How to Record Time-Lapse Videos with iPhone – iOS 8 Tips and Tricks

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Jun 4, 2014
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Don’t we love those videos showing a a bustling busy road where vehicles are coming and going from daylight till evening, or those showing a solar eclipse in just about a few seconds. You too can shoot time lapse video with your iPhone and share your surroundings with others in beautiful videos. shoot time lapse video with ios 8

How to shoot time lapse video with iPhone:

Time lapse videos show us fantastically moving landscape or a catastrophic natural situation in just a few seconds or minutes rather than plenty of hours. While you can shoot time lapse video with your iPhone using any app from iOS App Store, such apps usually cost a few good bucks.

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However, if you have always yearned to shoot time lapse video for free, seems like Apple has taken time out to facilitate you. In the latest iOS 8 update, among a barrage of new features and enhancements, Apple has introduced a new option in your stock camera app of iOS 8 to shoot time lapse video. Time-lapse photography was definitely never this easy (and seems like it would be everywhere too like images and Instagram these days). 
shoot time lapse video ios 8

Shooting at dynamically selected intervals, iOS 8 stock camera feature lets you shoot time-lapse videos and turn it into sweet 30 seconds small videos. To start your time-lapse photography journey, simply open iOS 8 Camera and tap on Time-Lapse > tap on shutter to start the shooting.

When you want to finish recording, simply tap on the recorder again and your video will automatically crunch into a few seconds long. The video will then be saved in to your camera roll. Just make sure you use a tripod or some other arrangement to fix your iPhone as it movements or disturbances will kill the entire experience.

Let us know what more you want to learn about iOS 8 or any guides you want us to do and we will be trying to covering those.

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