MSI Leaks AMD HD7000 Series Roadmap, HD7990/HD7800/HD7700 Release Dates Unveiled

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MSI seems to have leaked AMD’s Upcoming Radeon HD7000 Series roadmap which has exposed the release dates of HD7800, HD7700 and the Dual Chip HD7990 GPU’s.

AMD, After the launch of its last HD7900 Series GPU “HD7950” today would be aiming for the release of the new HD7700 Series Cape Verde chip based graphic cards – HD7770 (Cape Verde XT) and HD7750 (Cape Verde Pro) on 15th February 2012. The Cape Verde XT/Pro based cards would include HD7770/HD7750 featuring 896/832 Stream Processors respectively. Memory would feature a 1GB buffer across a 128-bit wide interface on both cards. The HD7770 would be available for $149 and HD7750 for $139. You can also check out a few benchmarks and pics of the HD7770 here.


In March 2012, We would see the launch of the new Mid-Range cards belonging to the HD7800 Series aka Pitcairn. These would include the HD7870 (Pitcairn XT) and HD7850 (Pitcairn Pro), The Pitcairn XT “HD7870″  would feature 1408 Stream Processors clocked at 950Mhz, A 2GB Memory across a 256-bit interface. The card would be priced at $299. The Pitcairn Pro based HD7850 would be available in two different models, Both would feature 1280 Stream Processors clocked at 900Mhz, The 2GB variant would be priced at $249 and the 1GB variant would be available for $219. The 1GB variant would arrive later in Q2 2012.

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Q2 2012 would also see the arrival of the Dual chip flagship model from AMD codenamed New Zealand “HD7990”. The card would feature two Tahiti XT Cores packing a monstrous 4096 Stream processors, Core clocks would be lower in the 700Mhz levels, a 6GB GDDR5 (384-bit x2) memory is expected, pricing would be set around  $849.

NVIDIA on the other hand is also rumored to launch its much anticipated 28nm based Kepler GPU’s around the same time in Q2 2012, More info on that here.

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