Microsoft planning to bring Kinect to Windows Phone 8

Ammar Malik
Apr 12, 2012
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Kinect is a motion sensing technology from Microsoft which is currently being used in the Xbox 360. It has added a whole new dimension to games and has garnered a huge fan following. However Microsoft’s other gaming platform, Windows Phone 7 currently doesn’t offer any such technology. That is understandable though considering how Kintect works. 3 cameras, one of which is infrared capable to make night time gaming possible. That kind of space just isn’t available on a smartphone, and an infrared camera alone is far too difficult a task to incorporate in a handheld device.

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However Microsoft isn’t giving up. With Windows Phone 8, aka Apollo looking more and more like a real thing, though it hasn’t been officially announced, Microsoft doesn’t have anything to loose. Xbox integration is the biggest ┬ácompetitive advantage Microsoft has on their mobile OS which is why with Windows Phone 8 they’re looking for ways to integrate Kinect into the OS.

Even if Microsoft is able to somehow put anything similar to Kinect into a smartphone, it will be a huge boost to mobile gaming. We can only imagine what the competitors will bring to the table. Apple with its iPhone and Sony with its PS3 integration.

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