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Mobile 3 days ago

Samsung Will Pay $200 To iPhone Users If They Switch To Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge+

Samsung’s Ultimate Test Drive proved to be an instant hit, with the Korean giant running out of Galaxy Note 5, Gal…
Android Lollipop custom ROMs
Software 3 days ago

Stagefright Fix Now Available for Galaxy S6 Edge – Steps to Manually Flash

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is now receiving official update bringing Stagefright security fix. As mentioned in our earlier p…
Software 4 days ago

Update Galaxy S6 Edge to G925R4TYU2BOG9 Android 5.1.1 Official Firmware

Android 5.1.1 Lollipop is now being seeded out to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge devices from US Cellular. As usual, it is being…
MobileSoftware 4 days ago

Marshmallow vs Lollipop: Speed Test Reveals Faster OS – Video

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is soon to adorn Android devices as we are hearing news about some popular smartphones going di…
Galaxy Note 5
Mobile 6 days ago

Galaxy Note 5 Vs iPhone 6 – Apple’s Smartphone Crushes Samsung In Performanc…

On paper, the Galaxy Note 5 is one hell of a beastly smartphone. Packed to the rafters with the latest in mobile tech an…
MobileSoftware 6 days ago

Sprint Brings Samsung Pay and YouTube Live Broadcasting to Galaxy S6 Duo

Sprint has started rolling out Android 5.1.1 Lollipop updates for Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 edge. Latest updates have…
Galaxy Gifts
MobileSoftware 6 days ago

Samsung Offering Loads Of Freebies For Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge+ Buyers – Here’…

If you’ve ever bought a flagship Samsung Galaxy handset in the past, then you’ll be acquainted to the fact t…
samsung galaxy s6 logo
Software 6 days ago

Flash Twisted Sixx Android 5.1.1 on T-Mobile Galaxy S6 G920T – How to

The small list of Samsung Galaxy S6 G920T is being added with a beautiful new custom ROM. Based on the latest Android 5.…
LeakMobile 7 days ago

Samsung Galaxy S7 Processor Details Emerge With Old Wounds Set To Heal

With all eyes set on Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6s, and Samsung’s Galaxy S6 having started to fade into oblivio…
update Galaxy S3 I747 to Android 5.1.1 paceman
Software 1 week ago

Update Galaxy S3 to PACMAN Android 5.1.1 Lollipop – How to

PACMAN custom firmware based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop is now available for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 I747. While there…
Android Lollipop custom ROMs
Software 1 week ago

Install Candy5 Android 5.1.1 on Samsung Galaxy S4 M919 – How to

Another custom ROM joins the very small list of Android 5.1.1 custom firmware available for Samsung Galaxy S4. Following…
Ultimate Test Drive
Mobile 1 week ago

Samsung’s New Program Offers iPhone Users To Test Drive Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge+ Fo…

In a bold move that is sure to grab the attention of potential customers, Samsung has announced a new ‘Ultimate T…
AMD HBM Fiji Fury X
HardwareIndustry 2 weeks ago

Samsung Enters The HBM Market In 1H 2016 – HPC and GPU Ready HBM With Up to 1.5 TB…

At IDF15, Samsung announced that they will commence mass production of HBM stacked memory starting early 2016. High Band…
Industry 2 weeks ago

Samsung Wants To Move Patent War Against Apple To Supreme Court

Apple and Samsung have been in a legal patent war for a long time. In fact, it’s now been three years since Samsun…
Android security

[Update] Galaxy S4, Nexus 7, HTC One M8, and M9 Receive Stagefright Lollipop Update

Considered as one of the high-risk security vulnerabilities discovered in Android operating system, carriers have starte…
General 2 weeks ago

Samsung Has Plans To Provide Worldwide Internet Access Via 4,600 Micro-Satellites

According to a new report from tech giant Samsung, the whole world can be ‘internet activated’ and the compa…
Industry 2 weeks ago

Apple Takes A Huge Hit In Patent War Against Samsung

The patent war between Samsung and Apple is a never ending affair. While Apple has found most of the legal battles in it…
default Android l encryption
SecuritySoftware 2 weeks ago

Galaxy S5 Receives Official Android 5.1.1 Update with Stagefright Fix – How to

Android Stagefright security update is now available for Samsung Galaxy S5. This is an important update coming to fix th…






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