Steam Quantum Break Patch Removes Fraps Watermark From Ending Sequence

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Oct 17, 2016
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Remedy has released a Quantum Break patch on Steam which removes the FRAPS watermark from the game’s ending cinematic.

Remember the FRAPS watermark that could clearly be seen during Quantum Break’s ending cinematic? Youtuber “Piotr Swat” spotted the watermark some weeks ago, and we reached out to Remedy’s head of communications, Thomas Puha, to comment on the matter.

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According to Puha, the watermark is a mistake that happened during the chaotic end of Quantum Break’s development and shouldn’t have happened.

Remedy has now released a small patch (388mb) on Steam that removes the accidental watermark from the game.

An accidental watermark was removed from one of the ending cinematic videos. Most of the cinematics are 30fps videos, which might explain the momentarily framerate lock you’re experiencing.

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We still haven’t been able to reproduce crashes that some players have reported, so it’s rather difficult to fix if you don’t know what’s causing the crashes.

The watermark was also present on the Windows 10 UWP version of the game, but this was already fixed a long time ago.

Quantum Break is available now for Windows 10 PC, Steam, and Xbox One.

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