Manufacturers: Microsoft

General 18 hours ago

Microsoft’s new App, ‘Sway’ is now Available for General Public too.

Sway launched by Microsoft in early October is now finally open to general public. Sway is an app that helps expressing ...
Facebook buys Oculus Rift
GamesHardware 18 hours ago

Microsoft Xbox Team confirms that its actively working on Virtual Reality

Although we might still be a bit far from seeing Virtual Reality in everyday games but it doesn’t mean that the de...
Halo 5 logo
Games 18 hours ago

Halo 5: Guardians Beta – Amazing Video of Gameplay

The upcoming first person shooter game Halo 5: Guardians released it first beta gameplay video to Xbox owners and it sho...
Games 4 days ago

Sony’s PlayStation 4 Winning the Console War in Germany

Here it is again. No matter how far your are in the gaming world you just can’t miss the rivalry between the Sony&...
Games 6 days ago

Analyst – PlayStation 4 Will Gain Massive Lead Over Xbox One In Titles Next Year

The console war continues with everyone choosing different sides and different views to how it will shape up in the futu...
GamesSoftware 6 days ago

New Leaked Xbox App and Cortana Integration for Windows 10

Earlier Microsoft announced that it will be holding Windows 10’s next showcasing event this January. Microsoft des...
DX12 DirectX 12 Logo

DX12 CPU Performance Leaked, Way Faster Than DX11 – Threading Model Resembles AM...

An exciting DX12 leak just made its way to the web. The leak showcases the CPU performance and threading model of DX12 c...
PS4 Black friday
Games 7 days ago

15 Pre-Chrismas Console and Gaming Deals You Just Can’t Miss

Black Friday and Cyber Monday brought some very amazing deals to the table. The deals featured Xbox One for as low as $3...
IndustryOp-Ed 7 days ago

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Could use Subscription-based Model

As an alternative of going through the typical model, Microsoft’s intended new release of Windows 10 could use subscri...
HardwareReport 1 week ago

Nvidia and AMD users run into bugs and critical errors due to MS KB3004394 update

This writeup is about code that is just as malicious as your average malware and wrecking  just about as much havoc; if...
xbox one logo
Games 2 weeks ago

Xbox One Green Monday Deals Offer Big Discounts on Games Including Destiny and More

Update: Some places are offering good discounts on Xbox One games owing to Green Monday Deals. The latest Xbox One game ...
Software 2 weeks ago

Take A First Look At Cortana – Microsoft’s Digital Assistant For Windows 1...

Cortana, Microsoft’s first digital assistant on Windows has been making quite a lot of rounds these days. These ar...
dell 4k display
Gadgets 3 weeks ago

Save $200 on Dell’s 28-inch 4K Display Today

While there is an extensive array of products on sale this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you will surely love this 4K d...
Xbox One Logo
GamesRumor 3 weeks ago

Microsoft Xbox One to Feature Windows 10 Dashboard and some features of the GUI

It is hardly any news that Microsoft and Sony are in it the long run for the console war. PS4 has taken the lead nowaday...






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