Her Story, an Interactive Movie Video Game, Has Sold 100K Already

Jeff Williams
Aug 11, 2015
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Her Story┬ásurprised the world when it was released at the end of June. It brought back a genre that hasn’t really enjoyed many new entries for quite some time. The popularity has also been quite surprising, selling over 100,000 copies thus far, a number that wasn’t expected in the slightest.

Her Story sells far more than expected. Could this signal the revival of the interactive movie genre?

Sam Barlow is no stranger to a highly interactive adventure. Having been the writer for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, he’s taken his expertise of engaging your senses fully and applied it to to a decidedly lost style of story-telling.

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Her Story is a detective story, where you interact with evidence on screen, watching videos and sifting through everything, so that you may unravel the secrets of a murder investigation. The live-acted scenes combined with the undeniably interesting story have had Her Story described as one of this years most uncommon gems.

And now it’s sold over 100K copies, a testament to its uniqueness and engaging story. Released on June 24th 2015, Her Story has gathered┬ávery positive reviews from users on Steam. It’s generally well received by the media and reviewers as well. It can be had on Steam for $5.99. Just be prepared for an experience like none other.

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