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General 3 weeks ago

Your Samsung SmartTV Can Hear and Record Everything You Say

Talk about being creepy, Samsung’s new SmartTV that uses voice recognition and interaction records everything you say,…
HardwareReport 4 weeks ago

Samsung To Make 14nm Chips for Nvidia, Apple and Qualcomm in Q2 2015

Samsung will reportedly begin 14nm FinFET mass production for three major industry players. Nvidia, Apple and Qualcomm i…
samsung logo
General 1 month ago

Samsung announces an addition to its Galaxy Alpha line: Galaxy Alpha 7

Last summer, Samsung came with its Galaxy Alpha, smartphone with the thinnest profile like 4.7 inch streamline accompani…
samsung galaxy s logo
GadgetsSoftware 2 months ago

TouchWiz To Be VASTLY Simplified And Improved On The Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung’s upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 flagship has been a constant source of speculation, leaks and rumors over the…
Hardware 2 months ago

AMD Promises 11 FreeSync Monitors by March, 20 in 2015 – 120Hz IPS Asus MG279Q

AMD states that 11 FreeSync monitors will launch before the end of March and that the number will grow to at least 20 by…
Nvidia Logo Geforce
HardwareReport 2 months ago

Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 and GTX 980 8GB GDDR5 Variants Could Come By Q1 2015 – Hint…

8GB variants of powerful cards are a popular niche item in the PC Hardware market. These GPUs make for very good SLI/Cro…
Samsung Smart Watch
General 2 months ago

Samsung hypes about its new “Internet of Things” connectivity, likely to lau…

Samsung’s President and CEO Boo-Keun Yoon said that by 2020 or more appropriately, in the next five years everything …
samsung galaxy s logo
GadgetsLeak 2 months ago

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Undergoing Tests? Latest Report Suggests So

With the buildup to CES and such, leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S6 and its edged variant have started to occur on a dai…
samsung galaxy s logo
GadgetsLeak 2 months ago

Samsung’s Soon To Come Galaxy S6 Flagship Sees Its Final Chassis Leak

With CES about to start in Las Vegas, a variety of manufacturers will be debuting their next devices this month. But by …
samsung galaxy s logo
Gadgets 2 months ago

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Will Be Appearing At CES – But With A Catch

Things have started to heat up today in the Samsung Galaxy S6 territory with the device looking to have made a first app…
samsung galaxy s logo
Gadgets 2 months ago

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Appears In A Tutorial Video? Take A Look Here

With things picking up the pace over at CES, leaks and rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S6 have also started to speed up.…
samsung galaxy s logo
GadgetsLeak 2 months ago

Samsung Employee Confirms Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Prototype And Specifications

With only a few days left until this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, more and more news has started to pop up ab…
Globalfoundries Logo Glofo GF
HardwareIndustry 2 months ago

Did Globalfoundries Delay 14nm ? – The Full Story

News just broke of Globalfoundries warehousing 14nm manufacturing equipment. As a result rumors surfaced of 14nm ramp up…
Samsung Smart Watch
GadgetsSoftware 2 months ago

Learn How Update Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F To Android 5.0 Here

With Android Lollipop starting its steady release for a variety of devices out there, many users have received official …
Samsung Smart Watch
Gadgets 2 months ago

Its Here – Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LTE-A With Snapdragon 810 Launched Officially By …

Its official folks. For its last release of 2014, Samsung has officially launched the Snapdragon 810 powered variant of …






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