First Multi-Format Video Player for Android

Posted 7 years ago

For all the Android users and fans, this one find may change how we look at the video players in our mobiles as xda-developers forum have found a video player for Android which plays… hold on… the following formats:

4xm, 8bps, aac, ac3, eac3, amv, ape, dca, imc, alas, rm, rmvb, nuv, ptx, tta, wma, wmv, flic, flac, flv, g726, h261, h263, h264, mp1, mp2, mp3, mp4, smc, tmv, dvdsub, dvbsub

The credit for finding this app goes to Zano Chen a member of xda-developers forum.


Although only a handful have tried this app, as it is from a Chinese forum and it is in Chinese, but those who have already seem pretty satisfied with it. Follow the link to find out more.

Via: Xda-developers Forums

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