NVIDIA Kepler GK-104 and GK-100 Specifications Detailed, GK-100 Rumored to launch in Q2 2012

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NVIDIA’s Kepler GPU Specifications have been revealed over at 3DCenter which detail the upcoming 28nm GK-104 and GK-100 chip based graphic cards.

According to the released info, Nvidia’s Next Gen flagship GK-100/GK-112 chip which will feature a total f 1024 Shaders (Cuda Cores), 128 texture units (TMUs), 64 ROP’s and a 512-bit GDDR5 Memory interface. The 28nm Next Gen beast would outperform the current Dual chip Geforce GTX590 GPU.

Release date is expected between Q2 2012.

Next would be the GK-104 Core which would replace the current performance segment cards such as GTX560/GTX560Ti would feature 640-768 Shader Units (Cuda Cores), 80-96 texture units (TMUs), Memory interface would most likely remain GDDR5 ~ 256-  384-bit. Performance is expected to be a bit better then the current fastest Geforce GTX580 GPU.

It’s expected time of arrival would be in 2H 2012. The GK-104 chip would allow support for DirectX 11.1 and be compatible with PCI-e Gen 3.

Fudzilla has also reported that Nvidia already has Kepler Samples with them and yields are reportedly said to be better than 40nm based cards.

“We are on track with our Kepler roadmap. We have 28nm silicon in house now. Our transition to 28nm is going better than 40nm, and yields are better than our original plan.”

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