Supposed Galaxy S5 Benchmark Leaks – Browsermark

Sohaib Ahmad
Dec 9, 2013
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The┬áSamsung SM-G900F another supposed phone which can be the upcoming Galaxy S5. Before some benchmarks were leaked of a ‘SM-G900S’. The SM -G900S reportedly sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset. And it is running Adreno 330 under its hood.

Probable Galaxy S5 Benchmarks Leaks

The SM-G900F scores a ‘good’ 3300 on the Browsermark benchmark, almost beating the iPhone 5s. Unfortunately the benchmark does not give any details about the hardware behind this score. The browser used here is the Chrome version 28, point of fact is that the version 31 is also out. The score may receive a nominal bump by using the latest Chrome version, maybe lift it to the top.

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Galaxy S5


If this is indeed the Galaxy S5, it should have at-least passed the iPhone 5s in benchies, also the two model numbers are quite similar, SM-G900F and SM-G900S, maybe for some different regions? ┬áThe performance is not exactly on par with the 64-bit hype. We’d expect the S5 to use the Snapdragon 805 atleast.

A previous benchmark pointed at the Snapdragon 800 being used :

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Galaxy S5

Many Galaxy S5 pretenders will be seen as we move towards its launch. However the recent Galaxy S5 benchmarks do not impress. Maybe the 2560 x 1600 screen is of a tablet, maybe the next nexus 10.If indeed this is the Galaxy S5 the Adreno 330 wont be able to handle a 2k display well.

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