The Surface Pro 4 Will Be Fan Less – With No Core M

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Apr 30, 2015
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Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 has started to make more and more appearances in the news over the past couple of month. After the Surface Pro 3 wasn’t as warmly received by the market as Redmond would have expected, it’s going to be interesting as to what Microsoft plans for the next iteration in the Surface lineup. It is after all reportedly looking to launch the tablet alongside Windows 10, for maximum traction.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 To Be Minimal Upgrade Over Surface Pro 3 Claim Sources

Rather than change things, seems like folks over at Microsoft are pretty confident with their accomplishments in the Surface lineup so far. According to latest information, Microsoft won’t be looking to change any thing significantly on its next notebook/tablet hybrid, but rather improve on its existing framework. And while Skylake might be expected later this year, the company’s looking to stick with Broadwell as well.

Starting from the screen resolution, the Surface Pro 4 is expected to retain its predecessor’s resolution, with the numbers standing at 216 ppi, and 2160 x 1440. It won’t be coming with Core M either, as Microsoft’s looking to retain performance power rather than go towards efficiency and power savings. The changes will be taking place in the Surface Pro 4’s design, as Redmond also seems to be looking to follow in Apple’s footsteps and make the device completely fan less. Body design won’t be changing much either built in fonts with noise cancellation will be present.

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How the company intends to solve heating issues on its next generation hybrid, particularly with Core ‘i’ processors being present rather than Core M is still unknown. The fanless design on Apple’s MacBook comes with Core M on board which allows it to save up greatly on heat and other matters. Things aren’t much clear for now so we’d advise you to take all of this with a grain of salt until more details become known. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated.

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