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Windows 10 Feature Image
NotebooksSoftware 4 hours ago

Windows 10 Speed Tests – Compared to Windows 8.1

Windows 10 is already installed on over 75 million devices, globally. However, there is still a large number of users w…
Windows 10 Feature Image
MobileSoftware 2 days ago

Leaked Windows 10 Mobile Build 10534 Introduces New Options in Settings Menu

Following the release of Windows 10 10532 to Fast ring members, Windows 10 Mobile screenshots of an upcoming build 10534…
windows 10 tips
Software 2 days ago

How to Sync Android or iOS Devices with Your Windows 10 PC

Upgraded to Windows 10 and now want to sync your Android or iOS devices with your computer? If you own a Windows Phone, …
Software 2 days ago

Whew! Microsoft Now Lets Windows 10 Home Users Toggle Automatic App Updates

Microsoft released a few updates to Windows 10 build 10240 yesterday, including KB3081448, KB3081449 and KB3081452. …
Apple Microsoft
IndustrySoftware 3 days ago

Apple Opening Up? 75 Million Windows 10 Users to Live Stream Sept 9 Event

Things are certainly moving in the tech industry as this year sees some major shifts in the strategies of large corpora…
Software 3 days ago

Windows 10 Build 10532 Brings Improved Context Menus, Updated Feedback App

Microsoft has started seeding the Windows 10 Insider Preview 10532 to its Fast Ring members. The latest insider preview …
Forza 6
Games 3 days ago

Forza Motorsport 6 Gone Gold; Gets New Screenshots, Demo to Release September 1

Microsoft has announced that Forza Motorsport 6 has gone gold, with a demo for the game to be made available on Septembe…
Fable Legends (2)
Games 4 days ago

Fable Legends is a Windows 10 Store Exlusive, Not Available on Steam; Could Killer Insti…

Lionhead Studios’ Social Media Coordinator revealed on Twitter that Fable Legends will not be available on Steam. …
Software 4 days ago

Windows 10 Spies on Children, Sends Unwarranted Activity Reports – Users Unhappy

You might be taking Windows 10 as a nightmare to your privacy but it’s proving to be more invasive to children. W…
Mobile 4 days ago

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Coming With 11 And 14 Inch Screen Sizes, Say Supply Chain Source…

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has started to see an increasing amount of media attention over the past couple of weeks. Re…
office 2016
Software 4 days ago

Microsoft Office 2016 For Windows Is Coming Next Month

Microsoft is expected to launch the latest edition of Microsoft Office by the end of next month, in a bid to merge all O…
bing snake
GamesWeb 4 days ago

Remember the Old Classic “Snake” Game? It’s Back, Now on Your Browsers

Do you often get the cravings of playing the old classic Snake game? Microsoft understands your cravings and is bringing…
Software 5 days ago

Stop Windows 10 from Sending Your Data Online – Windows 10 Tips

Now that we all know about Windows 10 being quite sneaky in its working, it’s time to try to cut down on at least …
windows 10 screen recorder
Software 5 days ago

Downgrading Windows 10 After 30 Days is Possible – Here’s How

Millions of users have upgraded their devices to Windows 10 from Windows 7, 8 or Windows 8.1. Microsoft offers you to te…
windows 10 tips
Software 5 days ago

Enable Slideshow in Windows 10 on Battery – Windows 10 Tips

This Windows 10 beginners guide will help you enable Slideshow in Windows 10 and have it run even when your computer is …
Games 6 days ago

Forza Motorsport 6 Gets V8 Supercars and Awesome 1080p Screenshots

A new set of cars for Forza Motorport 6 has been announced, which includes some awesome rides from the V8 Supercars seri…
SecuritySoftware 6 days ago

Keystrokes, Camera and Voice Ports Data – Is Windows 10 Really a Free Upgrade?

Are you still trying to stick to the optimistic side of the game waiting for Microsoft to somehow save its face when it…
windows 10 tips
Software 6 days ago

How to Have Quick and Easy Access to Your Favorite Content – Windows 10 Tips

No matter how much you hate Windows 10, there are definitely some things that Microsoft has arguably done better than th…






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