The Penguin confirmed for Arkham City makes appearance in latest PSM 3

Rizwan Anwer
May 26, 2011
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PSM3is a very popular PS3 magazine detailing upcoming games and news, on their newer issue they have shown the Penguin in all his black and white glory, finely dressed while smoking a cigar he looks like a total BAD ASS, now all we need is Mr. Freeze and this could be THE best Batman game ever made in the history of gaming!

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image courtesy of IGN

With the Joker, Dr. Hugo Strange, Catwoman and Two-Face already confirmed for the game you can rest assured that the addition of Penguin will definitely make this game even more awesome than before! I for one am definitely looking forward to this game. You can expect this game to hit shelves for PS3 / 360 / PC on October 18th 2011! Mark that day a red letter day otherwise you could miss up on what could be a contender (and possibly the winner) for GOTY 2011.

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Source: IGN

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