NVIDIA Kepler GK-104 based Graphic Cards to Cost Around $299

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Jan 23, 2012
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Semi-Accurate’s sources have revealed that the initial pricing of Nvidia’s GK-104 based Graphic Cards have been sent out to AIB’s (Add In Board Partners) which are expected to cost around $299.

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It isn’t known which specific Graphic Card based on the 28nm die is being mentioned here. It could be the GTX560Ti Replacement (GTX660Ti) which is rumored to come with 640-768 Shader Units (Cuda Cores), 80-96 texture units (TMUs), Memory interface would most likely remain 1.5-2GB GDDR5 ~ 256-  384-bit, TDP-225W and would most likely outperform the GeForce GTX580. But will Nvidia actually release a GPU which costs less and at the same time performs faster than the its current flagship GPU? Only time will tell.

  • Gk100/Gk112 : Flagship Single Core GPU, 1024 Cuda Cores, Supports PCI Express Gen.3 –
  • Gk110 : Dual Chip GK104 × 2, supports PCI Express Gen.3
  • Gk104 : Performance GPU, supports PCI Express Gen.3
  • Gk106 : Mainstream GPU, supports PCI Express Gen.3
  • Gk107 : Entry GPU , supports PCI Express Gen.2

A faster GPU could also be based on the GK-104 chip called the GTX680, This GPU would pack a 2GB memory and a 780Mhz Core clock. This part could $399+, Then come the GK-112 based Flagship Single and GK-110 based Dual Chip cards. Little is known about these two except that the Dual chip is going to feature 2xGK-104’s and would come around 2H 2012 and same date goes for GK-110. The GK-104 is expected to show itself around Q1 2012.

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