Rumoured Apple HDTV exists, Has Siri and Facetime

Asad Abrar
May 15, 2012

According to a source, the long-rumoured Apple HDTV exists and the source claims that Apple is busy testing its high-definition TV prototype, showing that Apple wants its TV as soon as possible in the market.

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According to the anonymous source, the Apple HDTV looks like the current line up of Apple’s Cinema displays with an over-sized screen. Reportedly, it also includes an iSight camera for video calls through Facetime and Siri, the iPhone 4S’s virtual voice assistant.

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Apple’s current product for TV fans is the Apple TV which is a set-top box which gets hooked to a existing television. The Apple TV has been claimed as a “hobby” by Apple with limited features and not a serious attempt in the TV market. Currently, this is only a rumour so no official announcement has been made regarding the price, specifications or release schedule. The TV depicted above is also a mockup and could not be the final design.