Sandy Bridge Quad Cores Battery life Comparable to Calpella.

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Oct 2, 2010
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As we all know, Quad Cores for laptops are a huge problem as they require more power to operate which results in less Battery and Standby times for laptops and notebooks. Well, This is about to change with the upcoming Huron River Quad Cores as they will provide same performance as a mid-high end Quad and will giving you the same battery life as a dual-core Calpella powered laptop/notebook does.

This being true means that even 15 inch big workstation notebooks with sandy bridge quad cores will provide up to four to five hours of battery life and we can expect even more from the Sandy Bridge dual cores which could give around more than 8 hours of battery time which will be amazing.

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This means that you will have enough time to game and watch videos with greater battery life.


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