Nvidia Slashes Titan Z Pricing Again

Khalid Moammer
Posted 2 years ago

Two months ago Nvidia launched an OEM and system builder specific campaign. By which OEMs and system builders can get special price cuts when using Nvidia GeForce Titan Z graphics cards. Essentially dropping the price of the card by 37% down to $1830.

AMD answered soon after with a $500 price cut on its already less expensive R9 295X2. Bringing the price of the card down to $999. AMD’s price cut however was not OEM only. And retailers began offering the card at the new price point to end users.

Nvidia Slashes Titan Z Pricing Again

Nvidia now has deiced to follow suit and extend the price cut on the Titan Z to include retailers as well. In addition to that the card has also received a new price reduction bringing the price down to $1500. As things stand right now you can find the R9 295X2 for as low as $929 on Amazon.com. You can also find the Titan Z for as low as $1580 on Amazon as well.


These price cuts were perhaps necessary after the launch of the 900 series. $1500 is still a very steep asking price for the Titan Z now that the GTX 980 and GTX 970 are out. Especially for gamers,  as a pair of GTX 970s would cost half as much as the Titan Z and provide a better gaming performance.
However for CUDA developers the Titan Z now is a much more attractive option than buying two separate Titan Blacks for $1100 each.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the purpose behind all of these price cuts is to bring inventory levels down to a more healthy number. No doubt very few decided to spend $3000 on a Titan Z and recent product introductions made the card an even harder sell. This is the second time that Titan Z’s price saw a significant cut and it’s fairly obvious that Nvidia had quickly realized that a dual GK110 board for $3000 really does not make any sense at all.

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