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Games 5 days ago

You Won’t Need a New Graphics Card for DirectX 12

Following the Windows 10 announcement event, here has been a lot of speculation around the software advancements Windows…
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HardwareReport 1 week ago

Microsoft Soft-Launches the Highly Anticipated DirectX 12 ‘Low Level’ API i…

Ever since DX12 API was announced by Microsoft, the industry has waited its release with abated breath. The time it seem…
GamesGeneral 1 week ago

Finally The Fate of Illumiroom is Revealed by Microsoft

Illumiroom was a technology under research show by Microsoft that used kinect and the sensors present within it to exten…
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Games 1 week ago

More Exclusive and Crossplay Games Expected: Lots of News on the Xbox One

Apart from the Xbox One news on Windows 10 and DirectX 12, Phil Spencer also answered several other question on the gami…
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GamesHardware 1 week ago

Phil Spencer “We knew what DirectX 12 was doing when we built Xbox One”

As often as Phil Spencer does, he comes online on his twitter page and showers it with fireworks. He definitely knows ho…
GeneralIndustry 1 week ago

Microsoft on its Revolutionary HoloLens: ‘All Universal Apps Work As HologramsR…

Microsoft’s HoloLens was a revolutionary unveiling to say the least. One of the more abstract points about the rev…

Microsoft Reaches an Agreement to Acquire Revolution Analytics

To understand what Revolution Analytics is, you first need to know what the term Big Data implies. Big Data means any a…
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GamesHardware 1 week ago

DirectX 12 will be Exclusive to Windows 10: Complete Integration will Require DirectX 12…

DirectX 12 seems to be bringing a lot of new stuff and capabilities to the table. Especially, when it increases the perf…
GamesSoftware 2 weeks ago

All The Gaming News From Windows 10 Event

Finally we’ve lived through the gaming part of the Widows 10 event and it gave us quite a few surprises. Some of t…
PlayStation 4 console
GamesOp-Ed 2 weeks ago

The Console War: A Brief Look at 2014 And Predictions for 2015

Nobody needs to remind you again that we’re in the middle of the never ending console war and it’s never bee…
GeneralIndustry 3 weeks ago

Microsoft Announced a Pre-Release Testing Program For Skype iOS Users

For Skype iOS users, Microsoft announced the launching of a testing program which will enable the users to give their fe…
PC Games
Games 3 weeks ago

Top 10 Most Anticipated PC Games of 2015

We have earlier shown you the upcoming top 5’s for both the consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Now it’s t…
Xbox One Logo
Games 3 weeks ago

Portable Xbox One Tablet – Learn How to Make it Yourself

‘Portable Xbox One’ is an awesome idea, but you’ve probably have heard of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 l…
GamesHardware 3 weeks ago

GameStop Allegedly Sold Refurbished Red Ring of Death Xbox 360s to Unsuspecting Gamers

The dreaded Red Ring of Death is one of the most well known legends of console culture. The three quadrant indicator or …






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