2 becomes free to play and Meet the Medic is released

Rizwan Anwer
Jun 26, 2011
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Team Fortress 2, a legendary game made my Valve after many years of being a TRIUMPH and a HUGE SUCCESS they have decided to share the wealth with the public … PERMANENTLY!

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that’s right folks unlike Portal Team Fortress 2 is free forever! If you go to the stores page HERE you will see that the price tag is no more. All you need now is a steam account which is free and download the official steam client from HERE. Valve called this the “Mega Update”, and in making Team Fortress 2 free to play they also added one of the last few Meet the class videos, the Medic!. I have to say that this is by far the best Meet the video yet

Behold, Meet the Medic!:

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And as an added bonus Valve even made a trailer to announce Team Fortress 2 going Free to Play:

Although I am a little suspicious that Valve might have an ace up their sleeve, I mean when Valve made Portal free to play they announced Portal 2 later on … So could this mean that Valve is working on a new Team Fortress? Can the mighty company ACTUALLY count to 3? Again this is my speculation and not a confirmed report or anything but hey one can dream right?

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