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windows 10 data collection
Software 13 hours ago

Why Microsoft Ending the Free Windows 10 Upgrade Offer is a Good News

Unlike what many had believed, Microsoft confirmed that the company will end the Windows 10 free upgrade offer for Windo…
windows 10 200 million installs
Software 1 day ago

Windows 10 Upgrades to Cost $119 After July – Currently Powering 300 Million Devic…

Microsoft has made an announcement today reminding everyone that the free Windows 10 upgrade offer is ending soon. As th…
windows 10 ad
Software 1 day ago

KB3035583 Brings Back Automatic Windows 10 Upgrades Amid Slowing Growth Rate

Remember the infamous KB3035583 “Get Windows 10” update that started automatically downloading Windows 10 o…
windows 10 redstone
Software 3 days ago

No New Windows 10 Builds This Week – Gabe Aul Wants You to Focus on Quantum Break

Since January, we have come to expect a new Windows 10 Insider Preview build almost every week. This week, however, Insi…
microsoft edge extensions
Software 3 days ago

Edge Extensions Start Showing Up in the Windows Store, But Can’t be Used Yet

After months of waiting, Microsoft finally added support for extensions to its Edge browser in a Windows 10 Insider Pre…
Games 4 days ago

Here’s Why Epic Sold the Gears of War IP to Microsoft

Gears of War 4 is now being developed by The Coalition, as you probably know. But the IP was originally created by Epic …
windows 10 tips
Software 7 days ago

How to Control Windows 10 Notifications – Windows 10 Tips & Tricks

Annoyed by the number of alerts you receive from different apps and services on your Windows 10 machine? Improving on t…
Games 1 week ago

Xbox Live Changed the Industry & A Lot of That Wouldn’t Have Happened Without…

Just recently, Microsoft bid farewell to its Xbox360 console announcing that it would stop manufacturing it, ten years a…
windows 10 ad
Software 1 week ago

Microsoft is Now Disrupting Live TV Newscasts to Recommend Windows 10

Still haven’t upgraded your PC to Windows 10? Microsoft wouldn’t stop haunting you until you do so. Determin…
windows 10 mobile lumia
MobileSoftware 1 week ago

New Screenshot Capture Sound and Action Center Improvements Coming to Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft released Windows 10 Redstone Preview build 14332 to both the Mobile and PC Insiders. While the latest preview…
windows 10 redstone
Software 1 week ago

Windows 10 14332 Released for PC and Mobile – Focus Remains on Desktop OS

Microsoft has today released Windows 10 Redstone Preview build 14332 to both the PC and Mobile users on the Fast ring of…
Games 1 week ago

These HQ Gears of War 4 Screenshots & Art Are Mindblowing

Microsoft has released a set of new Gears of War 4 visuals in high quality. The visuals include screenshots and artwork …
windows 10 redstone
MobileSoftware 2 weeks ago

Insiders to “Continue Experiences” with Handoff in an Upcoming Windows 10 P…

Microsoft was planning to borrow handoff feature from OS X for its Windows 10 operating system. Similar to OS X, this …
project astoria
Software 2 weeks ago

Is Google Planning to Unleash Millions of Android Apps on Windows?

Several different reports and new evidence show that Google may be preparing to bring millions of its Android apps to…
Xbox One
Games 2 weeks ago

Windows 10 Gaming Engagement Increases By 50% Due To Xbox One Titles

Due to new synergies between Windows 10 and Xbox One, gaming hours on Windows 10 have increased by 50%. Yesterday Micros…
Games 2 weeks ago

Microsoft Reports Xbox Hardware Revenue Decline For Q3 2016

Microsoft has published their financial results for the 3th quarter of fiscal year 2016, and the company reports a decli…
Games 2 weeks ago

Xbox Prototype Devices With Upgraded Components Are Being Tested By Microsoft

Earlier this week, new rumors on the upgraded PlayStation 4 console, now known as NEO, has surfaced online, revealing mo…
windows 10 redstone
MobileSoftware 2 weeks ago

How to Send and Receive Text Messages Directly from Your Windows 10 PC

Microsoft has started seeding a new Insider Preview build to Windows 10 Mobile users. While the latest build hasn’…






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