Microsoft LCD Spotted in TV Show

Posted 7 years ago

I was watching the latest episode of Smallville (yes I still watch it and love it) and I came across this very interesting display of LCD bearing Microsoft logos and name on them. I know that Microsoft has never indicated nor have expressed any inclination towards getting into making LCD screens but I also came across this interesting piece of news from IEEE Spectrum (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) about Microsoft Engineers Invent Energy-Efficient LCD Competitor. This new technology enhances the amount of light passing through each pixel. Anyhow, you can read the news on the provided link.

The news or potential news I am talking about the discovery I made. Below screen shots from the show clearly display Microsoft logo along with the name on the LCD. It did look to me like a Samsung LCD model SyncMaster 226BW but slightly different. By the size, I say one was 32 inch and the other was either 22 or 24 inch screen.

I have seen TV shows with people using Dell Laptops with Microsoft Windows logo on it but had I not come across the news from IEEE, I might have passed it away just like the other product placements done by companies.





Maybe at the end of the day, it just maybe nothing but since it was something to me, I though I would share it with you all.

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