MyDigitalSSD Intros the SuperSSpeed Chris Ramseyer Signature Edition SSD

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MyDigitalSSD has teamed with SuperSSpeed to release the new MyDigitalSSD SuperSSpeed SATA III (6G) SLC 2.5”
SandForce Solid State Drive – A drive that is proof, that in this day and age, you get what you pay for.

SuperSSeries SSDs offer Read/Write speeds of up to 550/520MB/s, durability, and reliability synonymous with
MyDigitalSSD but boast SLC flash for personal, as well as industrial sized projects.

Why choose SLC over MLC? SLC flash chips are rated at 100K Read/Write/Erase Cycles and offer virtually zero
distinction between compressible and incompressible data. Whereas, MLC flash is rated at 3-5K read/write/erase
cycles and gets choked up when asked to handle incompressible data. SuperSSpeed SLC flash based SandForce
drives are argued to be 20 times better than its nearest MLC rival at only twice the expense.


Furthermore, each drive includes a dual 2.5” hard drive desktop adapter bracket, a one foot SATA cable, and is
compatible with all major operating systems including Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS10.X, and Linux.

To kick things off, we are proud to announce the MyDigitalSSD 128GB 2.5″ SuperSSpeed SATA III (6G) SLC
SandForce SSD – Chris Ramseyer Signature Edition drives, limited to 50 signed and numbered pieces by Chris
himself .

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Having tested virtually every drive on the market today, Chris helped design every aspect of the final product from the over-the-top accessory package to the industry leading 5-year warranty, guaranteeing user satisfaction at an unparalleled price to performance.

Chris Ramseyer Signature Edition SSDs are available exclusively at for $275.
For more information on MyDigitalSSD SuperSSpeed 2.5″ SATA III/6G SSDs, click here.

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