Nvidia Launching GTX 670Ti On 10th May

Sabeeh Qureshi
Apr 25, 2012

As according to Fudzilla’s sources, Nvidia is possibly launching the GTX 670Ti along with the GTX 690’s launch that has been slated for 10th May next month.

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Currently, we are three days away to some kind of official announcement by Nvidia at the GeForce LAN / Nvidia Gaming Festival 2012 (NGF for short) that takes place in Shanghai, China on the 28th of April. Possibilities are that the masses will get to feast their eyes on the dual GK104 graphics card, the GTX 690 along with teaser benchmarks and specifications details.

Yet now as per details, the GTX 690 launch will be accompanied by the GTX 670Ti on 10th May. More of, availability of both cards even if launched would be quite less as TSMC has been experiencing capacity issues in the past month that has affected Qualcomm and AMDs production as well.

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Earlier, the GTX 680 turned out to be a rebranded 670Ti, so there’s a clear possibility of this being a GTX 660Ti in reality, sharing the same GK104 chip as the 680 however with a lesser CUDA count.