OSTraining Developer Courses: Lifetime Subscription ($69)

Jeff Williams
Nov 4, 2015
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One should never stop learning, ever. And if you’re at all curious about any number of awesome subjects, then maybe this opportunity for a lifetime subscription to a repository of amazing knowledge from OSTraining is for you, for only $69.

Developer Courses

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Keep yourself up to date on nearly any IT related topic you could dream of to help you become a developer with a lifetime subscription for $69.

There are hundreds of topics and over 2500 well informed videos that’ll help you become a master at nearly anything you could think of. Any particular topic within the realm of HTML, CSS, PHP, or anything that a budding developer could need. Your only limit is your own imagination in this case.

What you’ll get to do with OSTraining:

  • Watch 2500+ videos on WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, SEO, HTML, CSS, PHP & more
  • Gain access to 2 new additional classes every week
  • Receive printable certificates upon each course completion
  • Learn from only the best & most experienced instructors
  • Utilize Joomla’s 10,000+ extensions & templates to build fully functional websites
  • Master WordPress, the most popular platform used on the Web today
  • Build sites w/ Drupal, the intuitive software used by large organizations like WhiteHouse.gov, Sony & more
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