NVIDIA’s Teaser Announcement is the GeForce GTX 690 – Flagship Dual GK104 GPU, Launches in Early May

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Apr 19, 2012

NVIDIA posted a teaser pic on its facebook page yesterday which hinted at a new incoming GeForce product, Now various sources of Sweclockers are confirming the the teaser is all about NVIDIA’s latest Dual chip flagship GPU known as the GeForce GTX 690.

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The launch of the card is going to be held in the first week after Ivy Bridge launch on April 29th which means the card would show itself by early May. AMD also has plans to reveal its dual chip Radeon HD 7990 by then though no official reports are out yet.

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As far as specifications are concerned, The GTX 690 would be based on two GK104 chips featuring 3072 Cuda Cores, 256 TMUs, 64 ROPs, 4GB Memory (256-bit wide). TDP is suggested around 300W and would be powered through two 8 – Pin connectors. Display outputs would include three DVI connector and a mini DisplayPort interface.