Razer reveals dual purpose Orca headphones

Syavash Pahore
Aug 11, 2010
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A well known issue with buying expensive gaming headphones such as the Logitech G35 and the Razer Carcharias has been that these headphones are specifically deisgned for gaming and don’t work too well compared with proper headphones designed for music.

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Razer though aims to solve this issue with the Razer Orca headphone. This headphone is designed for music as well as gaming which should make i an ideal choice for gamers that want decent headphones but can’t afford seperate headphones for music and gaming. The headphone even comes with two cables. A braided 2 meter cable is intended for use with desktop PCs whereas a smaller cable works well when you’re on the go.

The headphones have a lightweight circumaurel design similar to that of the Carcharias gaming headphone. The headphones will cost $60 and are available in the US from August and worldwide sales will begin sometime in Q3 2010.

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