Android 7.0 Nougat

Google Android 7.0 Nougat Review – Surprisingly Uninspiring

Here’s our full Google Android 7.0 Nougat review running on a Nexus 5X Android-powered smartphone. Google Android …
ReviewGaming 1 week ago

Bound Review – The Power of Memories

Developer/ Publisher: Plastic/Sony Interactive Entertainment Platform: PlayStation 4 – $19.99 Review code provi…
ReviewGaming 2 weeks ago

Dex Review – Blade Runner-ish

Developer/ Publisher: Dreadlocks Platform: PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One – $19.99 PS4 version tested. Rev…
galgun logo
ReviewGaming 2 weeks ago

Gal*Gun Double Peace Review – Doki-Doki Heartbreak

Developer/ Publisher: Inti Creates/PQube Platform: PS Vita ($39.99), PlayStation 4 ($59.99) PS4 version tested. Review…
10 Second Ninja X
ReviewGaming 2 weeks ago

10 Second Ninja X Review – No Time To Waste

Developer/ Publisher: Four Circle Interactive / Curve Digital Platform: PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, X…
Abzu Logo
ReviewGaming 3 weeks ago

Abzû Review – A Journey into the Big Blue

Developer/ Publisher: Giant Squid / 505 Games Platform: PC (Steam), PlayStation 4 – $19.99, $15.99 for PS+ member…
ReviewGaming 3 weeks ago

Street Fighter V: A Shadow Falls Cinematic Story Expansion

Developer & Publisher: Capcom Platforms: PC (Steam). PlayStation 4 – Free for Street Fighter V owners. It’s…
Star Trek Beyond
ReviewMovies 3 weeks ago

Star Trek Beyond Review

Director Justin Lin has done something incredibly rare. In the case of trilogies the third movie is always the weakest. …
Shiren Logo
ReviewGaming 4 weeks ago

Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate – Would you bet you…

Developer/ Publisher: Chunsoft/Aksys Games Platform: PS Vita, $39.99 Review code provided by the publisher. As another …
ReviewGaming 4 weeks ago

Necropolis Review – The City of The Not Really Dead

Developer/ Publisher: Harebrained Schemes / Bandai Namco Platform: PC (Steam), PlayStation 4 & Xbox One (later this…
Zombie Night Terror 00 - Logo
ReviewGaming 4 weeks ago

Zombie Night Terror Review – DIY Zombie Apocalypse

Create your own zombie apocalypse in Zombie Night Terror. Giving you every type of zombie power imaginable, it's time to…
Pokemon GO
ReviewGamingMobile 1 month ago

Pokémon Go Review – The New King of Mobile Gaming

Developer & Publisher: Niantic Platforms: iOS, Android Do you remember the 90s? PokéMania was everywhere, from day…
I am Setsuna._20160713174556
ReviewGaming 1 month ago

I Am Setsuna Review – United By Fate

Developer: Tokyo RPG Factory / Square Enix Platform: PC (Steam), PlayStation 4 – $39.99 Review code provided by t…
Zombie Party 00 - Main Menu-Header
ReviewGaming 1 month ago

Zombie Party Review – Boom, Zap, Whey!

Zombie Party is a 16-bit top down shooter. Offering a variety of game modes, a wide range of weapons, RPG aspects and pe…
ReviewGaming 1 month ago

Umbrella Corps Review – More Dead Than Undead

Developer & Publisher: Capcom Platforms: PC (Steam). PlayStation 4 – 29.99 PS4 version reviewed. Copy provide…
DSC_0415 (Custom)
ReviewHardware 1 month ago

MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Armor X OC Review – Is It Faster Than The Fastest GTX 980 Ti?

Summing it up, the MSI GeForce GTX 1070 is the best choice for high-end and mainstream gamers who are looking to play th…
ReviewEntertainment 1 month ago

Mr Robot S02E01 – unm4sk (Part 1)

Our Infinite Loop of Insanity In the world of smart phones, smart TVs, smart houses, smart cars, Mr Robot is probably th…
Inside 00 - Header
ReviewGaming 1 month ago

Inside Review – Wait, what?

Playdead, developers of Limbo, bring you to another dark and disturbing world. You play as a boy, you're going to die. I…






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