Rebellion Games Offers Popular Medieval Game Joust Legend for FREE – iOS Games

Rafia Shaikh
Posted Dec 7, 2013
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Rebellions Games launched its popular medieval game Joust Legend about three months back. Set in Middle Ages, Joust Legend is a very high quality game immersing you in some horseback battle fun. Today, Rebellion Games is offering Joust Legend for FREE for a day!joust legend free app

Get Rebellion Games Joust Legend for FREE:

Rebellion Games Joust Legend was available for $1.99, and is now being offered for FREE for a day. Get this holiday gift for yourself and enjoy the Medieval battles.

Experience the speed, adrenaline and lance-shattering intensity of jousting. Test your mettle and push your reactions to the limit on your quest to vanquish rival knights of the realm and become the King’s Champion… a Joust Legend! 

It’s 1472 and the King of France has issued a challenge to King Edward IV of England – a grand Tourney to showcase the finest warriors of these two proud nations. And so Edward announces the King’s Trials, a series of grueling tournaments to find the finest knight in the kingdom! 

Joust Legend is an authentic jousting experience created using motion capture from a real jousting session with the game’s Creative Director – and champion jouster – Jason Kingsley.

Get Rebellion Games Joust Legend for your iPhone or iPad from App Store and enjoy battling.

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