Post-Apocalyptic Survival MMO Pangaea: New World Seeks Funding On Kickstarter

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Nov 25, 2015
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Russian developer LVR Studio has announced that Pangaea: New World, a post-apocalyptic survival MMO shooter with both first and third person view, is now on a Kickstarter campaign for funding.

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The minimum goal is set at $250K, while a few stretch goals up to $880K have also been unveiled. Pangaea: New World, according to the team, is a struggle for survival. In order to survive, the player must develop his/her character, build better weapons and equipment. The game focuses on the adventures of unexplored territories either alone or in co-op with friends.

Pangaea: New World has been inspired by games like Metro 2033, STALKER and RAGE, as expected. Here’s a list of the main features of the game:

  • Dynamic quests – quests you perform can create additional quests for other players.
  • A wide choice of skills and professions
  • “Real” trade – market is filled with products exclusively from the hands of the players.
  • Interesting anomaly system
  • Smart ecosystem – complete dependence of all members of the flora and fauna from one another.
  • Unique map, divided into special geozones
  • Fascinating leveling of character
  • Live interaction with other players
  • Living World – constant migration of fauna and dependence from geozone
  • Smart monsters
  • Co-op up to 30 people
  • PVP and PVE mode

Pangaea: New World is being developed with Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 for PC (it’s been already approved on Steam Greenlight), Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (the team already has console certifications, apparently). LVR Studio also published a full roadmap, according to which Closed Alpha will begin in January 2016, Closed Beta in July 2016 and Open Beta in October 2016.

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Here’s a recent alpha video of the game.

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