Mourinho Annoyed By His Team’s “PlayStation Football”; PlayStation UK Bites Back

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Sep 13

Manchester United coach José Mourinho has expressed annoyance at his team’s display of fantasy football, and Sony’s official PlayStation UK Twitter account decided to react to Mourinho’s ‘annoyance’.

Yesterday, Mourinho’s ‘Red Devils’ proved victorious against FC Basel in the Champions League, but the coach wasn’t impressed with his team’s performance after the second goal.

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“Until 2-0 we were stable, we played with confidence,” Mourinho told BT Sport. “After 2-0 everything changed, we stopped playing seriously and stopped making right decisions.”

The coach from Portugal went on to say that his team made bad decisions and accused them of playing “PlayStation football”. “We were playing fantasy football, PlayStation football”, he said. “I don’t like it – flicks and tricks.”

Following Mourinho’s unfavorable PlayStation quote, Sony’s official PlayStation UK Twitter account decided to share their own message on social media saying that PlayStation is here to actually “entertain” people. “Sorry @josemourinho, no parked buses at PlayStation… we are here to entertain”, PlayStation UK tweeted.

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Did you watch the match between Manchester and FC Basel? How do feel about Mourinho’s reference to PlayStation and PlayStation UK’s reaction? Hit the comments below.