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Games 2 days ago

PS4 Sales Top 30 Million Units As Of November 22

PS4 sales have topped 30 million units. Sony has officially announced that their console has sold through more than 30.2…
Beyond Two Souls
Games 2 days ago

Beyond Two Souls PS4 Comes in at 33GB, Only Slightly Larger than PS3

Beyond Two Souls is finally available on the PS4 today, and the download size on PS4 is a full 33GB, larger than the 25G…
Exclusive 5 days ago

WCCFtech Weekly Review, Emulation Edition

And it’s that time of the week again folks. When Tiffany takes us through the most exciting news and happenings th…
PlayStation (2)
Games 6 days ago

Sony Asking What PS2 Games Fans Want; Socom 2 Most Requested, So Much PS2 Love Remains

Sony has just confirmed PS2 emulation on PS4, and already Sony’s External Development Studio Europe, is asking fan…
Games 6 days ago

PS2 Emulation On PS4 Confirmed By Sony

Sony has officially confirmed that PS2 emulation is coming to the PS4. Following the release of the Star Wars Battlefron…
Games 1 week ago

Beyond: Two Souls On PS4 Releases Nov 24th; Heavy Rain On March 1st

Sony has just announced the release dates for PS4 remasters ‘Beyond: Two Souls’ and ‘Heavy Rain’…
Games 1 week ago

New 1TB PS4 ‘Players Mega Pack’ Bundle; Includes Uncharted, God Of War III &…

Retailer Gamestop UK is currently offering an official 1TB Playstation 4 ‘Players Mega Pack’ bundle that inc…
Games 1 week ago

Driveclub Getting Huge Technical Updates, Tire Deformation Incoming and New Tracks

Driveclub is going to be receiving a few updates that’ll bring new technical capabilities as well as new actual co…
Naughty Dog
Games 1 week ago

Naughty Dog Has “At Least One” More Current Gen Game Coming

Naughty Dog, the developer behind the fabled Uncharted series, has unceremoniously outline their upcoming release plans …
PlayStation Experience
Games 2 weeks ago

113 Games Will be Playable at PlayStation Experience 2015, Some of Them Secret

The PlayStation Experience this year is going to have an incredibly large library of games available for attendees to pl…
Games 2 weeks ago

Xbox One Outsells PS4 In October; Halo 5 Top Selling Game, 81% Growth Year-Over-Year

According to NPD, Microsoft’s Xbox One outsold Sony’s PS4 in October. Halo 5: Guardians was the top selling game –…
AMD red white logo
ExclusiveHardware 2 weeks ago

Exclusive: Next Generation Consoles Will have 5x Performance/Watt with Strong Focus on V…

We recently received some new information from a source close to AMD about the company’s future plans and one port…
Games 2 weeks ago

Amazon PS4 Deal $349.99; PS4 Uncharted Collection Bundle, Assassin’s Creed Syndica…

Retailer Amazon currently offers a 500GB PS4 Uncharted Collection Bundle with Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, and Fin…
Games 2 weeks ago

Kohls Black Friday Deals Out, Skylanders and Disney Infinity Leading the Way

Kohls too is having a Black Friday sale and they have a few gaming related items that might be of interest. Starting Nov…
Games 3 weeks ago

Sony Wants To Convince You How Great It Is To Be A PS4 Player

Sony has released a new video, describing how great it is to be a Playstation 4 player. In the new video, we witness a y…
GamesIndustry 4 weeks ago

The Witcher 3 Wins Big at the Golden Joystick Awards 2015

The winners of the 2015 Golden Joystick Awards have been announced, and The Witcher 3 has triumphed over the competition…
Games 4 weeks ago

Housemarque’s ‘Alienation’ Explosively Colorful Trailer from Paris Gam…

Sony has released an impressive trailer for Housemarque’s upcoming twin-stick shooter, Alienation, in which up to …
Detroit Become Human
Games 4 weeks ago

David Cage Gives us an Overview of Kara’s Journey in Detroit: Become Human

Quantic Dream and Sony have released a new video from their newly announced title, Detroit: Become Human, which is an ev…






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