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Games 7 days ago

Bloodborne: Game Controls and Gameplay Explained in an Eye-Catching New Trailer

At first it was ‘The Order: 1886′ going gold and getting a new trailer, now its ‘Bloodborne’ whi…
PlayStation 4 console
GamesOp-Ed 1 week ago

The Console War: A Brief Look at 2014 And Predictions for 2015

Nobody needs to remind you again that we’re in the middle of the never ending console war and it’s never bee…
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Games 2 weeks ago

PlayStation Anniversary: Amazing Discounts on 60+ Games Starts Today

After Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas last month and the new years discounts, many thought that the discounts h…
GadgetsRumor 2 weeks ago

Latest Sony Xperia Z4 Rumor Suggests Disappointing Specifications For A Flagship

With the hype about upcoming flagships in full swing, every day we see more news surface about potential flagship offeri…
Games 3 weeks ago

PlayStation 4 Sales Reach 18.5 Million Worldwide

In the midst of console war, where exclusives are being revealed and pricing is adjusted for maximum turnover, we reach …
Games 3 weeks ago

PlayStation Wants to Make Up for the Christmas Downtime

Well it’s no news now that PlayStation Network and Xbox Live were hit during Christmas holidays and as a result th…
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GeneralIndustry 4 weeks ago

Apple now streams Sony’s comedy movie “The Interview” on iTunes

“The interview”, a movie released by Sony a few days ago, subsequently after a lot of dispute and controversy. This …
Games 4 weeks ago

PlayStation Network Getting Back on its Feet – Official and Unofficial Fixes to Ge…

Sony Online Entertainment announced earlier yesterday that the PlayStation network is getting back on its feet after and…
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Games 4 weeks ago

Next-Gen Cloud Gaming: Possibility and Benefits of the Next Cloud-Based PlayStation and …

Last week, Sony Computer Entertainment Executive Vice President Masayasu Ito expressed his thoughts on the PlayStation 5…
Games 4 weeks ago

Top 5 Most Anticipated Upcoming PlayStation 4 Exclusive Games

Probably the biggest difference between the Wii, PlayStation and the Xbox is the difference in the games they host where…
Games 4 weeks ago

Xbox and PlayStation Network Live Now – Lizard Squad Stops Attacks

Yesterday, the Xbox Live and the PSN were down for for over 24 hours, thanks to the notorious hacker group Lizard Squad.…
Games 1 month ago

PlayStation 4 Releases a new Eye Catching Trailer Titled “See Future of Play”…

The days running into Christmas are usually the busiest shopping days of the whole year. Gifts all around make it a very…
Xperia Z3 drop test
Gadgets 1 month ago

Sony Xperia Z3 Drop Test Proves the Phone can Take a Few Drops Before Shattering

We love drop tests, don’t we? While the manufacturers may flaunt to be creating thinner and lighter phones, it is …
Logo Playstation experience
Games 1 month ago

Sony: Would you want the PlayStation Experience Again?

The PlayStation Experience this year has ended with lots of new releases and upcoming excitement in the following year. …






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