PS4 Pro Helps Triple PS4 Console Sales In The UK

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Nov 14, 2016
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The release of the PS4 Pro last week helped boost PS4 console sales by 204% in the UK.

According to website MCVUK, overall PS4 sales tripled for the week ending Saturday, November 12th. The sales data originates from UK sales tracking firm GFK.

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According to the data, 65% of additional PS4 sales can be attributed to PS4 Pro sales alone. Sales for both the original PS4 and PS4 slim rose by 8.5% week-on-week. Compared to Xbox One sales in the UK, Sony’s PS4 sales were 44% higher, and Sony claims a 53% console market share in the UK. Microsoft has a 37% market share respectively.

Microsoft’s Xbox One has been doing quite well for the past months as well. The console managed to beat PS4 sales in the US for the past 4 months.

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The PS4 Pro is out now for $399.

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