Intel i3 6100 Overclocking? Worth it?

Keith May
Posted Feb 8, 2016
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A couple of months ago we reported on ASRock releasing their SkyOC bios that allowed for overclocking non K sku Skylake cpu’s by BCLK overclocking.  This set the overclocking community into a bit of a frenzy as it’s the been the first time since K chips were introduced that large gains in clock frequency have been possible off of BCLK tweaks.  Yes, with Sandy Bridge through Haswell small bumps were possible off the 100mhz BCLK but only a small amount, nothing like what we’ve seen come out of a Skylake cpu on the Z170 platform.

Unfortunately Intel doesn’t seem so keen on this venture and has began the process of having Vendors, once again starting with ASRock, to pull the UEFI’s and release updates that lock out the ability to push the BCLK to extremes.  Citing concerns such as the loss of temperature monitoring as one of their reasons to ‘protect’ the end user.   However, there’s nothing forcing the consumer to replace this BETA overclocking friendly UEFI with their new locked down version so it’ll be up to the individual to do so for now we’re beginning to see repositories spring up in various forums to ensure these BETA UEFI’s aren’t lost to the void.

I personally love overclocking for fun, nothing extreme but I like to see how far I can take something on traditional cooling and find what benefits it yields.  So once I saw this becoming a thing I picked up a Z170 board off of a forum sale and decided to order up an i3-6100 to toy around with myself.  I considered an i5-6400, but in my personal opinion having an unlocked i5 available it simply seemed worth it spring for that and not have to fight any of the shortcomings that these BETA UEFI’s bring along, most notable being temperature monitoring.   And, with no unlocked i3 being available it felt right to me.  A low cost ($129) cpu with an already high clock speed of 3.7ghz would require very little work on the BCLK side of things.  So I installed the MSI BETA UEFI on my Z170 XPower Gaming motherboard and found out if it was really worth the hassle and trouble.

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