Nvidia’s first DirectX 11 capable GTX 460 & GTX 480 (fermi) all set to be intro’d in March

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Feb 20, 2010
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Nvidia has sent out a teaser on their twitter and facebook pages, suggesting that we are to expect a major announcement from them on Monday; Feb 22nd. We are currently expecting that Nvidia will announce the launch of their much anticipated (though late) foray into the DirectX 11 territory, in shape of GTX 460 and 480 graphic cards.

Do keep in mind that the Fermi GPU which powers them has been reportedly plagued with a variety of problems and production issues for a while now – resulting in long-delays before its launch.

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Nvidia in early February, gave out a few tech demos showing off GF-100, Fermi’s graphical prowess.

However, Jen-Hsun Huang – Nvidia’s CEO in a recent conference call with financial analysts, stated that the parts won’t really be available in quantity until NVIDIA’s Q2, which starts in May.

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“Q2 [of FY 2011] is going to be the quarter when Fermi is hitting the full stride. It will not just be one Fermi product, there will be a couple of Fermi products to span many different price ranges, but also the Fermi products will span GeForce Quadro and Tesla. So, we are going to be ramping now on Fermi architecture products through Q2 and we are building a lot of it. I am really excited about the upcoming launch of Fermi and I think it will more than offset the seasonality that we usually see in Q2,” Jen-Hsun Huang was quoted as saying.

And Fudzilla is now reporting that we can expect the GeForce 400 series cards to start shipping at some point in time after the CeBIT trade show, in Germany.

Source: Xbit Labs

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