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Uncharted The Nathan Drake
Games 6 hours ago

About 80% of PS4 Owners Have Never Played an Uncharted Game, Says Naughty Dog

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is only hours away from being released for the North American players and the dev…
Sony Project Morpheus (1)
Games 2 days ago

Sony Acquires Softkinetic Systems, Likely To Be Used In PlayStation VR

In a press release issued today, Sony announced that Belgian software house Softkinetic Systems is now a wholly-owned su…
Games 2 days ago

Sony Officially Cuts PS4 Price By $ 50.00, But Not So Much For Blacks Ops III Bundle

Sony has just announced an official price-drop for the PS4 starting tomorrow, October 9th.   Starting tomorrow, the…
Battlefront  (9)
Games 2 days ago

Star Wars Battlefront – PC Ultra vs. PS4 Graphics Comparison; Runs @ 900p on PS4/720p …

Star Wars Battlefront is one of the most optimized multi-platform games around, even at its current Beta stage. Several …
Games 4 days ago

Sony Pushing Ads To PS4 Home Menu

Sony might be looking for ways to increase digital sales on the PS4 by pushing ads to the PS4’s Home Menu. The ads…
Games 1 week ago

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Talks Holiday Release Strategy, Talks About Possibility of A…

The president of SCE Worldwide, Shuhei Yoshida sat down to talk with Martin Robinson at EGX this year. During their chat…
PS4 Controller
Games 1 week ago

PS4 System Software Update 3.00 Release Date Revealed

Sony’s John Koller revealed when Sony plans on officially released update 3.00 into the hands of the rest of the p…
PlayStation 20th Anniversary
Games 2 weeks ago

Sony Surveying Interest For Your Favorite Playstation Game Pre-PS4

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the original Playstation. To celebrate this joyful fact, Sony Europe has created a s…
Uncharted (2)
Games 2 weeks ago

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Takes up a Sizable Chunk of Your PS4 HDD

The size of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection has seemingly been confirmed by PSU to be a hefty 44.56GB in total if…
PlayStation VR
Games 2 weeks ago

Sony: PlayStation VR is an “Ultimate Weapon” for Developers – Needs Se…

Virtual Reality is poised to enter the mainstream and open doors to a whole new dimension for media and gaming industry,…
Games 3 weeks ago

UPDATED: Japanese Gravity Rush 2 Website Details Characters, Story, Environments & …

UPDATED: Added translations, thanks to Sal Romano from Gematsu Following the TGS announcement last week, Sony has launch…
EditorialHardware 3 weeks ago

Exclusive: Xbox One – Potential Impacts of DirectX 12, Asynchronous Compute and Ha…

Foreword: A few weeks back, I delved into the DirectX 12 question as it is applicable to the PC world. This time around…
Games 3 weeks ago

[Updated] Adorable Videos of The Last Guardian’s Life-Size Trico from TGS 2015

[Update] IGN and  Eurogamer have both released videos of the life-size Trico (Catweagle) from Sony’s Booth at the…
Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD
Games 4 weeks ago

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Coming to PlayStation 4

Square Enix surprised the world by announce that they’ve begun development on Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Pr…
Hardware: Rivals
Games 4 weeks ago

Hardware: Rivals, Vehicular Mayhem is Going to be a PS4 Exclusive

The PlayStation 4 is getting another exclusive in the form of some fantastic looking vehicle based combat in Hardware: R…
PlayStation 20th Anniversary
Games 1 month ago

PlayStation celebrating 20th Anniversary, up to 70% Off of Some Great Titles

The PlayStation brand will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of it’s existence today. And to help celebrate the…
08. Xperia_Z5c_WHITE
Mobile 1 month ago

Sony Fixed Snapdragon 810 Overheating Issues in Xperia Z5 Trio – Reviews Don’…

Seems like Sony has finally managed to tame the overzealous Snapdragon 810 in its latest trio of smartphones. Being in …
PlayStation (2)
Games 1 month ago

PS4 Update 3.00 Beta Starts Today, More Features Detailed

Sony announced that the System Software 3.00 is now available as a beta for those that have been selected to access that…






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