Palit Announces 4GB GTX 680 JetStream Edition

Sabeeh Qureshi
Apr 20, 2012
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Palit has announced another variant of its GTX 680 graphics card with this particular JetStream edition shipping with 4 gigabytes of DDR5 memory for the ultimate gaming performance on high resolutions!

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The GTX 680, currently the flagship GPU for Nvidia, on reference cards shipped with 2GB of memory. But the need arose for those who didn’t tend to go for SLI on their large screens due to memory shortage and preferred to stick to single GPU setups. Soon enough Palit heard out the cries of our gamers and came up with this.

The card comes with DrMOS and packs a 6+2 Phase PWM that enables the card to perform 12% better when compared to the 2GB JetStream variant. The card sure does pack an amazing look with its triple fan design and also features LED lighting across the card. Check out the press release below for more details.


Palit Microsystems Ltd, the leading graphics card manufacturer, announced a brand new double memory size 4GB at Palit GeForce GTX 680 JetStream 風 series. The second JetStream model, Palit GeForce GTX 680 4GB, with massive 4096 MB of GDDR5 memory offers rich realistic and explosive HD gaming performance under maximum resolution setting. Palit GeForce GTX 680 JetStream 4GB brings gamers the cutting-edge performance and an explosive gaming experience to the next new level. The Palit JetStream 風series of graphics cards features innovative cooling and an optimized product design to deliver gamers the ultimate gaming experience. As the latest and most powerful GPU in the series, the Palit GeForce GTX 680 JetStream 4GB guarantees gamers cutting-edge performance and an explosive new gaming experience.
Same as the previous Palit GeForce GTX680 JetStream 2GB, Palit continues to gear up with the new Palit JetStream thermal design and the optimized components (DrMOS and 6+2 phase PWM), which makes Palit GeForce GTX 680 JetStream 4GB perform much better than 2GB version by up to 12% at FarCry 2 under NVIDIA Surround setting. Palit GeForce GTX680 JetStream 4GB also offers great OC ability by using Palit brand new utility “ ThunderMaster” which allows you to drag the performance to its maximum score.

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  • Super Size 4GB memory on board
  • DrMOS
  • Triple Fan
  • 6+2 Phase PWM
  • LED Lighting
  • Simultaneous 3 X DVI monitor support
  • TurboFan Blade
  • Optimized Air Flow
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