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MSI GeForce GTX 980 Twin Frozr V

MSI has teased their next generation Twin Frozr V cooling solution which will be featured on the upcoming GeForce GTX 980 and GeForce GTX 970 graphics cards. The Twin Frozr V is one of the several custom cooling solutions which will be featured on the upcoming Maxwell cards from NVIDIA’s various AIB partners such as ASUS, Gigabyte, EVGA, Galaxy, etc.MSI GeForce GTX 980 Twin Frozr V

MSI Teases GeForce GTX 980 and GeForce GTX 970 GPUs With Next Generation Twin Frozr V Cooling

MSI teased their next generation Twin Frozr V cooling solution on their official Facebook page which goes off to show a neat new design scheme. Since Twin Frozr V will become a part of the Gaming and Lightning series, the only thing that will separate them is the color scheme. For Gaming series, MSI adopts the red and black theme color while the Lightning series adopts a yellow and black color scheme along with the possible introduction of a new MSI Tri-Frozr cooling solution. Nevertheless, what we can see from the rendered image is quite a beast which sticks loyal to the Dragoon G-Series design scheme which MSI has implemented on their Z97 boards and looks great.

The cooling assembly is made up of a large aluminum fin stack which makes use of dense aluminum heatpipes that circulate through the heatsink blocks and through the sides of the heatsink. The heatsink shroud we saw back at Computex has now been updated with a red and black color scheme. There’s a MSI logo on the side which may emit an LED effect but we can’t confirm that. Six aluminum heatpipes run through the copper base and into the aluminum fin array to dissipate heat from the nockel-plated copper core contact base. There are actually two sets of heatsink which are interconnected via the heatpipes, the front section cools the GPU core and memory while the other section of the heatsink will offer cooling to the electrical components such as the VRMs, PLL, MOSFETs and other power circuitry. The shroud has a massive opening for the fan slots so we can see some high-end propeller blade fans on the MSI Gaming series cards.



Intel’s first generation High-End Desktop platform, the Nehalem (X58 Tylersburg) was launched back in November 2008 which ushered in a new era of high performance computing for desktop users. In 2011, Intel released the second generation update based on their Sandy Bridge architecture which was codenamed Sandy Bridge-E. The Sandy Bridge-E processors have lasted a good two and a half years in the tech industry and now we are making the transition into Intel’s third HEDT platform, codenamed Haswell-E (X99 Wellsburg).

The Haswell-E processor family comes a whole slew of a new generation of motherboards, packed full of new features to propel the technological race forward into a state of electric proportions. The LGA2011 V3 socket has brought about a lot of positive commotion in the industry with the X99 chipset while the DDR4 memory is the latest standard in the memory architecture which will boost performance plus bandwidths at very low voltages compared to its predecessors. The X99 motherboards from various manufacturers have been given the same enhancements as the latest Z97 series boards which were introduced with the Haswell Refresh CPU lineup and updated with enhanced designs suited and built for the enthusiast crowd.


MSI has unleashed their next generation X99 motherboard lineup with five new X99 chipset based boards which include the flagship X99S XPOWER AC and X99S Gaming 9 AC. The new X99 motherboard lineup will include three categories of boards; Overclocking, Gaming and Classic series which will be available to overclockers, enthusiasts and gamers, starting today.

MSI X99 Motherboard Lineup Unleashed With Powerful Boards

The MSI X99 motherboard lineup will include five motherboards which include the X99S XPOWER AC, X99S MPOWER overclocking boards, X99S Gaming 9 AC and X99S Gaming 7 gaming motherboards and the standard X99S SLI Black edition which will be the entry level board featuring a fantastic all-black aesthetic scheme. We have a detailed round-up of these motherboards listed below which gives you insight into the specifications of all the upcoming X99 motherboards from MSI:

MSI X99S XPOWER AC Motherboard

MSI X99S XPOWER AC Motherboard_4

MSI Nightblade Z97 Review_Official_1

Introduction – The Mini-ITX Revolution

Today, we have a very special product for review from MSI (Micro Star International) which is aimed towards the gaming community. The PC form factor is constantly evolving, from what once used to be towered desktops have now evolved into small form factor devices and PCs. We are looking at a trend of ITX gaming which has taken over the tower as the choice of gamers and the demand is constantly increasing. Even Valve, a name renowned by all of the PC Gaming community have entered the hardware industry with their own Steam machines which bundled with their Steam OS would integrate useful features and hassle-less gaming so that the users spend less time to figure out how the game works and get to play the game itself as soon as it’s installed. The Steam Machines are planned for launch in 2015 and will be available in several Mini-ITX and low profile PC systems that were unveiled at CES this year.

However, Valve isn’t the only one who has entered the market. Long before Valve, several manufacturers did try to please the enthusiast audience with their own Mini-ITX brand but it didn’t worked out as well since the top tier community always prefers the large E-ATX sized boards and full tower cases so that they get the full feature set of a specific platform and the ability to get better temperatures and cooling as their preferences. Time has been changed, and the reason we are once again seeing an influx of systems in the Mini-ITX market is because the PC hardware has evolved over the time and we are seeing brilliant new hardware technologies in the industry. The Mini-ITX boards which had to be skimmed down for the small form factor are now retaining the entire high-end feature set of their ATX sized brothers while the processors have become more power conservative through adopting smaller node designs. This has once again led in a boom in the Mini-ITX industry with manufacturer’s like Bitfenix and Corsair making new improved case designs for the form factor. The cooling industry has also seen a switch from the traditional air coolers to AIO liquid coolers which take less space inside the PC chassis and deliver better cooling performance.

MSI X99S XPOWER AC Motherboard

MSI has such a high-end and incredible X99 motherboard lineup planned for launch later this month, its getting literally crazy every time I see their monstrous boards for the beastly Haswell-E platform. The X99 Motherboard lineup officially launches on 29th August along with the Haswell-E processors as reported previously and MSI has five motherboards ready for action for overclockers, enthusiasts and gamers.

MSI Shows Off Incredible X99 Motherboard Lineup

Note – (Images are courtesy of PC-Watch). The article was officially published in a public release by PC-Watch which can be seen in the link provided - The article states that the information has been made public and published by MSI on their X99 lineup.

We have already detailed several motherboards from MSI and other manufacturers such as Gigabyte, ASRock and EVGA. The MSI lineup will include five motherboards which include the X99S XPOWER AC, X99S MPOWER overclocking boards, X99S Gaming 9 AC and X99S Gaming 7 gaming motherboards and the standard X99S SLI Black edition which will be the entry level board featuring a fantastic all-black aesthetic scheme. The prices of MSI’s X99 motherboard lineup are not confirmed but we can see them range between the $250 US mark up to $499 US for the high-end MSI X99S XPOWER AC offering. We have a detailed round-up of these motherboards listed below which gives you insight into the specifications of all the upcoming X99 motherboards from MSI:

MSI X99S XPOWER AC MotherboardMSI X99S XPOWER AC Motherboard

MSI X99S Gaming 7

It looks like we have more X99 motherboard teasers which include the X99S Gaming 7 from MSI and X99-UD4 from Gigabyte. We have already seen various X99 motherboards over the last and current week which feature enhanced new design schemes, overclocking and gaming features which were introduced on the Z97 series of motherboards.MSI X99S Gaming 7 Motherboard

MSI’s X99S Gaming 7 and X99S SLI Plus Black Motherboards Spotted In The Wild

The Japanese hardware retailer GDM.OR.JP has revealed that the X99 motherboards are already on retail in APAC market. The motherboards shown by the retailer include the MSI X99S Gaming 7 and MSI X99S SLI Plus black edition motherboard which we have already detailed. The MSI X99S Gaming 7 is a new board which we haven’t seen before. Both motherboards were pictured with their box packaging which are the standard card board packages with several logos and features detailed on them. The boards displayed by MSI under their X99 series have so far been outstanding in both looks and features. Performance remains to be seen but with boards such as the X99S XPOWER AC, I believe that MSI will be the first and foremost choice of enthusiasts.

MSI X99S SLI Plus Logo

Over at Gamescom, MSI displayed their latest X99S Gaming 9 AC and X99 SLI Plus black motherboards which will be featured in their X99 lineup consisting of four products. We all love the new X99 chipset even though most of us don’t even have the money to but a system based on the X99 chipset but we should appreciate motherboard makers to deliver new innovations and features in the high-end PC desktop sector.MSI X99 Motherboards

Image courtesy of PCGamesHardware.De!

MSI’s High-End X99S Gaming 9 AC and X99 SLI Plus Black Motherboards Detailed at Gamescom

At the booth, MSI’s Channel Marketing Manager, Dirk Neuneier, displayed and detailed two of the upcoming X99 based motherboards from MSI which include the X99S Gaming 9 AC and the X99 SLI Plus Black. The other two X99 products include the X99S XPOWER AC and a fourth product which is yet to be showcased by MSI and could have to do something with the M-ATX form factor which we saw from EVGA and ASRock recently or the X99 GD65 sample they showcased back at Computex 2014. The X99S Gaming 9 AC is termed as a flagship Gaming board while the XPOWER is the flagship overclocking board. The X99 SLI Plus Black edition which is the perfect aesthetically pleasing board for enthusiasts is termed as a standard design for the X99 platform so it could cost around the $250 US range which makes it a pretty decent entry in the X99 line considering it still packs a ton of features.

MSI OC Certified Mainboard

It is no doubt that MSI has come a long way in the development of high-end motherboards for the desktop PC market. Their recent creations such as the XPOWER and MPOWER series are considered as some of the best products based on the Z87 and Z97 chipset which competitors couldn’t rival in terms of design and features. Today, we will be looking at MSI’s latest and upcoming creation which has got to be their most high-end and uber leet design they have ever made, meet the MSI X99S XPOWER AC Motherboard.MSI X99S XPOWER AC Motherboard

MSI’s Flagship X99S XPOWER AC Motherboard Unveiled

The MSI X99S XPOWER AC is featured in MSI’s flagship XPOWER Overclocking product brand which is aimed at overclockers and enthusiasts who demand nothing less than the best. The picture says it all with the motherboard enveloped in a layer of ice which shows off that it is focused towards LN2 overclockers. The motherboard has a beefy design and comes in the E-ATX form factor, something which the past XPOWER series motherboards have followed and its great to see MSI keeping the traditional alive and updated. The MSI X99S XPOWER AC features the traditional yellow and black color scheme of the XPOWER motherboards.

The board packs the LGA 2011-3 socket that is powered by dual 8-Pin connectors. Considering the X79 Big Band XPOWER II came with a 22 Phase PWM given the space restriction on these boards, the X99S XPOWER AC can feature a 24 or 12 Phase DIGITALL Power VRM, providing unparalleled amount of overclocking performance and stability to the motherboard featuring an 8-Layer PCB design, Military Class IV components with solid state capacitors, Hi-C Caps, Super Ferrite Choke while the DARK Cap on the other hand features a core design made of aluminum with a lower ESR and a life space of 10 years. MSI’s boards also use the Super Ferrite Chokes which run 35 degrees cooler, have 30% higher current capacity with 20% improvement in power efficiency and offering stability. The CPU socket is surrounded by four DDR4 DIMM slots (four on each side) which will be able to support overclocked memory beyond 3000 MHz. The first generation of DDR4 memory will feature traditional speeds of 2400 – 3000 MHz at 1.2V but as the memory design matures, we will be looking at faster DIMMs with speeds beyond 4 GHz frequency.

MSI G Series logo

In addition to their X99S Black Motherboard, MSI has also unveiled their upcoming X99S Gaming 9 AC which is a high-performance motherboard built for gamers. Featuring the same DNA as MSI’s Gaming series products, the MSI X99S Gaming 9 AC is jam packed with tons of features, including a protective armor plating which goes well with the HEDT nature of this product.MSI X99S Gaming 9 AC

MSI X99S Gaming 9 AC High-Performance Motherboard Unveiled

MSI wowed hardware enthusiasts last week showing off what is supposed to be the first, full-black PCB board codenamed, MSI X99S Black. Today, MSI is showing off another X99 chipset based motherboard featured in their Gaming brand codenamed, MSI X99S Gaming 9 AC. This confirms that MSI will have various tier X99 boards at launch including their renowned and enthusiast tiered OC series which will probably include the X99S XPOWER. We would love to see that board in action but for now, let’s feast our eyes upon the beastly X99S Gaming 9 AC which has a extremely powerful design and feature set of its own.

Starting with the design scheme, the MSI X99S Gaming 9 AC sticks with the red and black color scheme which MSI has implemented in their Gaming series brand along with several other manufacturers who are using the same scheme. The motherboard has three sets of heatsinks, two along side the VRM, PWM and one on the PCH. The LGA 2011-3 socket is compatible with Intel’s upcoming Haswell-E processors which will be available in retail by this month’s end if reports are true or we will see them in the first week of September. The board features an 8 Phase PWM supply fitted with MSI’s Military Class IV components and powered by a 8+4 Pin power configuration. The LGA 2011-3 socket is coupled by eight DDR4 DIMM slots, four on each sides which can support overclocked DDR4 memory sticks on-the-go.

MSI X99S SLI Plus Logo

MSI has been slowly foraging into the black aesthetics but this is the first time they have featured a single color All-Black motherboard. The color is reminiscent of Black Gold and is a more deeper black than anything else I have seen, including ASUS’s X79 Black and EVGA X79 Dark. This aesthetic is very unique because cool black shade extends not only over the PCB but over all the components as well. Something that hasn’t really been spotted before. MSI X99S SLI Plus Motherboard

MSI X99S SLI Plus Motherboard Unveiled – Features X99 Chipset with All-Black Aesthetic

The box that the motherboard ships in also follows the calm black gradient and professional look that the X99S chooses to go for. The exact specifications of the motherboard are not known but since this is a very high end motherboard you can expect all the features of a X99 Flagship motherboard. Now MSI has thankfully provided us with a high quality image of the motherboard so we can deduce some of the features ourselves. Specifications of the motherboard (by eye):

  • 8 Memory Slots with Quad Channel DDR4 Support
  • M.2 Sata Express Slot
  • 8 Phase PWM Design
  • 40 PCIE Lanes (capable of Quad SLI/Crossfire)
  • 10 SATA Ports 6GB/s
  • 14 USB Ports
  • LGA 2011-3 Socket with x99 Chipset “Wellsburg”
  • Will Support Haswell-E i7-5960X, i7-5930K and i7-5820K
WCCFTech Z97 Motherboard Round-Up OC Top

Intel launched their Z97 platform earlier this year which brought new motherboards in the performance platform, aiming support for Haswell, Haswell Refresh, Devil’s Canyon and the upcoming Broadwell CPUs. Intel’s Z97 platform is filled with a variety of boards and each board is targeted towards key segments.WCCFTech Z97 Motherboard Round-Up OC Top

Round-Up of The Best and Top-Tier Overclocking Z97 Motherboards

With such a large list of products that are currently offered in the Z97 chipset based product portfolio, it gets quite frustrating for consumers to find a board that suits their demands. To make it easier for consumers, the board manufacturing companies have separated their products into three categories; Gaming, Overclocking and Mainstream.  Although this helps a bit but even then, the products themselves offer similar specifications, naming schemes and priced equally.  For instance, the MSI Z97 Gaming 3 and Gigabyte GA-Z97X Gaming 3 are both gaming branded motherboards priced at $137.99 US and with “Gaming 3″ in the title, it would more or less confuse the buyer into deciding which product should be bought. While reviews do give a better insight at the products comparing the little details, features and components of products, we couldn’t find a good article which compares these boards against their similar priced counterparts from other manufacturers.

To address this issue and to help ease the process for buyers to get the right product, today we will be doing a round-up of the Z97 “Overclocking” motherboards. We will obviously not be comparing performance based on benchmarks but design schemes, feature set and the components used on these Z97 motherboards which will tell us why they are better than the other similar priced option or why does a $399 US overclocking board is a better option for enthusiasts then a $249 US overclocking board. The products we will be comparing are strictly the flagship overclocking boards from each separate manufacturer so you might see us talk about a XPOWER board and not the MPOWER board so please excuse me but that doesn’t mean that I won’t ever do a similar comparison on the other segment based boards, so stay tuned for that. Regardless, let’s start off these round – up with the beastly, Z97 XPOWER AC from MSI:


Taiwanese manufacturer MSI has launched today a new gaming board designed specially for AMD’s socket AM3+ processors. The board is based on AMD’s 970 Chipset. Socket AM3+ is an extension of the AM3 socket and is designed for processors utilizing AMD’s Bulldozer michroarchitecture. Processors utilizing the AM3+ socket include the FX series, the Phenom II and the Athlon II. The board offers many gaming and overclocking capabilities as well.


MSI 970 A Low Cost Performance Enhancer For AMD’s AM3+ Socket Processors. Can Accommodate Up To 32 GB Of DDR3 2133 RAM

MSI’s latest offering has many features catering to AMD’s socket AM3+ and that too at a low cost. The board is based on the comapny’s (AMD) 970 or RX980 chipset architecture and features four memory banks. The board has two PCI Express 2.0 x16 and two PCI Express 2.0 1x. In addition to this,it also has two classic PCI slots. Apart from the PCI lanes, the MSI 970 can also accommodate up to 32 GB of 2133 MHz DDR3. Support for crossfire is also included. Coming towards the internal composition of the MSI 970, the board has six SATA 3.0 ports. The MSI 970 also has two USB 3.0 and another six USB 2.0 ports. Externally, the board has a PS2 and an Ethernet ports. These are in addition to another two USB 3.0 and eight USB 2.0 ports. These are coupled with several audio jacks as well.

MSI Z97 XPOWER AC Featured


Last year, MSI introduced two distinct motherboards in their OC lineup, the Z87 MPOWER and Z87 XPOWER. With the launch of Intel’s 9-Series platform, MSI launched a new category of motherboards which are more powerful then ever and include tons of features built for a wide range of users that may include gamers, enthusiasts, overclockers and casual users.

With the launch of Intel’s Haswell Refresh platform, MSI introduced their second generation XPOWER board for the mainstream LGA 1150 socketed lineup known as the MSI Z97 XPOWER AC. The MSI Z97 XPOWER AC has been designed specifically for enthusiasts and overclockers and being the most feature packed motherboard of all the MSI Z97 product lineup. The motherboard is first an overclocking board which will let users overclock with no limits as indicated by the marketing team behind the XPOWER. The design speaks for itself with the amazing X scheme back in action and an E-ATX form factor size along with some cool new features that make it stand out from the rest of the Z97 motherboard crowd.

The other boards such as the MSI Z97 MPOWER MAX follow up which we reviewed last month has the same DNA at a lower cost of $259.99 US while the XPOWER AC retails at a hefty price of $399.99 US which is quite a lot asking price for it and enters in the more HEDT range of Intel’s X79 motherboards. So we are going to see if the MSI Z97 XPOWER AC is worth its price or not.


It looks like MSI is preparing their next Twin Frozr cooling design dubbed as the Twin Frozr V for next generation of graphics cards. Computerbase took pictures of the prototype that was being showcased by MSI at Computex 2014.MSI Twin Frozr V GPU Cooler

MSI Prepares Twin Frozr V Cooler For Next Generation Graphics Cards

The MSI Twin Frozr cooler has come along way since its initial introduction in 2009 with the GeForce 200 series graphics cards. Since then, the cooler has evolved and we have seen four iterations of the design starting off the original Twin Frozr, Twin Frozr II, Twin Frozr III and the most recent Twin Frozr IV coolers. This year, MSI’s going to introduce the fifth iteration of the Twin Frozr family, known as the Twin Frozr V which will be adopted by next generation graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA.

Just like its predecessors, MSI’s Twin Frozr V will continue with the dual fan scheme adopting two 100mm PWM fans with propeller blade technology. The cooler shroud has been updated and looks a lot similar to the Tri-Frozr Lightning from MSI. The color scheme is hard to tell since this is just a prototype of the cooler. The past Twin Frozr coolers have featured Silver (Twin Frozr I), Silver / White (Twin Frozr II), Silver / Black (Twin Frozr III) while the current Twin Frozr IV variants include the Red / Black (Twin Frozr Gaming), Blue / Black (Twin Frozr Legacy), Yellow / Black (Twin Frozr Lightning) and Yellow / Black / Silver (Tri-Frozr Lightning).


In addition to EVGA, MSI has also shown off their upcoming X99 motherboard prototype which makes use of the latest HEDT Express chipset.The Haswell-E platform which launches in September 2014 will feature the high-performance Core i7-5960X CPU featuring 8 Cores, 16 threads and a $999 US price tag.MSI X99 Motherboard

MSI X99 Motherboard Prototype Shown Off At Computex 2014

The MSI X99 motherboard is still an early prototype hence no name is mentioned but judging from the specs, I think that we might be looking at the next generation X99-GD65 motherboard since the design scheme is alot similar. The motherboard comes with the blue and black color scheme which is the traditional color scheme that MSI uses on their legacy motherboards.

From a technical perspective, the EVGA X99 motherboard features the LGA 2011-3 socket which is massive in size and supports Intel’s upcoming Haswell-E processors which include the Core i7-5960X, Core i7-5930K and Core i7-5820K. The motherboard is powered by an 8-Pin CPU power connector which provides juice to the socket while the 24-Pin ATX connector powers the rest of the board. The motherboard features a 16 Phase VRM design that offers Super Ferrite Chokes and Solid state capacitors that are part of the Military Class IV components. The X99 PCH sits beneath a smaller heatsink though this is just an early sample and the final heatsink would be much bigger and will look better.

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