MSI Launches Radeon 5870 & 5850 with 1GHz Clock Speed

Omer Saleem
Jan 11, 2010
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In the war of GPUs’ there has not been a clear winner so far. nVidia and (now) AMD (formerly ATI) are both at it but just when it seemed that the cold winter had started to take effect, MSI came up with yet another product for the fans.

Behold the latest and greatest (so far) acheivement by MSI in the form of Radeon R5870 Lighting and R5850 Cyclone. The GPU come with a jaw dropping and whooping 1Ghz core speed.

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MSI’s flagship enthusiast-catered accomplishment comes in the form of the Radeon R5870 Lightning based on the 40nm “Cypress” DirectX 11 core from AMD. This particular GPU is built on a 10-layer printed circuit board and features a jaw-dropping 1000MHz core speed, a 15-phase digital PWM design and two 8-pin PCI-Express 2.0 power connectors for incredible overclocking capability and performance. In addition, the card incorporates the company’s latest and greatest in heatsink innovation which it calls “Twin Frozr II thermal design with SuperPipe technology.”


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The company has simultaneously previewed its Radeon R5850 Cyclone based on the 40nm “Broadway” DirectX 11 core from AMD. This particular GPU features a single extra-large 9cm fan that has the ability to generate half of its rated noise with ultra-low RPM mode enabled. In effect, the R5850 Cyclone gives users silent a working environment and overclocking capability. MSI states that this board is also applied with “Military Class” components – SSC, Hi-c Capacitors, and Solid Capacitors – offering exceptional stability and a solid lifetime.

Now we are waiting for nVidia to come up with their battle plan.

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