NVIDIA Unleashes the GeForce GTX 690 as the Worlds Fastest Graphic Card Ever

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Last week, NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang announced the GeForce GTX 690 at the NVIDIA Gaming Festival floor. Today the GPU has been launched by various vendors claiming the title of the worlds fastest GPU ever made.

The GeForce GTX 690 is not only the worlds fastest GPU ever but also an engineering marvel combining some of the most innovative technologies ever assembled within a GPU design, These include:

  • An exterior frame made from trivalent chromium-plated aluminum, providing excellent strength and durability
  • A fan housing made from a thixomolded magnesium alloy, which offers excellent heat dissipation and vibration dampening
  • High-efficiency power delivery with less resistance, lower power and less heat generated using a 10-phase, heavy-duty power supply with a 10-layer, two-ounce copper printed circuit board
  • Efficient cooling using dual vapor chambers, a nickel-plated finstack and center-mounted axial fan with optimized fin pitch and air entry angles
  • Low-profile components and ducted baseplate channels for unobstructed airflow, minimizing turbulence and improving acoustic quality


The GPU itself packs dual kepler GK104 cores which offer upto 3072 Cuda Cores and a 4GB (512-bit) memory which allows for blistering fast frame rates on high resolution gaming with NVIDIA 3D Vision and 3D Stereoscopic support.

Even though each core of the GPU runs at lower clock speeds compared to the GTX 680, it still manages to deliver the same amount of performance as two 680’s in SLI configuration at only 300W TDP. A single GTX 680 for reference has a 195W TDP design. That’s quite some power efficient card which still delivers the most fastest gaming performance ever seen.

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Various vendors are now retailing the cards for an MSRP of $999. You can check out the reviews below from various hardware sites:

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