Nexus 2 packed with Gingerbread headed for a Christmas release?

Rizwan Anwer
Oct 27, 2010
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The Nexus One was one of Google’s first Android OS phones, and even though it had a bad market share it was a pretty good phone. It was the first phone to get Froyo ROM (by rooting of course) and it still has one of the best processors in its budget, Nexus One running Froyo is still a beast in many benchmarks, and Google is finally releasing a successor to this phone in the form of Nexus Two

That is if rumors of Nexus 2 coming in Christmas of this year are true, the phone will reportedly make its debut in the UK and will come packing with Android 3.0 given the clever codename of Gingerbread.

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An industry source said: “It looks like Google is experimenting with the future of its mobile model in the UK. It tried releasing through a single carrier, now it is trying a single retailer.

“It could be a solution to the problems it experienced when it tried to sell the Nexus One exclusively through its website. People like to be able to go to a store – this solves that.”

Although the manufacturer of the phone is still in question there are rumors that Samsung might get the chance to make the Nexus Two. Apparently Google wasn’t satisfied with the job HTC did with the Nexus One. Even though Android is slowly gaining up to Apple’s MASSIVE market share, Google might yet give the golden opportunity of making the Nexus two to some other manufacturer.

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Source: CityAM

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