Remote Messages 3 iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweak is Now Available – ARM64 Compatible!

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Jan 31, 2014

While iMessage would certainly never come to Windows – at least in foreseeable future – and Mac is not getting SMS support for its own Message app, we do need some tweak to get us platform independence with SMS support. If you want to send and receive messages and SMS texts from a computer, here is updated Remote Messages 3 iOS 7 jailbreak tweak to get to achieve what you want!Remote Messages 3 iOS 7

Remote Messages 3 iOS 7 jailbreak tweak:

Remote Messages iOS 7 jailbreak tweak replicates the functionality of Messages app in modern web browser – work on any operating system unlike the iMessages for Mac; and it also lets you send the SMS text messages adding the functionality of phones.

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The iOS 7 compatible Remote Messages 3 is a perfect tweak to send and receive messages on any computer, device that has a web browser. Remote Messages 3 iOS 7

Remote Messages 3 features:

  • Send and receive SMS messages
  • Send and receive iMessages
  • Communicate using any machine, mobile device
  • Platform independent – communicate between iOS and Android!
  • Camera Roll access
  • Contact pictures
  • Messages saved as drafts until sent; full emoji set!
  • Typing notifications, like in iMessages and WhatsApp
  • Since your phone acts as a web server, it can send battery and WiFi signal information too!
  • Now added support for iOS 7 in Remote Message 3
  • Fully compatible with 64-bit ARM devices such iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and Retina iPad MiniRemote Messages 3 iOS 7

Remote Message iOS 7 jailbreak tweak is available on Cydia BigBoss repo for only $3.99. While you may think it is too much to ask for a tweak, trust us as Remote Messages take you totally independent if you are an extreme communicator.

Once installed, you can configure Remote Messages iOS 7 jailbreak tweak from Settings app. Go to Settings Remote Messages Create a user account Enable toggle to turn the web server on.

Remote Messages 3 iOS 7

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Finally, connect to Remote Messages 3 using device’s IP address and port.Remote Messages 3 iOS 7