[RUMOR] AMD Phenom IV X12 170 “Baeca” 25nm CPU Leaked – Has 12 Cores, 6 GHz Core Clock and AM4 Socket Compatbility

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Note – This article is based upon a rumor, please take it with a grain of salt since nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

Chiphell forums is the source of various leaks, may it be related to graphics or processors. Today, Chiphell users have got some really interesting details to share regarding AMD’s upcoming desktop processors. We know that AMD is currently working on to release their latest 28nm Steamroller based Kaveri APUs in 2014 but it looks like AMD has a well kept secret which has been hidden until now.

AMD Phenom

AMD Phenom IV X12 170 – The 12 Core and 6 GHz Clocked CPU

Codenamed Baeca, the Phenom IV X12 170 processor is built on a 25nm process. AMD has never mentioned plans to use 25nm process in its 2013-2014 roadmap, the only 28nm process designed Steamroller arrives in 2014 with the Kaveri APU. So this is a false assumption, furthermore the Phenom IV X12 170 processor would outdo the 8 core FX-series featuring 12 cores and a 6 GHz base clock speed. All of this within a 75W TDP package. The CPU would also feature a L3 cache of 24 MB. Sure seems alot no?


The processor comes with new instruction sets which include 3DNow(+), AMD-V and AMD-IV. It is mentioned on the CPU-Z that the processor is in ES phase and was tested with an internal AM4 motherboard from ASUS. Yes, it seems so the leaker has found out that the new Phenom IV X12 170 processor would only be compatible with the AM4 (1356-Pin) socket. The processor sounds like a beast but when would it launch? the leaker has mentioned that the AMD Phenom IV X12 170 would launch in mid-2014 or 2H of 2014 after the launch of 28nm Steamroller based Kaveri APUs.

AMD Phenom IV X12 170

You can also find the CPU-z shot which was leaked by the Chiphell forum member, quite surprising isn’t it that CPU-Z database got updated with an unknown CPU’s specifications so earlier before launch?

Note: If you missed the note on the top, then i would like to mention it once again that this rumor is mostly based on false assumptions by the leaker. It’s false since AMD doesn’t has a 25nm process design planned for 2014 nor do they have plans to release a new socket for their FX line of processors.

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