Paragon is a New Shooter Coming From the Unreal Engine Creator, Epic Games

Jeff Williams
Nov 4, 2015
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Epic Games has a new game on the horizon called Paragon. A new trailer popped up today that shows off one of the in-game playable heroes, Twinblast, a cybernetic human with two very red artificial arms gripping a pistol.

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Perhaps this is another new multiplayer, team-based shooter from Epic Games.

This trailer is only but a small tease of the actual game. Nothing substantial has been released so far, though focusing on “hero” characters that have nicknames that evoke a certain flair does point towards a multiplayer competition of some kind. You can sign-up for the beta test here┬áif you’d like to be one of the first to try this curious game. According to the official website, we’ll see more character reveals throughout the rest of the week; Steel, Sparrow, Dekker and Grux, all of whom already hint at an appearance to match their names.

This is indeed a curious development if it turns out to be a multiplayer based arrangement. They’re already rebooting, to quite the fanfare, their ubiquitous Unreal Tournament franchise to fulfill fast-paced, over-the-top arena action. But perhaps this new entrant, Paragon, will be much more than even what Unreal Tournament is and cross-over into a MOBA type realm.

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Whatever the final reveal for Paragon is, stay tuned for more info. And don’t forget to sign-up for that beta test either.

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