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HardwareIndustry 7 hours ago

AMD Making 20nm APUs For PS4 And XBOX ONE Slim – Will be Smaller, Cooler and Cheaper

This leak comes via a forum post which picked up. And it includes several interesting points ...
Software 3 weeks ago

Why You Shouldn’t Install Windows 10 Just Yet

Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 earlier this month skipping over Windows 9 and welcoming a new design era for the company....
Gadgets 3 weeks ago

No More Microsoft Surface Pro? Company Reportedly Looking To Terminate Lineup

With it’s Surface Pro series, Microsoft looked to make an ambitious entry into the hardware and tablet market. After a...
Software 4 weeks ago

Microsoft’s Latest OS was Probably Named Windows 10 instead of 9 because of a Coding...

Something pretty interesting was posted on Reddit recently. You would have probably noticed that the next windows of Mic...
Software 4 weeks ago

Learn How To Replace Start Screen With Start Menu In Windows 10 After You Log In

Microsoft demonstrated  Windows 10 three days back to developers at a conference in San Francisco. The Technical Previe...
DirectX 12
Hardware 4 weeks ago

Microsoft’s DirectX 12 Low Level API is Launching with Windows 10 in 2015

DirectX 12 is targeted at forming the new API standard after DirectX 11. Arguably inspired from Mantle, the launch of Mi...
IndustrySoftware 1 month ago

Microsoft Rolls Out Windows 10 To Developers – Start Screen Stays; Single Applicatio...

The buzz in Windows world these days has all been about Windows 9. And what changes Microsoft has been planning for it...
DirectX 12
Hardware 1 month ago

Microsoft DirectX 11.3 Revealed – The Feature Set of DX12 Minus the CPU Overhead Red...

[Editorial] So something did happen at GAME24 that we had not foreseen. Or leaked. Or heard about. I am talking about th...
Windows 9 Logo
Industry 2 months ago

More Windows 9 Screenshots Leak – Show Several Changes Such As Store In Desktop Mode

Microsoft is well on it’s way towards creating Windows 9, the next in it’s series of operating systems. Windows 9 is...
Lumia 730 camera samples
Gadgets 2 months ago

Nokia Lumia 730 vs Nokia Lumia 830 Camera Samples

Nokia has launched both its Nokia Lumia 830 and quite talked-about selfie-phone Nokia Lumia 730 at IFA 2014. Lumia 830 c...
Software 2 months ago

Microsoft Teases Windows 9 Accidentally In China – Start Menu To Make Comeback?

Microsoft is going to introduce Windows Threshold, also being dubbed as Windows 9 on September 30th this year. Quite a f...
Selfie Phone
Gadgets 2 months ago

Microsoft’s Selfie-Phone Officially Ready for a Launch at IFA!

Getting past the personal annoyance with selfies, we have to say Microsoft is actually going all genius with its latest ...
Windows 9 Logo
Industry 2 months ago

Windows 9 ‘Threshold’ To Get Modern UI 2.0 with Interactive Live Tiles

[Rumor] Windows 9 is one of the more discussed iterations of operating systems out there. A new report by Winbeta reveal...
Industry 2 months ago

Mobile Devices September Launches – Apple iPhone 6, Microsoft ‘Selfie Camera’ an...

September is bringing a lot of products in the computer sector but even that pales in comparison to the amount of mobile...






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