NVIDIA Kepler “GK104” GeForce GTX 670Ti Arrives in March 2012, Performs better than GTX 580 and HD7950

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Taiwanese AIB partners have revealed to Sweclockers that Nvidia would be launching its 28nm Kepler GK104 chip based GeForce GTX 670Ti GPU in March.

Rumors of a Kepler GPU based on the GK104 core were already circulating the web, The GeForce GTX670Ti which is the successor to the GF-114 based GeForce GTX560Ti would be a performance tier arsenal from Nvidia against the AMD’s recently released HD7000 Series cards with performance levels better than Geforce GTX 580 and Radeon HD 7950.

A few specifications of the GK104 were also leaked earlier which show that the chip would feature 1536 Cuda Cores, 128 TMU, 32 ROPs and 2 GB 256-bit memory GDDR5, Core clock would be maintained around 950Mhz-1050Mhz. TDP ranges around 225W while retail price is expected around $299. Another GK104 product codenamed GTX680 was unveiled a while back which is expected to be faster than the HD7970 GPU, Details here.


On the other hand, GK110 which is the flagship chip and replaces the GF-110 based GTX580 would arrive in Q3/Q4 2012, Lower end models based on the GK107 chip are also expected in March – April 2012. You can get further details on Nvidia Kepler GPU’s below:

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